1. D

    Condition a cell result based on rows value

    Hi all, I'm struggling to make a condition to a value to show a result based on the value of rows below in the same column. The idea is to give either R, A or G result, based on what is below. So if i have X amount of rows below, and each one has different values in combinations of R, A...
  2. P

    Code to move data from one sheet to another using criteria

    Hello, I have a workbook that has the first tab "Raw Data" with data to column AL and can go to row 100000. The second tab "Start Here" has a table with 56 different conditions (seen below). The remaining tabs are "Condition 1", "Condition 2", … , "Condition 56". I want to copy the data from...
  3. D

    TextJoin with 2 criteria

    Hi, I am struggling to make Textjoin work with an additional criteria. =TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,UNIQUE(FILTER(RawData[ID],RawData[Issue Status]="",""))) I am using the above code, which works, but then i want to use the same one, but adding an additional condition, which should be the below...
  4. M

    Formula to concatenate with multiple if conditions

    Hi can anyone help please, I am trying to create a formula that looks down a list of data and concatenates the names of two if conditions are met? So in the example of shop is A and region is North then concatenate names save and Mike. Thanks!
  5. L

    Copy & paste from summary sheet to 3 different sheets within workbook based one condition

    Hey! Through a macro I managed to adjust a report and automatically import it to Sheet1 starting in cell A2. A1:E1 are static column headers in each sheet. The .xlsm should be used as kind of "tool" to generate weekly reports. Now I want to include another thing: Loop through the rows of...
  6. D

    Help with TextJoin and obtain Unique values (remove duplicates)

    Hi all, Hope someone can help me figure out why i am not getting the right outcome from the formula. I am trying to obtain some kind of summary, based on a vlookup for a person. So the idea is that by lookup the person name, then i will get 3 columns, providing different details connected to...
  7. D

    Run macro if cell (formula) in column meets condition

    Hi All, I am working on a work order tool where I have in column (P) a formula that pops up different phases/stages. Now I am trying to start a macro automatically when the stage changes to "Gereed". I have tried a couple of things like worksheet_change and worksheet_calculate, but so far no...
  8. R

    google sheets: use numbered column to list duplicates in specific order

    Hello, I have a sheet of fictional data here: duplicates. Below is a screenshot for convenience. I'd like to list, in the duplicate column, duplicates of values in the id column, with one condition: that the corresponding row in the complete column must contain a 1, not a 0. Furthermore, I'd...
  9. G

    Repeat or Keep previous value while On/Off condition met

    Hi Gurus, I have a table of values that I would like repeat in a new column only if certain condition is met. In this case, Column 1 has the values, Column 2 has the condition On=1, Off=Blank. Id like column 3 to have values equal to column 1 if column 2 is blank and while column 2 is on=value...
  10. C

    Excel VBA Delete the Entire Row if Value Matches the Cell in Another Sheet

    Hey there, I have a workbook that contains two works sheets, let's say Sheet1 and Sheet2. What I want is that for the cells in Sheet2 Column A, if the cell value equals to the Sheet1 Cell D5, then delete the entire row. Can you help to let me know how to make it with VBA? Thanks!
  11. T

    VBA Code to Copy Data from Source Spreadsheet and Paste onto Destination Worksheet, based on condition

    Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for any help you might provide. I'm looking to automate the creation of a PDF report which is based on an Excel file that I created. This Excel file (source file) generates figures which I intend to copy into another file (destination file) based on a condition...
  12. C

    Sum Multiple Row and Column with Condition

    Hey there, I have two sheets on hand, and need to sum the multiple results in condition at the third sheet. Are there anyone can tell me the formula that can achieve it? Thanks! Here's what I have: Sheet 1 Sheet 2 And here's what I want: Sheet 3
  13. S

    How to add a condition to a macro If the name does not exist, continue to Next.

    I have a Macro that converts the table back to Range. The problem occurs if there is no table name in Sheet3. I need the macro to skip this step then and continue Sub ConvertTableToRange5() Dim rList As Range Dim ws As Worksheet ' Source - delete table Name...
  14. M

    subtract a existing values with condition Final Cell-First Cell

    Hi, Required a formula help to subtract a values existing final cell value F3 & F4 with final cell C3 & C4 values like (F3-C3=Value & F4-C4=value). Condition here is C3 and C4 values are always same do not have any changes are moving forward but in final cell value F3 and F4 it is not fixed...
  15. M

    Need Help with Match/IF/ISNUMBER problem.

    I have a problem I'm trying to solve. hopefully I explain this right. I'm trying do find a formula to insert 3 missing columns of data from another data set that has those columns. the data with the missing columns has over 600 rows. and duplicate values.. the data that has the columns i need...
  16. W

    Removing Duplicates based on some criteria

    I have sheet with some data where B column has some ID's out of which few are duplicates. This data is from 3 sources which are S1, S2, S3. data source is present in "F" column. Can someone help me with a VBA code that finds the duplicates from column "B" and then out of the dupicates find if...
  17. P

    need cells combination of cells that will follow 2 conditions rules

    0 i have 10 cars that need to fit in a car transporter truck. I have a limit on the length of the truck, which can take 5 cars in upper level and the rest 5 in ground level. i need a formula that will take the 10 car lengths and give me all possible 5 car combinations that dont exceed the truck...
  18. M

    lookup with Condition of Allowable=Incurred values return a zero for particular Item ref Code.

    Hi, I required a help in formula where as a item code AI2 (Cell no 4 & 5)does not have any allowable rate , but in that item code has incurred value for Operatives and Equipment (Highlighted Cells). In this case i required a formula for AI2 should return as a Allowable value = Incurred value...
  19. F

    Check Multiple Columns For Condition And Duplicate Rows

    Hi All, I am very new to Power BI and need help in following... I am running a query based on answer in this thread to copy rows based on a condition... let CN = [#"Column4"] in if Text.Length(CN)=11 and Value.Is(Text.Start(CN,4),type text) and...
  20. K

    # Condition is - How to highlight Cell Value via other cell "TRUE" OR "FALSE" value (if "K1" = FALSE after change cell color to Red) (No VBA)

    @ How to change "H2" cell color change After "FALSE" ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (No VBA only for condition formatting)
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