1. O

    Matching concatenated values across columns VBA

    Hi there! I am trying to write VBA code to execute the following (visual screenshot attached) If the concatenated store and zip code value (ex: Walmart98101) is repeated in any of the columns (ex: columns C, E and F), I need to ensure the value of row 1 is the same in each instance of the...
  2. 4

    Looping concatenate based on input range

    Hello, I need loop that would create concatenate from fixed values (strings) and loop it based on input range (dynamic, user input). For example, "create image", input range 001-245, ".jpg", "image created", input range [same as 1st one]. Result would give create image 001.jpg image created...
  3. M

    Formula to concatenate with multiple if conditions

    Hi can anyone help please, I am trying to create a formula that looks down a list of data and concatenates the names of two if conditions are met? So in the example of shop is A and region is North then concatenate names save and Mike. Thanks!
  4. N

    vba - concatenate multiple rows & columns into one cell

    hello! would like to ask how to go about concatenating Range("A1:D3") into one cell as seen on "G1" Thankyou!
  5. J

    Concatenate of different rows data in a single cell

    I have data in Sheet1 in Column A & B. In Column A I have Data, based on the Column A Data there are data in Column B, I want that in Column C those data of Column B should place in a cell by sepearated by a Comma...
  6. K

    Concatenating Row Contents Until Certain Value is Reached

    I am trying to output concatenated content into defined columns. There are 6 pre-defined columns (see the image below): Requirement Text, Requirement Rationale, Requirement Guidance, Requirement Lessons Learned, Verification Rationale, Verification Guidance, and Verification Lessons Learned...
  7. D

    Vlookup (or other formula) to return multiple values in same cell

    Hi all, I'm struggling to make up some formula where I can populate a cell with multiple results based on a specific value. Idea is that I have 1 big table, where I would lookup a value, and that value would show from 1 to X rows, and from that filter lets say, there are 2 columns id like to...
  8. A

    Concatenate while using index match and if statements

    Hello forum, I have a workbook, that I use to import data into our ERP. I have 3 columns(E,F,G) that I will input a number into. I want to concatenate the 3 columns in Column H. While inputting nothing if the column is empty. EFGH1Depot 1Depot 2Depot...
  9. J

    Concatenate with line break but only if text exists

    Hi, I am trying to combine shipping address information but some cells are blank e.g. some addresses have a company name, some don't which leaves an empty line. I am using the below formula. =A2 &CHAR(10)& B2 &CHAR(10)& C2 &CHAR(10)& D2 &CHAR(10)& E2 &CHAR(10)& F2 How can I make it so if a...
  10. S

    VBA to concatenate cells B&C into D, but then clear cell D if B&C are manually cleared - code running slow

    He All, I've got the below VBA which concatenates cells B&C into D, but also clears cell D if B&C are manually cleared. It works but it is very slow. If I remove the if statement for clearing the cells the concatenate works perfectly fast by itself. I'm wondering on how to improve this so that...
  11. J

    Building a UTM based on selections in a form

    I am building a tool that the user can use to create a UTM based on criteria they have selected. I have created a list validation for 2 fields that depending on which the previous selection. The selection is dynamic so what ever is chosen as a "Channel" then the "Description" list will only...
  12. M

    Splitting concat into one column

    Hi everyone! I have a single cell with contains a concatenated bunch of values. It looks like this Orange-Blue-Green-Pink-Yellow-Green3-Cyan-Majenta-Brown-White-Aqua-Black The concatenate is variable and changes a lot in size so it cant really be hardcoded Im trying to make it trim these words...
  13. M

    How to concatenate based in a group of cells and with conditional?

    Hello, this is what I need to complete for a soonTM project that I will be involved. Explanation: I have 2 sheets: Matrix and Info. First, I need to check what number of Matrix I am going to use. For this, I go to sheet "Info" and for this example I will need to use the Matrix 40 (Note that it...
  14. N

    concatenate or merge cells for every change in a non-blank cell

    Hi - first time poster here! any help greatly appreciated! I am trying to use excel as a quick way to format a transcript and either concatenate or merge cells to aggregate comments by a speaker, please see below example of data and my first ideas at the logic of trying to resolve: Column A...
  15. D

    VBA filter and concatenate

    I have a workbook where I have 3 tables stacked on Sheet1. So for example: The first table starts from A2 and ends on A10, the second from A13 to A19 etc. I want to extract the first column values purely on unique values and without the headers or blank cells. So it should give me a nice...
  16. M

    Can I sum text values like numbers from a single cell?

    Below is a screenshot of a workbook with a sample of what I am trying to do. I have a sheet with a tab labeled "MATERIALS". The sheet contains a list of materials in column A and in column B is the corresponding value of the materials On a second sheet with the tab labeled "PROJECTS" I have a...
  17. M

    Lookup & Concatenate subheading with details

    Hi all, I have a large sheet already with many orders, and many variations on planet types inside as a table to look up. If I were to add the planet type next to the original data, it would have to match the "ORDER CODE". Here is an example of the lookup table on Sheet 2 to get the resulting...
  18. A

    List projects based on keyword in column headers, then return them and mark maximum minimum spent

    Hi there, This is my first post since I am lost. Thanks for setting up this site! I received this huge sheet with a list of projects in column A. Each Project uses Deliverables (Columns B to Z+). The goals are: - Find total $-amount spent on deliverables for each KEYWORD found in row 2. -...
  19. J

    Concatenate cells but keep formatting of text from source cells

    I have been trying to concatenate cells from a different master sheet into one cell for a label. the problem is that some parts of the text are bold (for allergens) and when I finish it erases all the formatting from original cell. I've tried several different macros and nothing works. Please...
  20. C

    If & Concatenate Multiple Fields

    I am trying to concatenate multiple fields if there is data there. G2 is what I want the data to look like, only picking up the cells with data and concatenate with the heading with + between each fields.. I managed to only get one cell and header =IF(A2="No","",CONCATENATE(TEXT(B2,$###K"),"...
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