1. N

    VBA Sort a Column Named Disposition, but Disposition column will not be in defined column number it will vary

    Dear Friends, There are 43 columns Sort Column Header Named Disposition. But Disposition column will not be in defined column number (each time when we receive file columns will be shuffled)
  2. G

    Count number of rows and columns in range

    I want to get the number of rows and columns in my "selection" range, but for some reason Columns.Count returns 1 when I have multiple columns selected. Anyone knows why? I am using excel 2013 32 bit. Sub test() Dim sourceSht As Worksheet Dim targetSht As Worksheet Dim Table As ListObject...
  3. L

    Macro or formula to find both unique and un-paired values between two columns

    I'm trying to make balancing my checkbook easier, but finding it hard to find a macro or formula that does what I need. I have two columns, one that has the charges according to my bank, and the other which has charges that I've documented myself. It's easy to find values that occur only in the...
  4. C

    excel vba resize how can i control the resize and keep specific columns

    So when I import data to my table it often has an erradict and unpredictable amount of columns which is fine except when I want to resize I would like to keep the first 8 columns of the table and delete any of the rest. This works great below except my coulumns seem to keep the last 8 of the...
  5. K

    Pivot table; show values as percent and total as number

    I have a pivot table with a list of different types of events in the first column (row labels), e.g. boiler repair, floor repair, window repair. The value columns are the days of the week, with the number of each type of event (repair jobs) occurring on each day. I would like to show the grand...
  6. G

    Copy Formulas, save as values and then reload same formulas

    Hello All you Excel Gurus, I need a little insight. I have a template that has multiple columns and multiple rows. Set up with accounts, subtotals and grand totals. The template will have a Rollup total section on the top and multiple regions below it. My main issue is that it will be...
  7. M

    Sum If Cell Matches

    Hello, I am trying to sum a column based on matching PO#'s My sheet has the customer PO# in column A, the part # in column B, that part#'s total dollar amount in column C, and in column D is where I would like it to total that PO in the cell in that column. Below is how I have it set up and...
  8. V

    Need help on Aging formula

    Hi Folks, I have 3 columns wit different dates and i want to write a formula in 4th column and my condition is to calculate the aging whichever is the latest date among the three columns. Formula needs to calculate aging from =TODAY()- Latest among the 3 columns dates.
  9. D

    Using vba to go to column with current week

    Hi there,Sorry if I am posting a new thread and it has already been answered else where. I have looked and looked, but no luck so far.I have a time & resource planning tool which has fixed data on columns A to G (name , activity , priority etc). From H on wards are week to week columns.What I am...
  10. N

    IF any of 10 columns equals any of 4 other columns

    What is the must efficient formula to create a TRUE/FALSE result for the following without having to write a huge step by step OR formula - or is that my only choice? IF AQ3=AD3, TRUE or IF AQ3=AE3, TRUE or IF AQ3=AF3, TRUE or IF AQ3=AG3, TRUE or IF AS3=AD3, TRUE or IF AS3=AE3, TRUE or IF...
  11. M

    Need help to formula to bring back amounts from one sheet based on multiply criteria

    Hello I have a workbook with two spreadsheets: Sheet 1 Column A - Tenant Column B - Lease # Column C - CPL Column D - AR Column E - Difference Sheet 2 has 18 columns the one to be used are Column B - Tenant Column C - Request Type ( Electricity - Variable) Column F - Lease # Column M -...
  12. E

    Permutations of sets of values

    Hello, I'm a new VBA user and really need some help. I'm trying to perform pairwise permutations of an undetermined number of values entered along a single row. The permutations should be exported into columns A and B in another tab. Then I want to repeat this process for the next and all...
  13. G

    Help with vba using VlookUp

    Hi Everyone, My Question today is about using vlookup in vba, or something of the like. I have 2 worksheets one named "Members" the other named "Fees Paid". Currently i am using vlookup in cells that require it, what i would like to do is use vba to accomplish this task instead. The "Members...
  14. H

    Find unique values between two columns

    Hi All I am comparing two columns to find unique values. I have the below but I need help to stop blank cells returning a yes value. I would also like to count the unique values but avoid an array formula. I have the below but not yet working: Many thanks for any help :)
  15. S

    VBA for Displaying Multiple Records based on row & columns

    hi guys, I want the someone who can write VBA codes for matching rows & columns please see the gif file to understand. i do not want index match. any other way ?
  16. V

    Conditional formatting mixes equal up

    Hi, it seems to be a small thing but can’t wrap my mind to it. I have 2 columns. One has a formula resulting in a number. The other one has plain numbers. I need to use 3 colors for Greater than (green) Smaller than (red) Equal to (yellow) I know to use =value(b1)=value(a1) But where...
  17. M

    VBA - combining rows

    Hi guys Probably quite a simple fix for someone who knows VB. I found a really useful macro (thank you hiker95) on this site for combining multiple rows with a unique identifier. It's configured to combine the first 2 columns of each row after the unique ID in column 1. All I need it to do is...
  18. leopardhawk

    IF statement

    Hello forum friends, okay, here is an interesting one, at least from my perspective. I have been trying to come up with a formula that will look at two columns and return the difference between the odometer readings 'finish' from one day and the 'start' from the next day. This amount would be...
  19. P

    long line of text to columns

    L team away L team home L home lose etc. I need to split the text to columns at the L (space). That's an L and a space
  20. G

    How do I move specific text via macro

    Hi I have a workbook and I have data all over the place and trying to standardise. Im looking to see if it can be done via macro. What im trying to do is listed below. In Column A where data states "FARE METHOD MARKER" I need all the data in the entire row moving across 2 columns . In...

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