1. DRSteele

    Radius of a circle segment

    If you need to ascertain the radius of something circular and all you have is a segment, you can use this spreadsheet to do so. Just take two measurements and put them into the two cells and the spreadsheet will reckon the radius, as well as some other trigonometric stats. Here is a photo of...
  2. C

    Add a 3 mile circle into excel 3d maps

    HI Does anyone know a way of adding in a 3 mile circle round a particular point (Lat and Long would be known) into excel 3d maps? I am fine loading postcode or lat/long data but I need to show a 3 mile radius area round a particular point Thanks in anticipation KC
  3. W

    Whole circle bearing calculation with vba

    Hi, I'm trying to use this expression in a macro to obtain the whole circle bearing between 2 points of known latitude and longitude, the LatA Lonb etc (all in radians) 360-(MOD(ATAN2((COS(LatA)*SIN(LatB))-(SIN(LatA)*COS(LatB)*COS(LonB-LonA)), SIN(LonB-LonA)*COS(LatB)),2*PI())*180/PI()) I...
  4. I

    Scan and Copy

    Hello! I will start by saying that I don't really know anything about coding or VBA...other than copying the help all of you have given me in the past to a new module and connecting that to a button. So! I'm hoping someone here will find this ridiculously simple and be able to help me. I have...
  5. zookeepertx

    SUMPRODUCT formula making spreadsheet run REALLY SLOW!

    At least, I assume it's that part of the formulas that's causing the problem. I created a cover sheet for a co-worker's workbook to summarize his data from the other sheets. The main sheet that's referenced had upwards of 9,000 rows, so the SUMPRODUCT formulas on the cover sheet are very long...
  6. I

    What is this process called please

    Hi, Memory has gone blank. Looking for the name of when you alter names in drop down list etc & something you click will circle the now incorrect items. Before it would be say Black Dog but now its White Dog,using this process would circle all the Black Dogs in the sheet. Thanks
  7. M

    How to use application.countifs to count a time interval like 7:00AM to & 7:00PM

    Dear Gents, I would like use application.countif to count people numbers of visit time between 7:00PM to 7:00PM but times seems to a to define upper and lower limit and make this calculation happen? Thanks.
  8. B

    Maths Assignment Help

    1. Algebra Practical I A fitness trainer wishes to design a custom field track by setting a number of straight paths and quarter circle turns (in meters). Create an Excel sheet which must contain the following. a) The user can input the value of one straight path length and one quarter circle...
  9. U

    Making a circle with numbers

    Is there a way to make a perfect circle with numbers in excel? Lets say if I choose 40 numbers, from 1 - 40 numbers will be arranged in a perfect circle in an excel sheet. I mean the distances between numbers should be same and all. and if I choose 60 numbers, it will be a little bigger circle...
  10. T

    Plotting a circle with coordinate in excel

    i ve a circle with 18 nodes and i want to plot it in excel may be using can be done. now suppose i plotted a circle of diameter 2m then i have 18 nodes equally divided on its perimeter.what if i want to reduce the circle diameter to 1.8m how to generate its coordinate any easy way to do...
  11. C

    Conditional Formatting help!

    Hi, is it possible to create conditional formatting of icon set as an indicator of task status, i.e. if an action is "in progress", i want to show a yellow circle icon next to "in progress", if an action is "completed", i want to show a green circle icon next to it. The icon set currently in...
  12. C

    Insert Drawing Tool "Arrow"

    So I have worksheet that has a few charts, and on the top of each chart is a 3 year CAGR % surrounded by a circle that is just drawn on. Behind the circle, is a drawn arrow that is pointing "UP", but I want to make it so that if the 3 year % is negative, the arrow would automatically point down...
  13. O

    Sum Based on the Last Entries of Each Series

    Hello!! Here's a raw data sample: <tbody> Date Program Phase 1/1/18 Circle PRM 1/2/18 Circle P2 1/3/18 Circle P3 1/1/18 Square PRM 1/2/18 Square P1MT 1/3/18 Square P2 1/1/18 Triangle P3 </tbody> I'd like Excel to find the last entry for a given Program (Column B) then...
  14. D

    Combining Two Conditional Formats

    We have a template we use for action plan overviews, currently with a "progress column", which is set up display the default 5 quarters icon set. 0: Project not started, empty circle 1: Project started, 1 quarter 2: Project Under Development, 2 quarters 3: Project Testing, 3 quarters 4...
  15. T

    Pie Chart Question

    I have a set of data. First column is date (first of the month), second column is a yes/no on whether or not something was returned. Is there a way to plot this as a pie or circle chart and format so that all the "yes" values are one color and all the "no" values are another (without changing...
  16. M

    Macro to draw a circle with radius value and position

    Hi everybody! I just started to write some code in VBA and I´m looking for a macro to draw a circle with radius written in a cell. I saw various codes but just to draw a generic circle not with specific radius. Is it also possible to decide the circle position? Thanks so much for any...
  17. M

    Using Maps in a file

    I need to implement some functionality that will show a map of for example Europe and dependent on a list of cities and values for the cities, have a marker placed on the map where the city is and the marker, say a grey circle, be a size relative to all the other values in the list. For example...
  18. B

    how to circle something

    So this is a pretty basic question but I actually don't know the answer. I sometimes want to circle a few cells here and there. I dont really know how to do this, or at least not effectively. I would've thought you goto shapes, then choose Oval or whatever. But that always gives a solid shape...
  19. P

    stacked column chart

    I have a stacked column chart for the data found in the range Sheet1!A2:A16. The stacked column chart uses an individual circle (black outline, white inner) to represent each student in a group of about 200 students. The x-axis bears the scale ... A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- E+ E E- The...
  20. M

    How to find radius of a circle needed to contain a certain number of squares of a given size

    Hello, I stumbled across the following code somewhere... the code uses the radius of a circle and the dimension of a square to tell you how many squares you can fit inside the circle and then draws the circle and array of squares in the spreadsheet. I really need to do the opposite. I want to...

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