command button

  1. C

    VBA to save AND save as using command button and display message box

    Hello, I am trying to get a workbook to save using a command button so I can get a weekly log of what has changed in the spreadsheet. I need the "master" spreadsheet to save AND a separate workbook saving with the filename of the date it was saved...I can't get the first bit to work, so it...
  2. M

    Insert merged row into Excel, with duplication of the row(s) formatting above, using Command Button

    Hello there! I'm an enthusiastic if incredibly amateur Excel user- I usually just use google to figure things out but I'm hitting walls with this issue, so thank you in advance for any support or help you can offer! I'm trying to build a feature into an Excel sheet, so that if you click on a...
  3. N

    Code for Command Button - error message when other button not yet clicked

    Hello, i do have a file with two command buttons. Command Button 1 does check some fields and then save the file. Command button 2 does send the saved file attached to an email. I would now need a code that doesn't allow command button 2 to be pressed if the file wasn't saved (so if command...
  4. R

    UserForm TextBox to Specific Cell

    Hey everyone, I know there are a million threads on this topic and I have tried everything and I keep getting a runtime 9 error and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. My userform has 4 txt boxes and I want to be able to save the values so I created a sheet [Sheet25] "UserForm" to store...
  5. brendalpzm

    Option Buttons as Radio Buttons

    I'm using activeX controls, and I'm wondering if there's a way to use command buttons as option (radio) buttons and link the result to a cell, For example if I link thebuttons to the A1 cell, when I click on button 1 the result shows up in A1, and if I click on button 2 the result changes in A1...
  6. C


    I would like to consolidate columns A2:I2 based on the criteria that A2:D2 are the same on the next row. I have attached photos of the whole document to provide how this is supposed to work. I cannot seem to figure out consolidation and I maybe overlooking it. I have the code pasted below...
  7. S

    Is there a way to uncheck a checkbox with a macro?

    I have a button with macros that clear cells to reset a form. Is there a way to have that button clear a checkbox as well? Note that it couldn't just change the state of the checkbox as it won't always be checked when the form is reset. I can't find anything online that leads me to believe this...
  8. CallmeKay

    Need help with button macros PLS I'M GOING INSANE!

    Hii, I am really at a loss right now q.q I'm super new to Excel and (in this case) Google Sheets so I don't have any clue about macros and how to program them. Here's my problem: I want to add a command button that, when clicked, adds a calue to the cell BELOW it. Thing is, I can't for the...
  9. K

    VBA to generate one pdf report with multiple ranges

    Hi, I am trying to create a VBA code which will generate a pdf report where multiple ranges from a sheet will be printed onto one page. In order to achieve this the ranges have to follow after each, hope that make sense.... So far this is the code I have been able to write Private Sub...
  10. C

    Macro for command button to copy + paste on each click next row from table to another table

    Hey everyone, hope you are all fine. I have 2 Tables: MasterTable UsadasTable I need, on each click on command button, to cut values on MasterTable B4/C4/D4 and paste to UsadasTable I4/J4/K4 On the next click, i need cut the values of the next row from MasterTable B5/C5/C5 and paste to...
  11. A

    Dynamic Controls and Objects at Runtime

    Hello, Ive seen a few questions about adding controls at runtime but Im afraid I must be missing a few concepts. I have tried to adapt some code but the project Im working on is difficult to extrapolate the sample code to. I have the form creation down but cannot figure out adding items to a...
  12. R

    Userform listbox search button

    Hi, I have a search button in a userform to highlight/select the matching list item based on the value entered in an inputbox that is activated by this search button. I would like to be able to select the list item, regardless of case sensitivity. With the code below my entered value does not...
  13. F

    Macro in Customize Quick Access Toolbar

    Is it possible to have a command button (for macros) in the Customize Quick Access Toolbar which is able to be like a drop-down, and you can select a number of macros within. Similar to the Insert Shapes command where you can choose something within.
  14. T

    VBA to filter and extract data

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to Excel so please excuse any errors or stupidity on my part. I have a dataset from which I need to filter out values. The data range is from Column A to Column AA. In columns V to AA I have some vlookups that are returning the value of #N/A. I need the VBA to work...
  15. R

    Command Button to send email

    Hello, I have looked through a few of the other threads for this but I have a command button that i want to display an email once the button is clicked. I kep getting an error that says variable not defined. Also in the second image, the two regions of vba keep getting highighted. Overall i am...
  16. Y

    Command Button to Save File Based on Cell Value

    Hi All, I'm hoping for some help please? Ive been trying to create a button in excel that saves the file for the current workbook with the name as cell value and a path (Sharepoint). below is what i have so far, but doesn't work. HELP PLEASE Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim path As...
  17. C

    Border in different sheet

    How to apply border to different sheet after clicking on command button (active control) from different sheet? Here is the code i used Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() With Sheets("GraphReport") Dim LastRow As Long, LastCol As Long Cells.Borders.LineStyle = xlNone LastRow =...
  18. M

    Command Button to paste data to specific Cell of Specific Sheet with matched cell row

    Hi, I have searched in many forums but don't get the best result the suit to my problem. I have two worksheets of a workbook. One is the "Data" and the other is a "Calculation". First Condition: When I select any cell in between Column I8:I1220 of the Data Sheet, the cell value is immediately...
  19. A

    Using a Command Button to add new grouped rows with formatting, formulas, and keeping groups at the end of a growing table?

    Suuuuper fresh to VBA here. I've got a table that has many grouped rows all individually under their main banner row that I use for project management that has multiple rounds per project (hence grouped & banner rows). I am trying to add a "Add New Audit" button that adds a new chunk of rows...
  20. T

    Reference VBA code in new event

    Hi, all, I'm new to VBA coding and, of course, trying an ambitious project (creating my own gradebook in Excel). I haven't got the time to go through an entire VBA course, so I'm turning to the experts for help. While I have a bit of general coding experience (mostly HTML), I'm an absolute...

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