combine workbooks

  1. D

    Extract differences from different workbooks

    Hi everyone, I hope you are well. I have a spreadsheet that evolves every week. I used Power Query and imported the workbooks produced the past weeks, basically copying the query and simply modifying the source. Is there a way to remove alla common data (what remains unchanged basically) and...
  2. R

    Combine Workbooks based on their name

    I have an excel, in A1 i have a folder path, which will have folder path in folder there are 4 excel files - sample full - sample partial - example partial - example full i want when i click on button , macro should go to A1 path and combine all files has prefix sample. combine means merge on...
  3. T

    combine 200 workbooks of one format into one table of a different format

    Hi. I am a noob! So, apologies if I have missed a post that explain this, as I am unsure of the language to use to describe it. I have 200 questionnaires in the form of workbooks with several sheets. The data is almost all quantitative, percentages or numbers with two decimal places, but there...
  4. K

    VBA to Merge Sheet1 of Multiple Workbooks in Same Folder

    I see a variety of code for what I am looking to do. Ron de bruin's code is almost exactly what I need, but need help with part of it as the row range must be dynamic. I have 20+ workbooks with different names in one folder. I need to stack the data from each workbook into one worksheet in a...
  5. J

    VBA for Combining Multiple Worksheets Into One Workbook

    Hello, Running Excel 2016 on PC I have been browsing the internet for a few weeks trying to figure this out and I am stuck. I was tasked to take an existing master file with multiple worksheets and split the workbook retaining the worksheets but only show the data for each individual sales...
  6. T

    Activate a dynamically named workbook

    Hello all thank you for reviewing my question. I have a report.xls that is pulled from a database and dynamically named given the value in cells A2, B2 and C2. (Ex: .Range("A2").value & "_" & .Range("B2").value & "_" & .Range("C2").value). I am attempting to move two additional workbooks to the...
  7. B

    Combining Files with File Name

    Hi, I have built a VBA macro to combine multiple Excel files into one sheet, format the contents and then do some calculations. However, it would be really useful to have the original file name against each row in the combined sheet. For example, I could see that rows 1-20 came from Sheet A...
  8. P

    combining workbooks into one sheet

    Hi I would to combine multiple workbooks into one sheet that loops through a specified folder. The only requirement would that it copies from row 6 down to the last row. Would appreciate some help Many thanks
  9. S

    Combining All Open Workbooks into Single Worksheet

    I have been looking around websites and forums for a solution to combining all open workbooks into single worksheets and really struggling here as I'm completely new to VB. I found the following code that combines all open workbooks sheet1 into one workbook as separate tabs which is great but...
  10. C

    Need Help Deleting Workbook After Copying Cells

    Hello all I have been new to VBA and have been working in it for about 2 weeks. I am trying to aggregate a data set from a folder with multiple workbooks into a single workbook. The code bellow does that but I also want to delete the copied workbook after it is placed in the "Master workbook"...
  11. U

    Combine Data From Multiple (42) Workbooks / Files with Multiple Worksheets /Tabs Excel 2010

    Hi, I have 42 excel files with 2 tabs of multiple columns each. All layouts and column titles are the same. Every workbook was sent to me "shared", which has created several limitations. I can unshare a file when it is opened and get back full capabilities, but I don't know how to do this...
  12. T

    Stumped With Creating a Macro to Combine Workbooks

    Hi, I've been attempting to find a macro that would combine a number of similar workbooks into one large workbook. The files I'm dealing with are all .csv files with identical columns and headers. Let me also say, I have very little experience with these or code writing, so please be patient...
  13. S

    vba to combine data from multiple workbooks

    I have a daily workbook that consists of three sheets. One of the sheets is a productivity log for that day. The workbook is saved via an existing script to create the names using a consistant format which is dd-mmmm-yyyy filename.xlms. At the end of every month, the data from these workbooks...
  14. S

    Combine multiple workbooks into one

    Hi all, I really need some help here. I would like to get a macro that does the following: 1. Prompt user to select folder with excel files. 2. Combine the workbooks into one master workbook. Each workbook should have its own sheet in the Master workbook. 3. Compare the column called...
  15. J

    Combine 100s of workbooks into single workbook

    Hi All, I am trying to write/find a vba to combine 25 of workbooks into single workbook (for each workbook a single worksheet in main single workbook) and then i want next automation command to generate pivot tables for all of these worksheets in a sinlge workbook. i would appreciate any...
  16. S

    Reference cells from 3000 seperate PO.xls to single Workbook

    I am trying to consolidate multiple PO's into a single sheet. Currently my PO are saved as follows NQ_PO 1.xls NQ_PO 2.xls NQ_PO 3.xls etc. ='J:\Excel Purchase Order Files\2007-2009\[NQ_PO 1.xls]Sheet1'!C6 I referenced one file, but it wants me to "Update Values: NQ_PO 2.xls" when I copy the...
  17. S

    combining pivot tables

    Hi, I have a new pivot table that I have imported external data. It is for remittances, so I have all of the transaction for a particular creditor. What I want to do now is insert the address into the top section of the document, so do I need to import more data within the workbook, turn that...
  18. R

    Combine hundreds of Excel 07 workbooks into 1 worksheet

    Hi: I have hundreds of Excel 2007 workbooks in a file location. They are identical in set up because they were created using a password-protected template. They all contain identical column headers at row 19 with an auto-filter. The password is not needed to open the file, update the data under...

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