1. M

    Extracting Comma Values from a String, Loading into Array

    I have a single column of values on an excel spreadsheet. The contents of each individual cell correspond to Gate Codes, and are inputted exactly like the red text below: example 1: 4 example 2: 4,6 example 3: 2,6,7 example 4: 5,12,1 Note: there will NEVER be a triple digit number - just 1-2...
  2. D

    using number separator (have commas) automatically wraps text vertically

    using number separator (have commas) automatically wraps text vertically when using from the ribbon oddly, using currency, accounting, or even ctrl + 1 then clicking "sepators" doesnt do the same thing ...please help i even tried clearing the entire sheet's formatting then trying again but to...
  3. N

    Check if 2 commas exist

    Hello!! Is there a way to check if two commas exist in a cell? In cell H3 of my worksheet users will enter an address and I want to make sure they use two commas when entering an address as another sheet takes this address and splits it. for example: 123 ABC st Moraga CA 97501 should read...
  4. A

    Excel Formula removing commas and special characters

    What is the excel formula to be used in the following strings? I need to remove spaces and commas, etc. Ex. CC1994, 2 - it should be CC19942
  5. K

    VLOOKUP from a cell with multiple search values separated by commas and return multiple values separated by commas

    I know there is a way to search for multiple instances of a value and return all of those instances separated by commas. I am wondering if there is a way to use VLOOKUP (or any other formula/VBA) to search for something like "English1,English2,English3" and return "Spanish1,Spanish2,Spanish3"...
  6. F

    Format number

    In Excel, I want to format a number as "General", together with commas to separate multiples of 1000. The current General format excludes the commas. For example: INPUT: 1245.32 SCREEN OUTPUT: 1,245.32
  7. H

    Replace certain commas in a string

    Hi, Can someone please tell me how to replace certain commas in a string with a semi-colon? I do not want to replace any of the other commas. Example: = MIN(MIN(R67595,R250000), R67574)+ SUM(R27215,R27218) Should be: = MIN(MIN(R67595,R250000), R67574)+ SUM(R27215:R27218) The commas I want...
  8. D

    Double comma - multiple times in Cell Text. Unable to remove

    Hi all, Ive searched a few posts related to removing commas and Ive tried to adapt the answers to my situation with no luck so I am biting the bullet and adding to the forum fodder. Here is my situation. I have about 6k rows of text where there are single comas separating values and at some...
  9. P

    Why does IF command and formula break ?

    =IF(C10="01", "No Sub Project", IF(C10="03", "Sub Project 1", IF(C10="04", "Sub Project 2", IF(C10="05","Sub Project 3", IF(C10="06", "Sub Project 4", IF(C10="07", "Sub Project 5", IF(C10="08", "Sub Project 6", IF(C10="09", "Sub Project 7", IF(C10="13", "Sub Project 8", IF(C10="14", "Sub Project...
  10. E

    Excel 2010 Commas In Chart with Formula

    I've created a formula in excel that I'm using to reference as my horizontal axis labels. The equation is as follows: ="MedCode "&AO4&" $"&ROUND(AT4,0) Where the ROUND(AT4,0) is a dollar amount that is being rounded to the nearest whole dollar. This is how it looks on the axis: <tbody>...
  11. CyrusTheVirus


    Hi everyone, I guess I don't seem to understand the SUMPRODUCT function enough in terms of separation of arrays by a 'comma' or by a 'multiplication' sign. Here's my issue: I do not understand why when using SUMPRODUCT and a '*' (multiplication sign) to join the array calculations the formula...
  12. S

    Number not retaining currency format

    Hi all, I'mhaving trouble using currency formatting in a cell with multiple values. Column B shows one figure, Column C shows another, and I'd like column D to be "Column B - Column C," but I'm having trouble retaining the currency formatting (e.g. the comma separators). I created a formula...
  13. M

    How to calculate the Median from a cell with varying amounts of numbers separated by commas?

    Hello In essence what I need is very simple but I cannot find an answer anywhere online. I have a long string of numbers of variable length (sales in a week) in a format where another number simply gets added to the string each week. I think I am right in saying I want to be able to find out...
  14. J

    My macro creates CSV files but they are carrying over all the blank cells as well so they're extremely heavy.

    How can I solve this problem? I tried recording a macro that finds all the blank cells (with F5) but that finds billions of cells. My code for the CSV exporter is currently: Sub NewCopyToCSV() Dim MyPath As String Dim MyFileName As String 'The path and file names: MyPath =...
  15. M

    Replacing values separated by commas

    Hello all, Currently I have written a macro that converts values in a cell to values mapped in another tab list. My code is: Sub DataFormatPR() Dim PremiumType Set PremiumType = Sheets("PremiumType").Range("PremiumType") For Each cel In PremiumType.Columns(1).Cells MainTemp.Replace...
  16. T

    Formula requested to determine an average of multiple values entered in a single cell

    I need a formula that will calculate the average from a list of numbers in a single cell. These numbers are entered as individual percent values, and separated by commas. An example would be: A1 = [55%, 60%, 7%, 92%] For the above example list, the formula I require would spit out 54%...
  17. D

    Get rid of ALL trailing commas in a text string

    Hi all I'm using Excel 2003, Windows XP I'm trying to get rid of all trailing commas in a text string, for example: "Steve Smith,,,,,,,,,,," "Sarah Golding,,,,,," The number of trailing commas varies in a list of 500 names - I've tried a few formulas including these two...
  18. R

    Lookup value with multiple values in one cell

    I have a column that has multiple values in each cell separated by a comma (i.e. Z2_2,Z2_3,Z2_4). All of these are in sheet 1, column A I then have a reference sheet (sheet2) of products... (i.e. z1 - received as gift) in 2 different columns (A, B) reference table is B2:C261 . I want a...
  19. A

    how to create add a csv to a cell (excel 2007)

    in one cell I have data such as: d10d100i01d09d07i04 and i am hoping to to add a comma before each letter so that it appears like this: d10,d100,i01,d09,d07,i04 i dont mind if it has to add a comma before the first one either: ,d10,d100,i01,d09,d07,i04 i have a lot of data like this and need...
  20. M

    Validation:Remove Decimal and Commas From Pasted Numeric Values In Columns

    Good afternoon! I have a spreadsheet that has a fairly large amount of validation built in. In some circumstances, users will cut and paste data into multiple cells in a column (which could be anywhere from 1-10,000 cells in the column). The data coming from the source document sometimes...

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