1. C

    If & Concatenate Multiple Fields

    I am trying to concatenate multiple fields if there is data there. G2 is what I want the data to look like, only picking up the cells with data and concatenate with the heading with + between each fields.. I managed to only get one cell and header =IF(A2="No","",CONCATENATE(TEXT(B2,$###K"),"...
  2. A

    Speed up code: convert datetime to just date

    Hello, I am trying to convert about 75 000 lines of datetime formate data (YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS) into just dates (YYYY/MM/DD). The only way I have found to do this it to concatenate the YEAR(), MONTH(), DAY() parts of the data in one column into another column. However, with so many rows, this...
  3. D

    Need UDF for executing a concatenate in a matrix of text

    First, thank you for your time here! I'm hoping to find a UDF or other macro that will allow me to perform a concatenate on a matrix of text built out in excel. The aim is to create an output column that contains every possible combination of the text that has been input into the various...
  4. S

    VBA for month and consolidating data

    Using VBA, I'm looking to have data brought from sheet(1) to sheet(5) and put under the proper month. Sheet1 Bring the PO# (Cell H2) and Supplier (Cell E7) to be put in the same cell on Sheet 5 under the correct Month (Jan starts on cell C3, Feb E3, March G3, etc). Date is listed on Sheet 1...
  5. E

    Loop through Checkboxes and Concatenate Text - Without UserForm

    Dear All Just joined and have seen a lot of solutions for my other excel related issues here. I have seen other related checkbox loop questions on the internet and here on this forum but I'm seeking for a solution without UserForm. I hope someone can help me. I have 5 checkboxes on my excel...
  6. N

    Auto populate numbering sequence

    Hi Experts Please can you let me know how to accomplish auto numbering populated ? I can use the formula Concatenate with . =IF(A2<>A1,1,B1+1) but unfortunately the list is not ordered based on ID I am considering. Any help? There are 100s of rows and this needs to be auto populated with...
  7. E

    Concatenate 2 column values if conditions met using VBA

    Hi all, I want to concatenate 2 columns if column A is Not blank and column B cells contains the text "Enquiry" which is part of a longer string but will always be present. I want to go down all of Column A and Column B and return result column A but this isn't happening with the code below...
  8. D

    Sum up concatenation values

    Hello, Is there any way to sum up the numeric values of concatenations? Example below. The data displayed in cells A2:D2 are a result of some concatenations. In cell E2 I would like to be able to sum up those concatenated values. In this case, E2 should come up as 137 days. Stipulations: I...
  9. R

    Apply formula to conctenated cell

    I combined values in two colums (A and B) with Concatenate (Column C). Now I want to apply a formula to the combined (Column C). I attached a screenshot of the values. I am not sure how to apply = so that Column C will peform the mathematical operation, as displayed in Column D as an example...
  10. D


    I’m new to Power Pivot and am trying to create a simple concatenate but get an error. I have a table which will be refreshed from time to time loaded into PP data model. I need to create a unique key using two text columns that I’d like to concatenate. The first column in “Period” which is...
  11. T

    Using VBA to combine headers (based on name) and concatenate columns based on conditions

    In ponctualy receive a file that I would like to reorganize. I am thus looking for specific headers names and either renaming them and copying data or doing more complex operations. In the simplest case, I am only renaming columns and pasting the new columns headers and content in a second...
  12. B

    Concatenate for VBA

    Hi Everyone, I'm creating a concatenate for an unlimited range (1048558 rows) and thought I had this correct, but turns out it's not working for me. Sub ConcatenateArticleAssortment() Dim AssortmentRows As Long Dim ArticleRows As Long AssortmentRows = Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row...
  13. J

    Concatenate Visible

    Hi, I am looking to write a formula that will include into one cell all the values that are visible in column A after filtering. Looking online I have only been able to find the below; Public Function ConcatenateVisible(rng As Variant, seperator As String, Optional IGNORE_EMPTY As Boolean =...
  14. J

    Index/Match and Concatenate

    Hello: I have a list of first and last names and amounts in a range. I want to find the amount that corresponds to both the first and last names and return that value. I've used Index/match in the past when there was only the last name and it worked fine. Now, when I added the first name, I...
  15. N

    Concatenate multicoulmns but not display blank coulmns in the total formula

    <tbody> B C D E F 1 SURNAME FIRSTNAME MI GENQUAL CONCAT'D 2 DOE JOHN T JR DOE.JOHN.T.JR 3 DOE JANE DOE.JANE </tbody> I cant figure out how to write a formula to concatenate column B thru Column E, add a period after each column, but not display a period if the field is blank. In the...
  16. J

    Grouping based on a condition

    So, I have a list of Yes/No questions and what I am trying to do is create a string of the terms that have a Y beside them. For example in the data below, I would like the cell to return Agitated, Angry, Depressed and I will reference that in a different part of a sheet. I would like for this...
  17. U

    Concatenate: Italicize (or bold) part of output

    I have a concatenate formula to output into a cell something like "100% / 75% / (25%)" (code is below). I'd like to either bold or italicize that 25%...something to show that the (25%) is a variance and not a raw value. It needs to be something other that "red" font since sometimes the...
  18. D

    Concatenate with Offset

    Hello all, I am trying to use concatenation formula with VBA and need to use offset in order to complete it, but doesn't seem to work. The point is:I have 2 lists of names in 2 columns, which i need to add some stuff. What i need to do is select a column A item, and macro will insert 29...
  19. S

    2 sheets, Connect 2 formulas, Vlookup and Concatenate

    Hi Great minds. Greetings. I have a file with 2 sheets Values for example: <tbody> Sheet 1 Code Product Type Colour sd123 Necklace Oxidized Black hf32 Bangles Gold Rose Gold </tbody> If we input a code from sheet 1 to sheet 2 manually, we would like to get the following result...
  20. M

    Reference an outside workbook and cell location

    Hello, I saw similar functions with INDIRECT but could not get any to fit my needs (even combining with concatenate) In A1 through A20 I have file names. In A35 I have the file location. So I use concatenate(A35,A1,”.xlsx”) to get the file and location and location in the file (sheet1 C9) I...

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