1. TheMacroNoob

    Stacked Clustered Column Chart

    Hello excel experts, I am trying to create a chart that has the following "rules": - Plot months along X axis - Plot two columns: Current Year, Prior Year - Stack the categories that make up those total columns Is there a way to make this happen in a Pivot Chart? If I try to add Category to...
  2. C

    Issue with Pivot Table and duplicated values in the raw data

    Hi, I have a file which has ~10K rows of data. I want to create a Pivot table removing duplicated values based on the name column this gives me ~2k but I want to capture the data that is derived in a column that contains a tag. The problem is that when the tag is generated there are many...
  3. G

    How to change color in chart without highlighting, by using VBA

    I have a chart and I want, by using VBA to change the color of series1, but WITHOUT highlighting or activating the chart. How would this code: ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("CoasterMainChart").Activate ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Border.ColorIndex = 45 be able to be turned into something like...
  4. F

    dynamic charts with missing data in chart range

    Hello So, I'm working with a raw data set that I have made, and I frequently update the data whenever I collect data from sources. The first two rows of the data set are frozen, so I can have some semblance of what my data titles are. Using the data, I have made several charts. Now, I know I...
  5. V

    Charting issues

    Hi. there are lots of videos online teaching gantt chart with scheduling (by hours and minutes). but I haven't found anything about inserting break hour (lunch hour) Is this doable? can anyone guide me where to find it? Thanks
  6. S

    Using the cell that is selected for the value in a formula

    Hi all, I am wondering if something is possible at all. I have a calendar on Excel (month-by-month) and then another sheet with all the dates of all the different events that are happening. I want to be able to click on a date in the calendar and then below, a list of the events that are...
  7. DarbyBrown

    Float Chart on a spreadsheet

    I’ve created an Excel workbook that tracks blood pressures and heart rate. The table progresses down the sheet allowing for consecutive entries. Then, I have included a column chart for a visual reference. Though I couldn’t show it here, the chart actually is positioned with the upper left of...
  8. E

    Charting with Trend Line

    I have a question on charting in Excel. I have a spreadsheet tracking investments over the past few years. I include a “Trend Line” in the chart via a polynomial regression. However, I’m confused on the “order” of the trend line. It allows values 2-6. It appears 2 is the most linear with...
  9. M

    Copy paste charts with dynamic rows/column references

    Hey guys, Not sure if I neeed VBA to accomplish this or not, but I can’t be the first that needs a way to do this. I have a column of dates in A. In column B I am computing the AVERAGE of the values in columns C through Z). And then in columns C through Z I have data. I would like an easy way...
  10. D

    How can I chart this data

    Hey guys, I am having a little trouble working out how i can chart this data. Basically, i am wanting to see a timeline with runtimes for each of these file creations. I was thinking if there was some way to just have each line as an individual start..stop, with a connecting line, at the...
  11. F

    Interactive charting with filters

    Hi guys, new to the site so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong and I'll improve! So I have a large chart of data with tens of thousands of cells. My task is to create a tool that will create a dynamic and interactive column chart that is linked to either drop down boxes or a search bar...
  12. G

    Changing direction the arrow points when I draw it in with VBA.

    Hello, I am using VBA to animate movement between two points on a graph. I am also drawing an arrow to illustrate the movement. This macro works fine... I used the recorder for it, so there is probably some stuff to tidy. My concern is that it is drawing the arrow pointed the opposite...
  13. F

    New to using excels charts

    I am new to using excel for charting. I was asked to prepare charts or tables that will effectively answer the following questions: Of the subsectors noted in the table, which produced the highest number of fatal claims in 1990 – 2014 for: · Pneumoconiosis (make sure to include...
  14. E

    Can I use both vertical and horizontal formulas

    Hey Gang, I am attempting to create a dynamic chart where info hides or appears using a checkbox. I have been able to make it happen for EITHER the vertical OR the horizontal, but cannot figure out how to do both. In other words, I have multiple individuals on the vertical plane and multiple...
  15. K

    Excel does not remember the correct color of inverted bar chart

    Hello, I am creating a dashboard with a few bar charts, where the negative values have a different color then the positive values. To achieve this, I use the option "invert if negative" in the fill properties of the chart. The problem is that when I save and re-open the file, the red color of...
  16. M

    Intern Help: Charting & Delineation

    Hey guys and gals - Long time lurker here finally posting as I've been given quite the Excel challenge for my first week of an internship. First things first, I'm using Windows 8 and Excel 2013. Alright, so here's my dilemma: The company I'm interning with sells compressors that come in...
  17. H

    Automating good data labels on stacked area pivot

    I have a stacked area showing resource use across time. Each resource is categorized by: Chemical ChemA, ChemB, ChemC etc. (values change by month) Cost cheap/expensive (does not change by month per chemical) Region AUS/EU/NA (does not change by month per chemical) I slice/pivot the data so...
  18. W

    Multi variable charting

    I have a sheet of information that I would like to graph. See the sample below. You can see that there are results for different locations, different dates. There are very few common dates. I need the ability to create either a stacked bar of the 10 variables, a bar chart of the total, a line...
  19. S

    2003 charting - not allowing for multiple vertical axis option

    Howdy, I am trying to produce a chart including two columns of data and a column including corresponding dates. I am only able to view one column of data in the chart and excel is not giving me the option of plotting on a secondary axis. Why am I not being given the option to view data on a...
  20. M

    Plotting Chart data Accurately

    I have several columns of stock data including the date. All data for all dates that are not high or low for a given period have been removed. I wish to plot this zig zag line that alternates between the last top and the next bottom on a pre existing chart that contains all of the historical...

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