1. A

    Need help in repeating Chart Build across multiple series

    Hi, I am a noob in VBA, and this is the first time i am trying to use VBA for charting. I have 5 sheets, with 32 to 34 rows of data. For each row of data, on a separate sheet, I have calculated the minimum & maximum value, to be used set the chart Axis scale. The tables used for building the...
  2. J

    Help , I need to plot an excel chart with 3 series data.

    Hi all , I am a novice to excel charting and I hope someone could help with my problem on this forum. I need to plot an excel chart with 3 series of data as below. <tbody> Name Start duration abc1 20:00:00 60 abc2 21:00:00 50 abc3 21:30:00 120 abc4 20:30:00 70 </tbody> I would like...
  3. M

    One series chart with two y axis values

    Hi, I have a single data series (one set of x values) that I want to plot with two sets of y values (two axes). I've tried creating a second series with the same x values and new y values, then setting the series to a second y axis, but even with scales that have the same number of...
  4. K

    VBA Charts - NewSeries - change ChartType - works in DEBUG (breakpoint) mode, but FAILS when RUN

    Hello, I'm creating 2 new series via VBA to an existing chart and setting the XValues and Values. I'm changing the ChartType to XYScatterLinesNoMarkers. When i put breakpoint at the line where i change the chart type and debug, the program works. When i run the code without any breakpoints...
  5. S

    Handling Missing Data in Line Chart

    I have a line chart that shows monthly trends over a two year period. Chart data is sourced from a table that I built using a pivot table and the GetPivotData function. I am also using a drop-down control that allows a user to select among different countries (e.g., US, Canada, Mexico, etc.)...
  6. R

    Detecting Overlapping Timeframes

    I am looking for a way to visually detect overlapping timeframes. For instance on a shift change, when are we paying more than one employee for the same time? Below is an example of what the database looks like. A chart similar to a GANT chart would be useful but even conditional formatting...
  7. R

    Looking for examples of complex charting, dynamic, Pivots, multiple series etc...

    Hi I was wondering if there was a site or book where I could find examples of complex charting, dynamic, Pivots, multiple series etc, and where I could see how the data needs to be laid out. I know of Peltier, butis there anywhere else suitable. Many thanks Ronan
  8. N

    Excel chart plotting, depending on weightage

    Hi experts, Need help in ideas and plotting a graph to show a weightage of temperatures hit in 4 zones. I cannot relate this to x axis, i want to represent all in one chart so that i present a viewer, the number of times a particualar temperatures are hit. <table width="692" border="0"...
  9. U

    Chart Zooming

    I have been working through Rob Boveys book on excel development and modified the examples of dynamic charting to attempt to allow the user to zoom into a chart with a rectangular shape defining the area. I have a mouse down action capturing the x and y co-ordinates and use the mousemove to...
  10. R

    Dynamic Charts ... Data Problem

    Dynamic Charts ... Data Problem <hr style="color: rgb(235, 235, 235); background-color: rgb(235, 235, 235);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_start --> <!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_start -->...
  11. M

    Bubble Charts Help PLEASE

    I have created a bubble chart with three different inputs. Country Name, Ease of Doing Business Rank, 2009-2014 Avg. Projected Real GDP Growth and have created a bubble chart from this data. I have created them in a single series and would like to get the country name to appear as a data...
  12. Z

    Help with Stacked Multi Axis Bar Chart

    I'm creating a bar chart where I'm plotting two series one above the other. I've set the chart to plot the second series on the Secondary Y axis which is what I want. The problem is the two charts are overlapping on one another. How can I move the secondary axis down so that they are above and...

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