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    Excel LIES! Cells copied from different workbooks are showing wrong as is print preview

    Heya, I'm having an issue getting an array of cells that (the contents and range of which can change rapidly) from one work book to another and getting some quite strange results. Firstly I tried to just copy over the entire thing but it seems that the two workbooks have different formats or...
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    Change Title Bar text

    I use the following script to remove the workbook caption. Application.Caption = "" However it still leaves the following text in the title bar Workbook1 [compatibility]. Is there a way to remove the workbook name and compatibility text. I need this workbook to be compatible as it is used in...
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    Crashing Excel with simple data validation

    I'm building a small interface and I need the user to input a value (from 1 to 50) in one cell, and for the spreadsheet to dynamically create a little table with the number of columns they enter. Here's the code I'm using -- its crashing my Excel 2007. Just an FYI, its running in compatability...
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    Excel 2007

    Has anyone experienced problems with regularly working/saving in Excel 2007 (Compatability mode)? The problem lies in our organization that not everyone has been upgraded to 2007 yet and we have many workbooks that have to be shared between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 users with lots of links. We...

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