1. R

    VBA Concatenate Issue

    I'm not understanding why the code below will generate a #REF! error on the last cell identified to be concatenated (Row 3: Minnie Mouse), yet when I go into where the formula is copied, and I physically replace it with the cell I reference, it gets me exactly what I want (Row 2: Mickey Mouse)...
  2. ukbulldog001

    Macro to concatenate rows to single cell

    Hi Excelites, Need macro help to concatenate for below table. Rows value in single cell based on value in column A. example as demonstrated below table. ABCDE1Item CodeVendor NamePo NumberQuantityDate2EH1D006-00012KINTECH ENTERPRISE45000954984449593EH1D006-00012KINTECH...
  3. S

    IF Statements for Dates with VLOOKUP and Concatenate

    I am still a newbie to most Excel functions. I have created a workbook with IF Statements, VLOOKUPs, Concatenates, and VBA Codes. However, due to an annual rate increase, I need to create a complex IF Statement for just this month and I can't quite wrap my head around how to do it. Currently...
  4. M

    Issues with concatenate a Worksheet name

    Hello everyone, I need to refer a worksheet to modify some properties. My problem is that the name comes from a index value. The sheet name is Template1(1) and is the sixth sheet. Worksheets(cell + 5).Visible = True --> works fine and do the job, but how can I call by his name? If there...
  5. J

    Combining Cells/Rows and Adding values

    Good afternoon all, I have tricky request here and hoping someone can help with it. As you can see the first column depicts the Individual in charge of each account - John DOE. Then the account number, account name, unit type and finally product code. I need a formula that can combine all...
  6. R

    Concatenate is killing me...

    I have a formula that is not working, however, I cannot figure out why. All works perfectly until I add the ")" at the end. I need it to reflect the close bracket at the end. Can you please show me what I'm doing wrong with this formula? =CONCATENATE("Current ",CHAR(10),"(",(TEXT($G$1,"Mmm...


    I have a spreadsheet with POS SKU numbers and I want to create two rows below each SKU with the same SKU number with one adding cc to the end of the SKU and inserting it before the original SKU, and then below that another original SKU with the same original SkU with c concatenated for 1,000's a...
  8. G

    need macro help to concatenate columns based on criteria

    Dear All, Need help to create a macro which will give me the output as given in Column I (Output). Column C, D, E, F needs to be concatenated and then the macro needs to provide data for each "Supervisor Email" together in a single cell in Column I. The number of rows in the data keep changing...
  9. I

    Excel In-Cell Code; limit dollar to two decimal placed

    Hello, I'm having difficulty trying to limit the decimal places to 2... the photo attached will show my code and my issue in cell G3; the reading for the dollars is more than 2 spaces. Is there a better code I should be using for this type of output?
  10. S

    need help on excel for bank sheets

    hi all, hope someone can help , i beleive it should be simple but cant get formula right .. i need to concatenate all row cells on left if right cells is empty and continue for rest of sheet pls find the sample what is needed . thanks description credit debit expected result credit debit...
  11. U

    Code to copy formula to last row of data

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to do a concatenate on some data that would base on how many data present on column A (header not included) and column B1-F1 (header not included), I tried recording a macro but unfortunately even though column A is only counts until A16(not fix number and may changes...
  12. J

    VBA Concatenation script

    Hello everyone, I'm VERY new to VBA and am trying to achieve the following outcome: I would like a range of cells (e.g. E1:E5) to be concatenated with CP-0001;, CP-0002; and CP-0003;. So, if the contents of cell E1 is 12345 I would like the output to be CP-0001;12345, CP-0002;12345 and...
  13. 2

    CONCATENATE to exclude separators for cells that are not populated

    Trying to find a sensible improvement to below formula, such that separators " | " would only be included for the cells that are in fact populated. To avoid outcomes like this: ABC EFG - KF12345|KF54321|||||||||||||||\ But instead to get automatically result like this: ABC EFG -...
  14. Q

    VBA - loop to last row to concatenate

    Hi all, I have the below data, in column L: COLUMN L 1 2 3 AADDYE 4 FJGLLT 5 FJJDUE 6 FJGOTR 7 ADREWS 8 FSERTT 9 MBJGFR 10 FKOORR I want the output as per below when I run the marco to be: "AADDYE","FLGLLT","FJJDUE", - looping until the final data...
  15. E

    Concatenate If

    I created this formula to filter =CONCAT(IF($A:$A=$C2,$B:$B,"")) and if working perfectly. However i'm having issues with creating a VBA for it. Basically i want to combine the text in column D based on the reference code in Column C. Been working on this for hours! any help would be much...
  16. O

    Matching concatenated values across columns VBA

    Hi there! I am trying to write VBA code to execute the following (visual screenshot attached) If the concatenated store and zip code value (ex: Walmart98101) is repeated in any of the columns (ex: columns C, E and F), I need to ensure the value of row 1 is the same in each instance of the...
  17. 4

    Looping concatenate based on input range

    Hello, I need loop that would create concatenate from fixed values (strings) and loop it based on input range (dynamic, user input). For example, "create image", input range 001-245, ".jpg", "image created", input range [same as 1st one]. Result would give create image 001.jpg image created...
  18. M

    Formula to concatenate with multiple if conditions

    Hi can anyone help please, I am trying to create a formula that looks down a list of data and concatenates the names of two if conditions are met? So in the example of shop is A and region is North then concatenate names save and Mike. Thanks!
  19. N

    vba - concatenate multiple rows & columns into one cell

    hello! would like to ask how to go about concatenating Range("A1:D3") into one cell as seen on "G1" Thankyou!
  20. J

    Concatenate of different rows data in a single cell

    I have data in Sheet1 in Column A & B. In Column A I have Data, based on the Column A Data there are data in Column B, I want that in Column C those data of Column B should place in a cell by sepearated by a Comma...

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