color coding

  1. H

    Color coding coloumn

    So I'm trying to make <5/10 red, 5-6.9/10 yellow, and 7-10/10 green. For the life of me I can't figure out how... S1ATS235,8/1045,5/1054,8/1066,3/1075,3/1086,1/109102,6/101110/10127,2/10S2:S12S2=IF(COUNT(O2,Q2),ROUND(AVERAGE(O2,Q2),1)&"/10","") Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  2. D

    Extract X-number of words that surround a keyword or keywords in Excel

    Hello - I would like to find a way to (i) extract a certain number of words, that surround a keyword/s (and include the keyword in the extraction, and (ii) have the keyword/s colored in the extraction. I have ~90,000 biographies that I am looking to "classify", based on keywords. With that...
  3. A

    VBA Conditional Formatting Colour Coded Custom List

    Hi everyone, I could not find a solution for this. On Sheet 1 I have a table such as this: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Vehicle Car Colour Code Red Bicycle Blue Tricycle Yellow Motorcycle Yellow Train White Plane Green Boat Aqua </tbody> On Sheet 2 I have another...
  4. M

    Change Worksheet tab color if worksheet contains text

    Hey everyone, I can't figure this out.. Basically I have a workbook with several sheets. The macro runs and creates new sheets, so at the end I want to put in a small loop that will color code the worksheets that were just added.. I will have worksheets with DataAM, DataPM, DataMID, etc.. So...
  5. F

    Copy whole worksheet with keep COLOR format

    Hi, I tried to copy selected worksheet to new WorkBook. But during the operation CELLs/COLUMN/ROW COLOR have been changed :/ For Each ws In wb.Sheets next_ws = ws.Name If dict_sheet.exists(next_ws) Then If next_ws = "Sam" Then Set NewBook...
  6. G

    Excel Scrum Template

    My issue is a two part question: 1. I found a good scrum template in excel to list the sprint tasks associated with product backlog items. These tasks are color coded by some logic in the background. However, the sprint template only has two colors. If I want to add unique tasks associated...
  7. S

    Conditional Formatting a Bar Chart

    Hi, I wish to colour code my bar chart. I have a range of codes which I wish to give an individual colour when it is represented on the bar chart. E.g codes beginning with 123 = Red, codes beginning with 456 = blue and so on. I know how to conditional format cells, but i'm unsure on how to...
  8. G

    Excel 2013 Calendar Template - need help with changing colors of events

    Hi! I have downloaded an Excel 2013 Calendar template (Community Event Planner). 1st question: Can I use this template with Excel 2010? 2nd Question: I would like to color code the events on the calendar. Is this possible? I can't figure out where to make the formatting change. I tried in the...
  9. A

    Conditional Formatting With color variation output

    I have three columns that contain data. Column A, Column B, and Column C. Now if data for a certain column is invalid, it will contain text as follows: "N/A". I want to color code the variation existing for the the three columns. For example: If on row 3, 3A contains data, 3B contains data...
  10. T

    Struggling with Conditional Formatting

    Hi Guys, A collegue has got a weird problem with Conditional Formatting. While color coding rows row by row, every time he saves the sheet, the color coding gets mixed up. Where he fills in row per row, Excel automagically transforms it to what Excel thinks will be "similar". Or so it seems...
  11. H

    custom sorting and color coding

    I use excel to keep a list of quotes all day. I am wondering if when i enter a new number if the cell can change colors (based on the contract) and be automatically sorted in the list alphabetically. Thanks
  12. J

    ba and macros, pivot charts, data series, color coding, thanks in advance!!!,

    I have several pivot charts and chart worksheets in my workbook. Additionally, I have several parameters setup where the data series will change based on the criteria selected. How do I create a macro, where no matter what the criteria is set that the color format for each specific data...
  13. J

    Color Coding Dates by how far they are pushed out.

    How would I go about color coding dates in a column by how many days until it hits that specific date range (IE: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days)??? Also, is it possible to set up a macro or formula to color code dates by how many days past due from that specific date? (IE: if the specific date is...
  14. G

    VBA Code - color changing cells

    Hello! I am trying to create a model that has a mixture of conditional formatting and data validation formulas within it, but have run into a problem in one area. Essentially, cell E10 is a Validation which pulls a drop down list of names. One of the options in this list is "Other". I want to...

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