1. I

    Expand / Collapse Row and Column Groupings using VBA

    I am trying to write a personal macro script to Expand (Show Detail) or Collapse (Hide detail) of a very large (300R x 200C worksheet) that i frequently toggle between a summary view and full model view so i don't have to keep using my mouse click on the little 1-2-3 groups in the upper left...
  2. J

    Creating TreeView in UserForm

    Hi, I am looking for any geniuses that can help me make a TreeView in Userform. There are barely any tutorials online, and I still have no idea on how to make them. I provided a picture below of what kind of TreeView that I want and the table database sample. Also, I would like to have the...
  3. G

    Expand/Collapse in Worksheet not protected by VBA

    Hi all, I need to protect a sheet and let the user to expand and collapse rows and columns. I also need to save this WB in .xlsx (not in .xlsm) so I cannot use macros (as far as I know). Is there a way to protect the sheet by the option Review/Protect sheet and let the user expand and...
  4. J

    VBA code to Collapse Specific Range of grouped cells leaving other ranges expanded

    Hi I am looking for some VBA code to collapse a specific range of grouped cells (row 7 on my sheet) whilst leaving other ranges of grouped cells (rows 37 to 51 on my sheet) expanded. I have tried hunting forums but can only find code to collapse all cells (somthing like...
  5. K

    Expand and collapse groups using vba

    Hi Is it possible to expand and collapse individual groups using vba i.e. as opposed to expanding or collapsing all groups. In the following example I would like to have 3 buttons somewhere on the sheet, one for each group, to toggle expand collapse each group one at a time [/IMG]
  6. D

    Pivot tabels and slicers and automatic collapse

    I have a pivot table, simple, in Col A, Year; Col B, Month; Col C, Revenue. I have a slicer for year, and when I change the year through the slicer, the months automatically collapse, so all that remains is the year in Col A, and total revenue for the year in Col C. If I double click on the...
  7. E

    Expand and collapse a range of cells, but that range expands based on user inputs

    I have a beautiful looking layout that is user friendly. I have a "Heading" row that denotes a "Category" below it. I have several Categories. In each Category is a series of cells that are fill-able as an "Entry." Each Entry has it's own functions and so on. Each Entry uses the same "Template"...
  8. T

    Save and Close Button

    Hi, I have a workbook which a lot of people will be logging on to just put their name next to an activity. As I don't trust their housekeeping skills and the sheet works best to a newcomer in a certain format I want a button that say 'Save and Close' that will do the following: collapse all...
  9. J

    How to group blank rows

    Hello! I have a sheet full of data. In column A there are many rows with blank cells. I'd like to collapse (group) them up to the previous row that contains data. The goal is to have all data showing where there is a value in Column A. The user could then click the "+" next to that row and...
  10. M

    Duplicate Rows Based on Cell Values of different Cells Within Same Row (Cancer Database)

    Hello, I have been working on this "database" program for a couple of days, but just cannot get one thing and would greatly appreciate some help I have a fill form which is created every time a new sample is added and information gets inserted into their respective columns V W X Y Z AA AB AC...
  11. C

    How do I collapse multiple columns *that are not in a connecting selection" as a single group?

    I have many columns (budget, forecast, and variance) for each month and quarter. I need to collapse and expand the variance columns as one group. How do I do this?
  12. T

    how to keep a userform when excel is collapsed?

    I managed to keep the userform on top when switching between windows of different apps, however, it does collapsed together with excel. How to keep it always?
  13. B

    Automate Collapse/Expand Code?

    Hi, I'm trying to automate a micro to collapse/expand certain cells in a spreadsheet as data is put in (i.e. if Cell A>0, then Cells B-F will expand, if Cell A<0, then Cells B-F will collapse). Currently, the code WILL do that but only AFTER clicking the A column. Below is the code I use, any...
  14. Y

    Create collapsible groups with given level

    I have a file with something like 1600 rows. I would like to collapse them into their correct groups. The data has a column labeled "Level" that indicates the outline level. It looks something like this: Level 0 1 2 3 4 2 3 1 1 2 3 It goes as far as level 7. Is there a way for excel to...
  15. J

    Collapse blank pages in the middle of a form

    I have an order form that is filtered based upon the rows that have order data (qtys) entered, if nothing is ordered the form collapse's those lines so only the items ordered remain visible. The filter works fine but when I print the form it still prints 5 pages even though when filtered it's...
  16. T

    VBA used to allow users to Expand/Collapse columns in a protected sheet is over-riding the ability to filter a table

    I am using VBA to allow users to Expand/Collapse columns in a protected sheet but it is over-riding the ability to filter a table. If I right click on the tab, unprotect the sheet, click the box so users can filter, and then protect the sheet again everything works fine, but once I save, exit...
  17. S

    Pivot Table Collapse/Expand issue

    I'm having a problem with collapsing and expanding the data in my pivot table. Currently my data is arranged by about 4 row labels: Owner Client Business Unit Project When I collapse/expand a client field for one owner, all client fields of the same name for all the other owners...
  18. cvincent

    Collapsing and Expanding Rows of Data in Excel 2007

    I have a large spreadsheet with three columns of info. In Col A is the group name, Col B is the sub-group name, and Col C is a list of the items. Each group name in Col A has a very small icon on the left side, showing a + or -. By clicking on the +, the data in Column B opens up. Each item...
  19. S

    Expand/collapse data groups on multiple worksheets

    Hi all, I have a file with ten worksheets which have data groups in the same position on each sheet. I'd like to expand and collapse them on all sheets by using grouped sheets but it seems this isn't possible when clicking the + or - box, or clicking on the 1, 2, 3 etc boxes in the top left...
  20. P

    Need macro to hide rows only where there is text in the Cell in Column B AND the values in columns C through P are zero. in XL2007.

    I'm trying to write a macro that will hide all rows where there is text in column B AND where the values in columns C through P are zero (not where the values sum to zero, but where each cell in those columns is zero). I've written a macro that will hide the rows where the values in the cells...

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