1. P

    VBA / Macro of .csv file, big data, delete commas problem :(

    Good day guys! I writing you because of my problem. I don't know how to write the macro witch will help me. Please help me with my problem. So situation is that I have several hundreds of data documents in .csv files with all text and numbers are inserted in A column and for outside of excel...
  2. A

    VBA checkboxes in user form to cell with commas

    Hi guys! I created a user form with various checkboxes. I need a code that will write all the selected checkboxes into one cell divided with comas. For example: If a user checks the boxes "apple" and "pear" I want to write apple, pear to one cell. If the check only "apple" it should write apple...
  3. M

    Excel saving file as CSV with extra 2 commas at the end of the rows

    I am working on a file with about 30K rows and has to be saved as a CSV file. When saved and opened up in NOTEPAD, the file has rows (starting with H) that have double commas (,,) at the end of the line while the others (start with D) are fine. The H rows are 2 columns less than the D rows...
  4. B

    how would i separate data that is separated by commas?

    I have a bunch of data that looks like this abc, def, 123, ghi The lengths of each string aren't consistent line over line. If an entire worksheet was like this I'd just go to Data/CSV and open it like that but this is just a small range. How would I separate values that are currently...
  5. Hawks18

    Custom List for Sort Order - Using Sorted Values w/ Commas

    So, I've got a unique scenario that I can't figure out and doesn't seem to have been solved elsewhere yet. Excel allows users to create "Custom List" data for sorting cells - unfortunately, these lists are inherently delimited via commas and it seems to be non-negotiable. Ordinarily, it...
  6. N

    CSV Parsing: Stray Comma Conundrum

    Hiya I'm using the following function to open a UTF-8 csv file and save it safely as an xlsx file. I use this to preserve the foreign characters from corruption (which happens when I open it directly in Excel): Function wsUCF8_CSV_Worksheet(strPathFilename As String, Optional...
  7. 5

    Excel save sheet as VBA but remove commas

    Hi, I use Excel to create journals that I then upload the problem with this is that it creates additional commas on some lines that I then have to manually remove, is there any VBA I can use that saves the sheet as csv pops up with the save as dialogue box but removes the excess commas? The...
  8. A

    How to paste without commas

    Hello, When i use FORMAT PAINTER on a cell with formulas on the next cell under =A2& " "&B2 so i can connect 2 columns A2 and B2 together with a space (it doesn't matter but i use alt+tab not space to show one under another) i want to copy paste this into browser or anywhere alse i get this...
  9. M

    VBA for comparing values in two columns and removing duplicate information

    Hi! I'm trying to figure out a smart way of comparing text strings in two columns and returning the values that are unique for column B in column C. The order of the values is random and superfluous commas and spaces need to be removed (no commas occur within the individual values). All help is...
  10. D

    Split comma delimited data but ignoring commas between brackets

    Hi I have a set of data in the following format: <tbody> code other members modified ABC Babalwa Lobishe (Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture), Fikile Desi (Constituency Coordinator), Thembinkosi Mafana (Safety and Security), Nomamerika Magopeni (Sport, Recreation, Arts and...
  11. G

    Concatenate Question (formatting for blank spaces)

    Hello All- I have a report with four columns listing differing FTA names. I need to combine these columns into one column (concatenate) separated by commas, but some of the fields may be blank and when this happens I can’t have a space or double commas. Below is an example of what I am looking...
  12. K

    Code in macro

    Good Afternoon, I need a formula to take commas out in one column from my item descriptions. Is there a way to do this so I don't have to do it every time and it comes over with them remove? Thank you
  13. F

    Finding commas in code

    I have MANY MANY dim statements in my code and I wrote them like below Dim a, x, c, f As I learn code I realize I should write them more like this : Dim a as string Dim x as integer ….. and so on. Is there a vba code that will find the commas in the code, put it on the next line and change...
  14. kelly mort

    Form number combinations of two from an InputBox entry

    Hi, I need a script that takes an InputBox entry separated by commas then form number combinations of two from the data entered. The InputBox will always take a maximum of 5 numbers separated by commas. Example "00,01,02,03,04" And then form all the combination of two : "00-01" "00-02" "00-03"...
  15. A

    Creating a string for multiple sets of data

    Hi, I'm wondering if there's an easy/automated way to make multiple strings of data from a large data set. The thing is i would like to use information in another cell to determine when a new string should be created. The issue that I'm having is coming up with a formula, or logic, to use a...
  16. C

    Avoiding commas in formula if no value exists

    Hi guys, I have this formula which matches two criteria and returns upto 4 values all in the same cell. It works well and as i intended but one thing I'd like to address is only putting commas in if a trailing value is returned. So my question is, if no value is returned, is there a way to not...
  17. A

    Import csv containing some fields with multiple commas within quotes

    Hi, I am trying to pull a csv file into a worksheet within a workbook and despite long searching have not yet found a solution. A single line would typically be in the following format: 407,"2018-07-24 12:21:08",processing,130.00,paypal,fist name,surname,,07123123456,"Hi, this...
  18. O

    Extract numbers from string containing dashes and commas

    Hello everyone, Just created my account as this is the first time I'm having to ask a specific question since I couldn't find a solution from just searching or googling... I'm presented with a list of strings that include a combination of numbers, commas and dashes that can look like the...
  19. D

    Excel AS400 ODBC Parameter - Comma Separated List

    I am connected to an AS400 database using Microsoft Query iSeries ODBC. I want to use a parameter and allow the user to put in a list. i.e. where x.Store NOT IN (003,006,008) I tried entering a parameter (?) here, and referencing a cell, but I keep getting a length error. How do I allow the...
  20. T

    Kutools Advanced Combine Rows as VBA [Their site code is broken]

    Currently using [bhos123] 's solution but I have to find and replace the commas that appear as I don't need them (commas also appear in column C) ; so my patched together combined macro works but it obviously can be better if I can remove the comma problem. [Kutools Advanced combine rows VBA...

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