1. N

    conditional formatting for 3-color scales with formulas

    Hi, I am trying to create a heat map using conditional formatting for 3-color scales with formulas. The heat map is supposed to work like this: Input a target date in cell D2 Input the date the Item was completed in cells A2-C2 If the completion date is more than 60 days prior to the...
  2. R

    Need Help on creating a forecast for completion date

    Hi Everyone! I was looking for some help on creating a completion date forecast. Here are some details of my inquiry Total Callable Records: 60,000 Total Agents: 34 WorkHours/day: 8 hrs (weekends are not included) Start Date: 8/5/2019 I want to determine the date of completion with an...
  3. A

    Calculating working hours

    <tbody> Completion Date Completion Time Reported date Reported time 01.05.2019 12:07:06 01.05.2019 11:25:27 02.05.2019 15:24:49 02.05.2019 14:16:31 </tbody> Hi, Any suggestions how I calculate working hours taken from reported to completion. Working hours are 8.30am to 5pm and...
  4. C

    Highlighting cells with a greater time of 3hours from another cell

    Hi there, First time post on this forum. Looking for some help with the following... I have two separate columns with varying times. The first column contains an arrival time and second column with a completion time. I need the second column completion time to automatically highlight once...
  5. N

    Conditional Formatting

    I am trying to show that my estimated completion date is after my due date but I am struggling So I have two columns one is estimated completion date and next to it is the due date....I want to highlight in red the estimated completion date if I is after my actual due date
  6. B

    help with creating an overview of the data in a table

    Hi I have an excel sheet that I use to track Manager development across my business. Currently I have a Data entry sheet that has the below columns (There are ten phases so 1 to 10, plus the info before to allow me to filter) Regional Manager - First Name - Last Name - Job Role - Location -...
  7. N

    VBA Form Autofill

    Hi guys, I have a form with many text boxes. The 2 text boxes for importance in my query is "Date of Commencement" and "Estimated Date of Completion". The "Estimated Date of Completion" is to be 120 days after the "Date of Commencement". By using the code: EstimatedDateofCompletion.Value =...
  8. B

    3 Axis chart with gantt

    Is it possible to create a chart like this in Excel? I was thinking making a bunch of individual charts and overlaying them with transparency and resizing them so they match up might work. But if there is a better way I would appreciate some assistance please. You see it is based on date across...
  9. N

    automatically update date based off of completion date

    Hello all, I am having trouble writing some VBA. The system that I am working on is to build a fleet management system for our mechanic to track services needing to be performed on vehicles we own. Currently in A1, A2, A3 I have the table headers of Due Date, Service Needed, and Completed...
  10. M

    Identify Data Source Update Complete

    Is there a way to identify when a data source has completed updating? We have a lot of processes that are sequential and require a data source to be update prior to running the next step in the process. Currently, we are basically, hitting one button and waiting the source data to update, then...
  11. R

    Completion percentage formula

    Hey guys questions on percentage formula between two dates so I have: Tested two formulas: 1) IFERROR(IF(TODAY()>=X6,””,MAX((TODAY()-W6)/MAX(X6-W6,1),0)),””) X6 beingend date W6 being start date Issue with this is i don’t receive any “100%” if the date is already completed 2)...
  12. J

    Summation formula

    Hi, I need help creating a worksheet formula. I have a task with tiered goals (0-80). One may be evaluated at any point on this tier; employee A may start at tier 1, employee B may start at tier 10 at evaluation times. Going from tier 0 to tier 1 requires satisfactory completion of 1 task. Going...
  13. S

    Validations in Excel

    Hello Everyone, I have a task monitoring workbook and need to put some validations in place. Tried a lot with all the amount of Excel i know, but unable to get these validations working: All tasks much have estimated and actual start and finish dates. If a task is WIP, completion % has to be...
  14. T


    Hi, I have 3 cells. Cell I11 | Cell J11 | K11 Proposed completion date | Actual Completion Date | Action Status What I want to do is have a formula that detects: when I11 is not blank and J11 blank = open when I11 is not blank and J11 is not...
  15. SFCChase

    Index(match frustration

    I'm using an Index and Match formula to search a spreadsheet for data. Using a name from column A and a training class from row 40, I would like the completion date from the I9:AX36 table to transfer to another cell further down the page. The formula I'm currently using is...
  16. I

    Calculated expected completion based on sales orders

    Hi Everyone, I have following line for sales order monthly forecast for 2018. Months on A1 to L1 and figures on A2 and L2 <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2016; width:43pt" width="57" span="12"> </colgroup><tbody> JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN...
  17. M

    Converting Neg Number to "0"

    Hello, I have an Access query that I data connect to Excel for a report. In the column “Duration Start/Completion” I have the formula “=[@[Completion Date]]-[@[Start Date]]” to calculate the number of days from start to completion. All is good, but when the completion date is blank I get...
  18. R

    Completion Rate in Percent Based on If Variable (?)

    Hi all. I teach curriculum at work. My goal is to run a consistent completion rate for each material of curriculum. For instance each month there is new training. I want to be able to calculate the percentage of completion. When it is completed at the end of each week, I update it by...
  19. S

    How to calculate completion date/time ignoring nonworking hours

    Known Variables A1 = start date and time (6/16/15 6:00AM) B1 = estimated hours to complete work order (15) Work schedule is 6AM to 6PM, weekdays only What formula can I use to calculate the end date/time, ignoring nonworking hours? It currently says that the estimated completion will be...
  20. P

    Code advice:- Automatic Email notifications for overdue workbook completion & final completion (multiple recipients)

    Hello guys, I'm relatively new to the world of VBA programming and I have just started out my first project to help improve a design release process at my automotive engineering workplace. So far, I have managed to write a code that creates a copy copy of a "MASTER" and saves it in a...

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