1. B

    calculation without Circular reference

    Have a question if I may, I want to use two adjoining cell;let say C3 & D3 and I would like to be able to put a figure in either ofthese and have the empty cell calculate either way. How can this be achievedwithout causing a circular reference? Steve
  2. D

    How is this a circular reference????

    HI all so this is a pretty straight forward and simple question (i think) and please excuse my stupidity if it's something super obvious but.... how is this super simple formula a circular reference??? =SUMIF(N:O,N9,O:O) I get this message after i copy this formula down (say about 10 rows...
  3. C

    Circular Reference Problem

    I have a workbook with many tabs and use the same formula on some of them. The formula? =TODAY()-(WEEKDAY(TODAY(),2))-7 One just one of at least 4 tabs that uses this exact equation, I get a Circular Reference warning. It's not really causing any issues as it produces correct info, but it's...
  4. K

    EXCEL for MAC: Circular Reference not identified

    Get a message about a circular ref.when opening WM. Can't find the problem cell(s). Error Checking does not identify it; status bar indicates "Circular Reference" on each sheet but doesn't i.d. the cell. Can't find the error by inspection. Ideas? Please note: Excel for Mac (up to date). Thanks...
  5. N

    Why am I getting a circular reference error?

    Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out how to revise this formula to get rid of the circular reference error Excel is telling me I have: =IF(OR(F2="Y",AN2<=6),AQ2,IF(AND(O2="N",SEARCH("Open",D2),AQ2>=3),AQ2,IF(AND(O2="N",SEARCH("Open",D2)),IF(AND(VLOOKUP(A2,'WOs (DSP...
  6. M

    Circular Reference error

    I've almost gotten this complete. For some reason I get a circular reference error C8 every time I put a negative number in. Can someone help me? Thanks. Marc
  7. E

    How to identify and resolve circular references?

    Hello, The below formulas are copied after 'View formulas' was selected. Apparently there is a circular function but I cannot identify and resolve it. Any help please? []=SUM(Assumptions!D27:D28) =SUM(Assumptions!E27:E28) =SUM(Assumptions!F27:F28) =SUM(Assumptions!G27:G28)...
  8. F

    Ranking with 2 criteria formula works but circular reference msg?

    A3 =VLOOKUP(D3,DISPLAY!$B$4:$C$26,2,FALSE) B3 =RANK.EQ(T3,$T$3:$T$25,0)+COUNTIFS($T$3:$T$25,T3,$A$3:$A$25,"<"&A3) <tbody> 9/16/2018 Handicap Rank Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Points NewRank rank rank w handicap 7 1 1 Crall, Mike - w 30 23 31 29 33 30 22 26...
  9. M

    Struggling to understand circular reference

    I have powerpivot model in Excel 2016 and can't understand why i'm getting a circular reference for this formula =IF( Total EBITDA>=3000 && VALUE(Results[EBITDA])<=10000 && VALUE(Results[ROC])>0.20 , "Y", BLANK() ) but not for this formula =IF(...
  10. R

    Inquiry: Creating a circular progress bar

    Hello Everyone, Would it be possible to create a circular progress bar? I'm well aware of creating a progress bar using form and label but I'm not sure it is feasible to do it in excel 2016 and display it in the userform.
  11. N

    Locate circular reference - cell cannot be listed

    I have a worksheet that inform me that it has circular references, and excel cannot locate it for me. I could not find the wrong value. This worksheet is complex, and more importantly, too important to have errors in it. Is there a way (VBA or not) for me to locate this circular cell...
  12. S

    Workaround for a circular dependency problem

    Morning all, I only just discovered my favorite Excel forum has a Power BI section : ) I am searching for a workaround to bypass my Circular Dependency issue. I have searched for answers on this but because I am new to Power BI I am unable to solve my issue with the explanations I've seen...
  13. C

    IFERROR backwards compatible

    Hello - I am trying to make the following IFERROR backwards compatible and I am running into problems. I tried changing it to IF(ISERROR... but I keep getting "too many arguments" and I try to adjust and I keep getting into a circular loop. Any suggestions: (IFERROR(VLOOKUP(CONCATENATE('Input...
  14. P

    circular reference

    hi, i am trying to import data from one excel sheet to another based on the date. One of the files is dynamic and changes/overwritten daily, therefore the date changes and the values are replaced. The problem i am having is keeping the data in the target spreadsheet once the date changes...
  15. R

    Problems with circular reference

    Hi I'm having major issues with circular reference in a production planning tool I have created and can't work out the problem. Is the anyone out the how I can send the spreadsheet to explain where am going wrong.
  16. S

    how to fix Error reference to a cell dependent on its own cell value

    hi am using Index, match function and this message keeps coming up careful we found one or more circular references in your workbook that might cause your formulas to calculate incorrectly fyi a circular reference can be a formula that refers to its own cell value, or reference to a cell...
  17. How_Do_I

    Rank - Circular Error

    How would I go about sorting those times (highest at the top, shortest at the bottom) please? Everything I've tried is giving me a circular error. The only thing is, the times are in an expandable range that increases as and when I add data. I'm happy to have help columns to solve this...
  18. L

    Stuck on a circular reference

    The following formula is causing a circular reference but I can't establish why... =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP('Report From Proscript'!D2,'Uncollected scripts to hand'!$A$2:$A$5000,1,FALSE)),'Report From Proscript'!A2,"") Any ideas?
  19. A

    Circular Reference problem...!

    Hello Friends, I am facing a very peculiar circular reference issue. I have a sheet where my requirement is if I put "abc" in the cell A1, the cell C1 show "abc". The problem arises when I want to show the same wise versa, i.e. if I write "abc" in cell C1 first, then cell A1 also should show...
  20. G

    Understanding a formula with a circular reference

    Hello again, I have a formula as below that works out the difference between two scores (1 to 5) which are placed between columns F & O. F being year 2017, g being 2018 etc. It selects the last two columns and returns an icon of green arrow up, yellow stays the same and red down...

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