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    Comparing Two Contents Of Two Lists

    Hello - I applied a conditional formula =SUMPRODUCT(--ISNUMBER(SEARCH(Fortune_List,B2)))>0 to my list and I believe it worked. However, my first list has 45000 rows in it so I can filter by color to check and make alterations to the list. ? How can I filter by color, 45,000 rows? Thank you
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    Help On: Comparing lists by rows with multiple columns and cells with different data types

    Hello kind strangers ~ I need some help with the following scenario in Excel... There are two lists in separate workbooks that need to be compared, Master List and Sample List. The rows in the Master List need to be matched exactly to the Sample List, which has more rows but same number of...
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    Comparing 2 Lists And Extracting Unique Results

    Hi all On a pretty regular basis I run into this problem, so I finally thought I'd see if the community can help me solve it. I'd like to take 2 separate lists and be able to extract a 3rd list of all entries not present in both lists. For example: List A has 2,500 entries List B has 2,700...
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    Comparing two lists. . . simpler than I'm making it

    Hello friends, I have two lists of names. The lists are identical except one is more updated (some data has been removed). Specifically the more recently-updated list has 135 fewer names on it. In Column A I have the updated (shorter) list of names, in Column B the older list that is longer...

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