1. R

    Using the rank function PLEASE HELP!

    Hello All, I have multiple vehicles at work and we make multiple drops during a day. I am currently downloading a days’ worth of information for the entire fleet and would like to rank the individual vehicles by the first job completed and then ascending all by the time it was completed (I...
  2. H

    Returning column header of furthest right example of specific text string.

    Hi, Forum newbie here, this site has helped me many times as I've always found that my query has been asked and answered before but not this time hence my first time post. So hello! and I hope someone can help on a puzzle that is beyond my Excel knowledge, hopefully I can explain it correctly...
  3. Simon2001

    VBA to Loop through Excel list and Delete rows based on Criteria

    Hi I've got a spreadsheet, close to 50,000 rows, for which I have a VBA macro to autofilter on a certain criteria to reduce the number of rows (by deleting) to only have the ones I want left. I now want to have the macro loop through the list to delete rows based on criteria in three colkumns...
  4. L

    VBA Question - I need a macro to move rows of data that meet 1 criteria from one table to another.

    Question/Request I'd like to have a macro on a button that searches the TaskList table for any rows marked as "Complete" then copies those rows into the CompletedTask table. After that I'd like to remove the rows marked as "Complete" from my TaskList table. So that after I've hit the button to...
  5. T

    Average based on multi Criteria

    Fellas, I have spreadsheet as follows: Column A - location for 8 different maintenance workshop Column B - description ID for work completed (ID#1.5.6) / example tire change = 1.5.6, rim change is = 1.5.7... etc Column C - labor hours for each ID that work has been completed (up to 25000 line...
  6. J

    E-Bay scrape of completed items sold for a specified search

    Hello, I'm having a heck of a time trying figure out how to extract the data I'm needing. I'm rather new to VBA and trying to read / watch many scraping videos and I'm not getting the output I'm looking for. Ultimately I would like to have a table pulled from a completed /sold search from...
  7. T

    Complex lookup problem based on conditions

    My goal is to fill out the third column in the second table and identify whether an ID has been completed or not. I want to find the ID from table 2 in table 1, then pull the value in the completed column in table 1, but only if it's later than the date in table 2. If I can also pull the date /...
  8. N

    How to extract only first 2 items, from different groups in the same data, meeting certain criteria

    I have a table as below. The goal is to extract only first two shop i.d.s from each country having the status either "Active" or "Completed" or "Discontinued". If there are no shops in the country with that status do not extract. If only one than extract only one. Finally the answer should be in...
  9. S

    Selecting one Cell highlights all others with the same data

    Morning all I have a worksheet that contains a list of courses for 2 of my departments, Column C pertain to courses "Department A" have completed and Column G pertain to courses "Department B" have complete. There are over 450 courses detailed in each of these columns, with multiple courses of...
  10. C

    Formula Assistance

    Hi, Newbie here! I've built a spreadsheet to track reports that are on track/due or overdue. I've added IF formulas to show the on track/due/overdue items and used conditional formatting to change the cell colour which is working without any problems. I have chart to show the volume of items...
  11. G

    Need to calculate the SLA time

    Hi Team, I have data where i need to calculate the dates for the tickets completed within SLA between 2 dates, i.e. created date and closed date. the table is below, please someone help. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> ID Date/Time Created Due Date...
  12. S

    Work in progress and work completed

    Cell B2= Todays Date Cell B11= Start Date Cell C11 = End Date Cell D11= Days Remaining At present cell d11(gives the value of end date of the task - todays date (c11-b2) What I want to do is if the task is completed then cell g11 will have a 0 (implying task completed) and cell d11 will no...
  13. J


    Hi all, Need your help here. I know how to create a form. Control T and such. But how can I customize the form. Make it bigger and color it. The form would be use to input data. Only completed data will be saved. But before saving, there will be a requirement to enter the next set of...
  14. E

    Validation in 4 columns for todays date

    Hi Team, I have below data, i require a formula in column E where it should say pending / completed. Wherever there is no todays date it should say pending and where todays date is present it should say completed. Dates ate populated in this sheet by a vlookup from different sheet...
  15. M

    Conditional format a cell with a drop down value with a different text based on another cell date value

    how to Conditional format a cell with a drop down list with a different text value depending on another cell which has a date entered. <tbody> A B 1 2 </tbody> If A1:Z1 uses a drop down list containing multiple items ie. review, checked, completed and B1 has a date which is manually...
  16. J

    VBA: Cbeck cell if empty, dependent on other cells

    <tbody> Header1 Header2 Header3 Cat </tbody> Hello there, I currently have this code: Set CheckC = Range("B2") If Range("A2") = Value And Range("B2") = "" Then MsgBox "You cannot transfer until required information has been completed." & _ vbCrLf & vbNewLine & "Check for...
  17. L

    Calculating the average handling time to complete a task

    Hi, I'm stuck with a particular kind of formula in excel. I'm looking to calculate the average amount of days it takes for a transaction to be completed for each month. I have a sheet listing when all the expressions of interest and the date/time that this occurred and another listing when the...
  18. U

    Command Button To Move Data W/O Formulas

    I have a complex situation here because there are a lot of moving parts in my workbook. I have sheet names Data, Active, Report, H and Completed. I have a command button the moves my completed row to the Completed sheet and deletes the empty row in the Data sheet. My problem is that the formulas...
  19. G

    Cut Rows and paste in new sheet when cell meets certain condition

    Hello, I was wondering how to right a code to cut an entire row and paste in another sheet when one cell meets a specific criteria. I have a checklist in column A starting in A2 that has the options -, Pending, Completed, Denied, Mistake-Abandoned. I also have 5 tabs labeled Overview, Pending...
  20. P

    IF due date cell is < today = "" unless completed cell contains a date

    Hi! :) First time posting so i apologize in advance if i don't explain the issue i am having as well i should. I have been asked to create a spreadsheet with gantt chart for the purpose of monitoring the status of a project. I've been told to keep it simple with the inclusion of a few visual...

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