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  1. F

    Background colour value of cell in RGB-scale

    Hi everyone, As I am still pretty new to this VBA-coding, I'm still strugling with simple pieces of codes. My input on a given sheet is a matrix of different values on RGB-scale. I would like to run a macro to colour the background of the cell according to its value (starting at A2). As I was...
  2. F

    Colour a cell based upon certain logic.

    Hello All, I am very new to VBA (Currently Day 3) and I have a problem. I am trying to create a file that validates data. If the data is incorrect, it is highlighted in yellow. Following on from that I would like to hide all rows that have no incorrect data. This will make it easier for the...
  3. M

    Timeline colour cells depending on data inputted in a different cell

    I would like to colour blank cells depending on the date change in a different cell. Please see table below *** an example. <TBODY> ACTIVITY START FINISH 07-Jul-14 14-Jul-14 21-Jul-14 28-Jul-14 04-Aug-14 11-Aug-14 A 29-May-14 07-Aug-14 B 05-Jun-14...
  4. P

    SUMIF by colour

    How can I get the sum of cells, with a given colour. E.g. When in the same column green, yellow and red cells are specified. And evenry cell has a different value. Wich formula can I use to get the sum of all green cells, all yellow cells and all red cells? Thanks for your replies. Greetings...
  5. S

    VBA Code Help - Relating to Colour Fill of Pie Charts

    Hi all, Looking for some guidance. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any way to edit this VBA code so that it works with cells that are coloured via conditional formatting? If not, is it possible to bypass this issue (currently, my poor pie chart is now blank!) by using a VBA code to colour in...
  6. P

    Colour Change on %

    Can anyone help me Please I have a spreadsheet that i need a formula that if you type less than 99% in the cell the colour changes auto to red 99%-99.9% to Amber and 100%> Green. And also in the next cell if it red it put a 0 in it auto amber 3 and green a 5. I hope someone can help me...
  7. L

    Conditional Formatting according to colour of other cell

    Is it possiable to conditional format an area of cells based on whether or not there is a red shading cell in that row, i.e. for cells A1:A15 if there is a red shaded cell in A16:A25 then the entire of A1:A15 row needs to be shaded red as well?? Many thanks
  8. M

    Changing a cell colour based on value

    I have a couple of IF functions in some cells when they trigger I would like the cell to change colour, is this possible??? Also is there anyway if not changing the colour i can keep a cell blank untill the IF function is triggered? Thanks in advance
  9. pedie

    Please have a look and see if my inquiry makes sense....thanks guys!!!

    The code below seaches whatever words is entered in cell "A1", simply control+f thing...what i want here is that everytime i hit enter it searches the next result, i want that to be highted temporarily with any colour say that it makes my work easy to locate. Thanks in simplr word...

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