1. M

    Formula check

    I am in the process of making a spreadsheet which help work out some figure for me. I had a working formula but then had to move some columns around. I adjusted all the refs within the formula so column D becomes column K, etc. But now the formula does not give the same answer as it did...
  2. M

    Counting numbered posts with formula

    I am currently looking for a way to count posts. I have 1- 50 posts so in total 50 posts. If i split the posts in to work groups like the table below I can see if I have any overlap and subtract the number of posts work on twice to get back to my 50 total...
  3. G

    How to check row header on the sheet

    Hello currently I'm trying to export data from a workbook without open it by using macro, to explore the limits of VBA I'm trying to check if some specific headers are present on the sheet. Exemple code : Sub Checking() Dim Cell_Date As Range Set Cell_Date =...
  4. vinzent

    Run Macro if all sheets are in the workbook

    Hello to all I have one macro, but I want to check if all the sheets in the file are in the workbook before to run (due we are using 10 different sheets with different names to get the information) and sometimes one sheet is missing to included before to run and only show error but we are...
  5. Eawyne

    [VBA] Check if a cell content has a match in a folder and if yes, open file

    Hi all =) Here's what I need : => I enter a value in a cell (usually, a number, like 141KL540024) => There's an autocheck in a folder to determine if there exists a corresponding Powerpoint file (it would be 141KL540024.pptx) => If the file exists, a message box will warn us, and ask if we...
  6. K

    Direct product

    Hi all , I am new here please help me to complete my exercises Write a macro which accepts a number and checks how that it is the a direct product of how many numbers 64 = 2^6, 4^6, 8^2
  7. B

    VBA Have cell color change when adding/removing check mark

    I'm trying to combine code that will add/remove a check mark and change the color to yellow when the check mark is added and change it to no fill when removed. I know virtually nothing about VBA code though. I have this code that adds/removes the checkmark fine: Private Sub...
  8. I

    How could I edit this marlett checkbox VBA code to automatically check them based on another cell's value?

    Hello. I have a workbook I created that tracks break times at my work. With formulas and private vba subs. We scan their badge and it puts the time in another column. In another column it adds 20 minutes, which is the time their break ends. In another column we scan their badge again and it...
  9. C

    Use formulae to check that 2 variables on sheet A appear in the same row on sheet B

    Hi I am trying to use formulae to check that the order number (sheet A, cell B4) and week due (sheet A, cell Q4 as YYWW) values are found in the same row of sheet B. The order numbers are stored in column E of sheet B, the due date is stored in column O of sheet B as WW. Note the order number...
  10. L

    Conditional Format formula

    I would appreciate any help with the following. A1 contains the name of a city say Reading. F1 contains a mnemonic for that city which in this case is logically RE. However the RE is not always the only letters in the cell. So what I need is a CF formula that will check if the first 2...
  11. V

    Modify / Edit in Formula - Match and Result

    Hi All, We have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP 1DanialChrixRockyRickylogghunDanialChrixRockyRickylogghun 2RonaldoPamelaDonaldmessysanjusafiRonaldoPamelaDonaldmessysanjusafi 3shikarghurandyjohnvijjurodishikarghurandyjohnvijjurodi...
  12. B

    UserForm to replace working code

    I have a bid form that works, but the code is cumbersome. I have a column of check boxes called "include", a column off the same called "Exclude", a column of items to be included or excluded, and column of notes for the item. After selecting the check boxes i have code that adds the selected...
  13. C

    Check Digit

    Trying to do a 10 digit mod 10 check digit with a weight of 7,5,3,2...can you assist me. Thanks.
  14. gheyman

    Covert a Table to range

    I have code that takes a table and converts it to a range ActiveSheet.ListObjects(1).Unlist But now I need it to check and see if there is actually a table to convert before it runs the code How do I check to see if there is a table first?
  15. S

    Getting messy data into one line

    A big part of my job is getting spreadsheet data from different clients and putting the information into our database. Most of our 200+ companies send reasonable spreadsheets I can manipulate pretty fast, but one insists on sending what I think is a scan of their paychecks, converted into...
  16. F

    Deleting empty rows code doesn't respond

    Ok. Desperation is setting in!!! I have two worksheets, "Clash Check" and "Clash Report". The sheet "Clash Check" gathers data which ends up as a list of names etc across 3 columns with lots of blank rows in it. I have a code which can run through the list and take the blank rows out based on...
  17. A

    loop to check if visible

    I have a userform that has multiple labels. 10 labels are named with the leading text lblM_ (see below). I want to check if any of these labels are visible. I kindly ask for assistance with a vba code to check if any of these labels are visible lblM_tbxSch800 lblM_tbxSch900 lblM_tbxSch1000...
  18. kelly mort

    VBA code to check if any of a range of controls are blank

    Hi, I have done some sniffing around to see if I can find solution to my problem. I came close but needed a hand to finish it up for me. Dim allEmpty As Boolean allEmpty =True For Each crtl In Me.Controls If crtl.Name Like "txtM*" Then If Trim(crtl.Value) <> "" Then...
  19. K

    Spell Check in UserForm

    Hi everyone, Is there a way that I can do a spell check in a UserForm, before the information is sent to the worksheet. I know I can add code to do a spell check after the information is added to the worksheet, but in my case, some of the text will be sent to two different worksheets. Therefore...
  20. D

    Fuzzy Lookup Meets Find and Replace

    So first things first, my title might be inaccurate but I'm not sure of the terminology. I have a long list within a single column of various length text. Most of these text strings will contain, in part, 1 of about 30 known phrases. In the column next to the original text I'd like to place the...

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