1. K

    Combining two separate formulas

    Hey all, I am trying to transfer data with this formula =IF(ROWS('Destination Sheet'!$B$5:B5)<=$A$1,INDEX('Reference Sheet'!$B$2:$B$23,AGGREGATE(15,3,('Reference Sheet'!$A$2:$A$23='Destination Sheet'!$I$1)/('Reference Sheet'!$A$2:$A$23='Destination Sheet'!$I$1)*(ROW('Reference...
  2. T

    Forumla Help

    I know this is probably something simple that I am just not thinking of but I'm struggling here and wanted to see if I could get some advise! I have imported sales data into a spreadsheet over a large period of time, it has imported at one day per tab and has 133 tabs of unique data. I need to...
  3. H

    Combining 3 x INDEX MATCH

    Hi All, I have a column with INDEX/MATCH formula, but the match value could come from 1 of 3 possible columns. Could you help me combine the below into one formula please? =IFERROR(INDEX(admin!$C$4:$C$100,MATCH(C4,admin!$B$4:$B$100,0)),"0")...
  4. handri

    combining formula

    Good day Here is my code =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(substring,text)), "Yes", "No") The result is in C6 (empty cell). When I put a number in A6 (empty cell). Then the empty cell C6 show the result. The substring is in B3. How to combine formula with my code above thank you
  5. D

    Using If, Left and Or Functions

    Hello, I'm trying to get a formula with multiple conditions to work and am having a hard time. Basically: If A1 starts with "ABCD" OR "EFGH", put the value (say, $10) of B1 into cell C1. If A1 starts with anything else, put a zero in cell C1. I've tried combining If, Left and Or but I must be...
  6. S

    Combining IF(OR & IF(AND Statements

    I have the following statements that ascertain whether a 1 or 0 is shown in a destination cell. I have been trying to combine both statements with no luck. =IF(OR(T29="W"),1,ROUNDDOWN(COUNTIF(T29:T33,"W")/2,0)) =IF(AND(T29="W"),ROUNDDOWN(COUNTIF(AR29:AR33,"W"=2),0)) Is it possible to combine...
  7. J

    Search a phrase in a sheet then display that phrase in the cell

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a formula which will search a separate sheet for four different phases. Then, display the one phrase that is in the sheet. I need to search the exact phrase and the cells it is search will only contain that phrase ( i.e. I’m not search a paragraph of text) I...
  8. H

    Combining excelsheets with different coloumn names into one.

    I have an excel with diffent sheets having data, with different column names, i want to merge this into one? Please help me on this
  9. B

    Help combining calculations containing absolute references

    Hello there, I have the following formula: =SQRT(SUM($N$2:$N2)/SUM($G$2:$G2)) Column 'N' refers to a simple calculation: = B2*B2*G2 Can anyone supply a simple method of combining the calculation in column 'N' directly into the original formula? Thanks in advance, B.
  10. S

    Combining Formulas

    Hey all, Hopefully a simple question for you lot but unfortunately not for me! =IF(INDEX(T:T,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=H5,"Yes","") =IF(INDEX(S:S,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=G5,"Yes","") I have the above formulas in two different cells but I'm wanting to combine them both together. So that if both are...
  11. O

    Combining Two Ranges together.

    Hey excel Gurus, How do you combine 2 different ranges together with a With statement. With Range("A2:A1000" & "U1:FO1") is the above correct? thank you.
  12. S

    combining formula in one

    i have the formula which checks 5 criteria and 2 formula check the other 2 column which i put by (ctrl+shift+del) can we combine both the formula 1. formula...
  13. T

    combining cells

    is there a way to combine two cells info into one? if cell "A" has the word "happy" and cell "B" has "feet" cell "C" will say happy feet.
  14. H

    Assistance Combining Two Codes

    Hi I have 2 lots of code that I need to combine to give a result, but it is beyond my skill to do it. I assume it will be using OR somehow, but just not 100% exactly how to do it. =IF(AND(G1256="LOST",F1256<=10),95,0) =IF(AND(G1256="WIN",F1256<=10),-100*F1256+100,0) Both sections seem to work...
  15. D

    Combining formulas

    I am combining data in several columns into one singlecolumn using this formula: =OFFSET(AccRange,MOD(ROW()-ROW(ColumnData),ROWS(AccRange)),TRUNC((ROW()-ROW(ColumnData))/ROWS(AccRange),0),1,1) I’m using named ranges: AccRange = columns I’m combining; ColumnData = column where I’m placingall my...
  16. M

    Combining Sumifs Help Please

    Hi Is their a way to rewrite these 2 sumifs (array) into 1 so that I would have 4 conditions? =SUM(IF(($H$2:$H$2634<$N3)*($H$2:$H$2634>=N4),$G$2:$G$2634,"")) =SUM(IF(($A$2:$A$2634<$O3)*($A$2:$A$2634>=O4),$G$2:$G$2634,"")) Thank you! MM
  17. K

    Combining IF's?

    Greetings! I've searched around for combining IF commands for a single cell but I may be using the wrong termonology because I am not figuring it out. . I need to query one cell and display the result on the next tab. I believe my functions are the best for this but I am unable to combine them...
  18. V

    Combining two IF statements

    =IF(AND(C1<>"B",B1<0),50,40) =IF(AND(C1="B",B1<0),40,50) Urgently need guide on how to combine above two IF statements into one.
  19. handri

    combining vlookup function

    Good day, I need to combine this function with vlookup. Due to i need to ensure no bar code data are missing if something occur while handling this. =IF(A10="","",IF(A10='BARCODE REGISTER'!A10,"PASS","NG")) So if someone scan without follow the sequence number. The bar code will also detect...
  20. S

    Combining multiple Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values

    Hi everyone! Please help me with combining multiple Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values, I want to combine my 40 csv files in one excel without opening and copy paste them one by one, and everyday our production machine producing this csv file.After creating a macro tool, I hope this tool...

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