1. S

    How to clean and convert data into columns using VBA

    Hi Friends, I been trying from few hours to clean and convert data into columns using excel formula. But its taking much to process huge data. I want take into different columns Like ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD First Name Last Name Job title Company name Sample data sheet attached...
  2. B

    Clean up code

    Hi guys, bit of a novice at VBA and I have pieced together a workbook combing code I have recorded, sourced on the web and with help from this board. The code seems slow and clunky and I've now started to get 1004 errors. Is anyone willing to take a look and try and clean up the code for me? i...
  3. C

    VBA Code to Unhide columns

    I'd like to unhide columns based on clicking the a button that I have created. When the user clicks the button, columns F-I would unhide. When the button is clicked again it moves to unhide the next group of columns J-M and so on. I'd like to use the same button to keep this quoting worksheet...
  4. F

    Macros to create new excel files based on criteria

    Hey guys, I have an excel file that I need to create 4 separate files from. In column A I have either "Clean" or "Not Clean" and in column B I have either "NFL", "MLS", or "REMOVE". What I need is a macro that will create 4 files : Clean & NFL, Not Clean & NFL, Clean & MLS, Not Clean & MLS. I...
  5. drom

    usedrange when applied to a pivot table in a Sheet

    Hi and Thanks in advance I am feeding a table thanks to a macro, this table may have 40 rows or 20000 rows I have a Pivot table using this table as data source When feeding the table I clean always the previous data, and then I refresh the pivot table (I am using macros because I am doing many...
  6. G

    Copy data based on cell value

    Hello, I have a workbook where I want to copy specific row data based on the value of a cell in a column. Below is from my workbook. The goal is anytime there is an "x" in header "R", then the cell values from columns "A", "B" and "I" are copied onto a new sheet called "ROCC". Same thing...
  7. S

    Create a String to Use as a Range Name - Illegal Characters

    The problem, I think, is that I'm ending up with illegal characters so can't use the string as a range name and I don't know where the characters are being inserted. I also understand a UDF can be created to clean the string, but I simply can't figure out to use the UDF with VBA. Help. TIA...
  8. R

    Calculated Field in Pivot Table

    I'm trying to create a calculated field in a pivot table. The table's structure is below. The Sum of Sum of Clean Loans (I'll change the title once the data works) should come out to 82. I've also pasted the formula in the calculated field below. I've never worked with these before, and...
  9. M

    Show Cells that are referenced in data validation

    I took over a spreadsheet for someone and I want to clean it up. On sheet1, there are several places where list validation is applied that references lists on sheet2. I am pretty sure some of the lists on sheet2 are NOT being referenced, so I want to get rid of those items for the sake of...
  10. S

    Can I remove duplicates from a CELL?

    I have a spreadsheet with a few hundred URLs in it, but for whatever reason they have all doubled up. For example, A1 looks like: "https://website.com" Is there a way I can clean this up? Kind regards
  11. K

    Need referral for class best suited for data clean up

    I am looking for suggestions for an online class (self guided preferred) that will teach me everything I need to know about formulas/functions that will help me clean up messy files from a lot of different sources. I have basic excel knowledge but am expecting a much heavier workload very soon...
  12. L

    clean() break lines - creating space after

    Hi I used alt+enter to enter the following in one cell. John Smith 123 Main Street MyCity, 12345 Then I used Clean() to clean break lines. But I ended up with a text look like this John Smith123 Main StreetMyCity, 12345 How can I create a space between "John Smith" and "123 Main Street" and...
  13. L

    clean none printable unicode chars

    Hi I have cells as below. I know clean() function will not clean these chars and I will need to do substitute() these chars with "" for example. But I have 2 questions: 1) does that mean I have to create a new substitute() function for each cell? knowing these cells are having different chars...
  14. H

    Help With Error in VBA CODE

    Hey I got a weird Problem with my Code (Clean Sheets Cells) I have Picture on my sheets to press on and Macro Running as it should everything in the Code Works ok BUT BUT when the code is running from sheets 2 Clean Specific cells and then Jump on to sheets 1 and Clean specific cells as it...
  15. B

    Range Object adds extra space that cannot be trimmed without specifically trimming the cell

    I have some code that is supposed to Trim the values of cells quickly, taken from here: <code> With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(WSname) .Activate Dim rng As Object Dim Area As...
  16. M

    VBA Help

    Hi, I need to run some VBA code to clean Column D on various workbooks. Column D contains a load of names from websites/apps with a load of non-Alpha characters. I have found the below two functions online which are perfect for what I need to do. However they need to be done in order, first...
  17. A

    Want Fill blank cell values with left cell values if condition matches

    Hi, I have below scenario, I want to fill Clean data column with Source data if clean column do not have values only if first column data is matching after source and Clean. <tbody> Source_Account_Name Clean_Account_Name Amit Chavan Amit Chavan Amit Chavan Amit Chavan A Amit Chavan A...
  18. S

    IF & AND question?

    Hi all, In my excel sheet I am putting in quantities of apartments, there may be a few hundred apartments per complex. Column A will be the unit no., column B number of bedrooms, column C no of bathrooms, etc. e.g. A , B, C, 101, 2, 1, 102, 1, 1, 103, 3, 2, It may take 4 hours to clean a...
  19. sharky12345

    Clean up project without addin

    I need to find a way to clean up a project without using an addin. When I say clean up, I mean like removing empty lines etc - I also need something that could add or remove line numbers if possible. I was thinking is there something like a module or function that could perform this. The...
  20. A

    Sort and eliminate blanks

    Hello, Newby quesiton here to keep you on your toes! ;) How would I clean up a list in a column refered to by a named range, and copy the results to another column? In other words, I have a list of fields whichm based on a vlookup, returns cities (or not) to column A. This list sometimes...
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