1. S

    most common text within cells I don't think this is possible with just formulas but let's say I have 10 cells, and I want to find the top 5 most common words...
  2. C

    Top 10 most common TEXT

    Hi all i want to be able to find the 10 top most common cells. I can find the top most common with this =INDEX($D$3:$D$35,MODE(IF($D$3:$D$35<>"",MATCH($D$3:$D$35,$D$3:$D$35,0)))) Second most common with this...
  3. D

    Index/Match in 2 data tables

    So Index/Match is a great tool but I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this... I want to return a field called "Date" to "Table1" from "Table2" using a common field of "Ticket" but i keep breaking things.. Kind of like a Vlookup but without the first column restriction... Thanks in...
  4. B

    Find duplicate in row based on cell value.

    I'm looking to highlight/identify duplicates in a row based on a common title (same) and am not sure of the direction to proceed. Simple example: There are two helpdesk title's and both are part of similar groups. I would like to identify all groups that "helpdesk" have in common. Then...
  5. D

    Find most common occurrence and display it.

    Hi Community, Been trying to figure this out all morning. I have a range of data, with column headers. I have computed values based on certain criteria in a range of cells Similar to the following: Lets call it clothing items. Mon 400 Tue 300 Wed 6 Thur 7 Fri 50 I...
  6. E

    Pick random rows from table

    Hello, I would like to set up a formula so that it returns random rows from the below table. I would need to return the corresponding columns as well, for example if it returns the value in A4 it would need to return the corresponding value in B4, C4 and D4 as well. <tbody> Card Code Rarity...
  7. D

    Recommendations on a formula or other

    I am looking for a recommendation on a formula or other option to best complete the following task. I have two data sheets that have different data but have a common identifier between the two, so my ask is to take the common identifier and to essentially merge the data from both sheets onto...
  8. S

    4th most common text value

    I currently have the following formula to capture the 3rd most common text value from a range. I cant seem to change this in order to capture the 4th most common text value...
  9. P

    Chart OFFSet how to for dynamic chart

    I have a table of data that I need to use a start and end date range, then the chart would update for that range. The challenge here is that I'm using Month names and year, i.e. January 2019 so the common offset tutorials aren't working since those use dates and add/subtract methods. How do I...
  10. B

    Extract records based on two criteria

    Hello! im just newbie in excel my question is what formula do I need to get just subjects of all Basic and Common type. My sample dataset; <tbody> Type Subject Basic Subject 1 Basic Subject 3 Common Subject 2 Core Subject 1 Common Subject 3 Core Subject 1 </tbody>...
  11. C

    Code for displaying top 3 most common numbers within a sigle column

    Hi, I would like to find the top 3 most common numbers within column D using Marco and display the result on the side. Start counting from D6 all the way till the bottom. (There could be 1000+ rows). Thank you. Display the following on the side 1st most common : XX 2nd most common: XX 3rd most...
  12. H

    Most Common Letter in string

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help. I am try to create a formula which would pull the most common letter from a string. For example, cell A1 contains MMMWW, I would like the formula to return M Thanks!
  13. J

    How to compare common opponents

    I have been lurking for a while, reading a lot of great questions and answers! I could use some help that is a little above my excel pay grade: I am looking to compare two or more college wrestlers against common opponents. Results are posted in a dual-meet format so: 125 lbs wrestler 1 dec...
  14. G

    Weekday shows the wrong day

    Hello everybody, Back again after sooo long I am facing a problem with the weekday function that after a bit of googling I saw that is a common question but I couldn't find an answer. Say in cell A1 there is the date 10-01-2019 which is a Thursday =weekday(A1,1) gives a 5 (correct). Applying...
  15. F

    2nd most common entry if

    Hi Any ideas how I can get the second most commonly occurring text value based on an if. The data I have is as follows: <tbody> A B C Class Teacher Subject 10x/Ar1 AOW Art 11x/Ar1 AOW Art 11z/Ar1 AOW Art 7L10/Ar AOW Art 7L3/Ar EBE Art 7L8/Ar EBE Art 10y/Ci1 RAM Citizenship...
  16. C

    Merging spreadsheets with two common columns but include different heading columns

    Hello, I hope someone out there may assist. I am trying to merge alot of data atm. I have one workbook with extensive data and column headings. I am attempting to merge data from other worksheets where the common denominators are two columns. So basically, I want the main document to accept...
  17. BenElliott

    Extract common numbers

    I'm trying to compare two columns of numbers and extract the numbers that are common to both. Cell A2 contains the number of filled cells in column 'A'. Column 'B' has list 2. I can use the following to extract the numbers but it leaves blank cells in the resultant column 'C'...
  18. S

    writing rows of common names

    hi in cell g9 I want to put together the rows of each of the common names together(without helper column)
  19. J

    Most common value as per certain cell

    Hi, I have a list of 60,000 rows of data and in column A i have 23,000 different values. In column J i have multiple different codes, how can i find out what is the most common against different value of coulmn A. So for example i would want the answer for 1 in column A to be Yellow <tbody>...
  20. G

    Formula for larger numbered mode if 2 modes are equal

    Hi all - new here but have been searching out answers for a grading program I'm using at school. For this program, we calculate the most common number but also the 2nd most common number. If those are equal, it typically spits out the first number in the sequence - when I'd like it to spit out...

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