1. M

    Colours to diagram-values

    Hi. I would like to make one single horizontal staple in a diagram which changes colour depending on the values in the connected column. Is this possible to program so that the colour changes if the value changes? Or does someone has a trick-solution?
  2. H

    Colour Rows and Columns based on data validation

    Hi I am looking to format my worksheet with different colours based on a data validation drop down list. I currently can get the drop down cell to be the correct colour but would like the whole worksheet (Columns B-J, Rows 2-67) to be different colours. Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  3. M

    Using Colour Codes in an array

    Hi, I have a table that stores the field name in column 1 then the colour code in column 2 (see below) in the VBA code I am trying to use the Colour code. If I use it as a number it works but I can't work out the correct number for the RGB codes I have. How do I pass the array variable...
  4. B

    Getting excel pie chart slices to use the colours from my data series

    Hi, I'm producing a pie chart in excel (2016), and each line in the data series is colour coded. I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to get excel to use the colours for each line in the data series for the corresponding pie slice in the chart, but it just uses its own default colours. Can anybody...
  5. D

    Alternate table row colours not changing in one column

    I have a table in a sheet where I enter information for quotes. I have uploaded my spreadsheet. Open it and press the button "Send to costing tool" that is on the sheet "npss_quote_sheet" about 4 or 5 times. It should paste the row on the first sheet to a table on the sheet "Costing_tool with...
  6. A

    Counting dates available

    Hi, I've been trying to use an already in use sheet and adapt it. Basically, it has the week beginning date in the top row for the year, with staff names in the first column. The rows are coloured various colours if they're busy, and are blank if they're free. I want to have a list of names...
  7. C

    Conditional formatting rule

    I have a conditional rule in cell I2 if less than 02:00 and want to know how I would apply the rule so it colours the whole row from A2 through to K2 Thank you
  8. K

    Fill colours as per numbers of characters

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Columns L:N, I got numbers fills for the character 1, X & 2, my query is to fill colours in the columns C:I as per numbers of character, for example... </SPAN></SPAN> M6="X"=1 fill C6=1"X" with green fill and white font.</SPAN></SPAN> M7="X"=2...
  9. M

    prevent table columns incrementing in formulas when you drag and fill a range

    I have this: =COUNTIF(ordertable[Column3],1B) to count all the reds in column 3 of my order table in column 1 of a table that counts the colours in the order table thus: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> colour red green blue black etc quantity 1 0 3 1 etc...
  10. M

    List of combinations

    Hi all need some help on a formula for a crochet pattern. I have 6 colours and on each piece the colour can be used only once. there are 4 rows on each piece. Row 1 is a single colour, rows 2 & 3 have 2 colours each and the 4th row is also a single colour. eg row 1 - yellow row 2 - green and...
  11. M

    Fill 3 different colours every Step7

    </SPAN></SPAN>Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> Need a VBA, which can fill 3 different colours every Step7 as long as data find in the columns C:D </SPAN></SPAN> Note: colours must be different in both C & D column as shown in the Example...</SPAN></SPAN>...
  12. M

    VBA colour number of sequence with 3, 4 different colours

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> Require VBA which can colour number of sequence with 3, 4 different colours </SPAN></SPAN> 0 = no colour, all 1=single colour, rest 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4, max sequence I got </SPAN></SPAN> 1 to 14 </SPAN></SPAN> Here is an example... </SPAN></SPAN>...
  13. M

    How to colours the cells if the conditions match

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I want to fill the colours in column W:AL numbers, if the are matched with column G:T; Please need help </SPAN></SPAN> Example data</SPAN></SPAN>...
  14. K

    CF, macro require

    Using Excel 2000 Hi, VBA, conditional formatting macro in the columns C, D & E as shown colours for pattern in the C1:E4 and in the columns G, H & I as shown colours for pattern in the G3:I3 Example data...
  15. V

    Range Select with Last Row

    Hello all How can I select a range with an expanding Last Row, I have tried with the code below but it is not working Once the range is selected it calls two macro for borders and colours LR = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row Range("C16:AA" & LR).select AddOutsideBorders Colour1
  16. F

    Clear Recent Colors

    I was designing the perfect color scheme for my User Forms and now I have 10 different shades of pink under "Recent Colors" on the Home tab. How can I clear this?
  17. K

    Count history by colours or by the group

    Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I got patterns divide by 3 groups as shown in the cells C1:F3, and the conditional formula in the Column D6 to down is applied by formula is find under this link</SPAN></SPAN>...
  18. C

    Training Plan Dates and colours

    I am a new Excel and I have set myself a task that has proved harder than first thought. The formula that I need to get my head around is as follows:- In column 1 start date, in column 2 review date three years later. Okay completed that. However not all cells in column 1 have dates and dates...
  19. N

    Colour scale conditional format does not refresh....

    Hi, I have a colour scale conditional format setup to show green at 100% and red at 0%. This works perfectly, however, when using filters or slicers, the colours vanish, for them to return i need to scroll down and back up through the page, the colours seem to then refresh? Hopefully this is a...
  20. E

    Annoying Pivot Chart default colour help please

    Hi i have created several pivot charts for multiple sheets I have named each chart appropriately. Ive just realised that when i change the slicer option, aome of my chart colour defaults back to the standard colour and that’s annoying So what im now trying to do is set up some code to change...

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