1. D

    Combine Cells when same Value in another column

    Hi, I'm struggling to find a way to make some textjoin alike formula with IF condition and also "unique" too in order to combine results that share same value. I have something as per below example: ID Type Name1 Type1 Name1 Type2 Name2 Type2 Name3 Type1 Name4 Type1 Name4 Type1...
  2. L

    VBA code checks a condition, stops macro if FALSE, etc.

    Hi All, This is my current code to activate sheet based on the value in B6 than perform filtering and sorting. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim mainwb As Workbook Set mainwb = ActiveWorkbook mainwb.Sheets("AMSI-R-102 Job Request Register").Activate mainwb.Sheets(Range("B6").Value).Activate...
  3. D

    Grouped row visibility based on the condition of main row

    Hello, This is a small part of my table. As seen, there are three main rows which need to be filtered based on software level. Below each row, there are some specific activities, output and control categories. The filtering options as of now are 1) A, B, C, D 2) A, B, C and 3) blank I...
  4. P

    Count distinct if lot of condition

    Hi, please could you help me? It is difficult to explain, but I will try. I want to count distinct of Tests in my Excel table. For example for Test_1 I want to count all Tests, but only that kind of tests which have at least 1 Cond, which is in the same Cond as Test1. Result is 8 because...
  5. arnabmit

    Lookup value within range

    I have data table which has [Sub-Cat ID]. Another mapping table has [Category ID] [Category Name] [Sub-Cat Start] [Sub-Cat End] I want to insert a new column in the data table which will lookup the corresponding [Category ID] for each [Sub-Cat ID] where [Sub-Cat ID] >= [Sub-Cat Start] AND...
  6. L

    A formula that highlights either age or mileage of a vehicle, whichever comes first

    I have a challenge, if anyone is kind enough to assist. I can probably put a formula together for 1 condition, but the mix of mileage/date has be stumped! I am attempting to create a spreadsheet for my boss that tells him if a vehicle is due a service. (I have been in this job 1 month and I...
  7. N

    Print out lines based on field value

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to print a line based on if the cell value = 'y'. I thought I can use switch statment as there is about 40 rows that I need to check if column 'J' is set to 'y' in the cell. If it does that I need to print the line or skip if it is set to 'n'. Would I use a...
  8. D

    Find lowest value with conditions

    Hi all, I am trying to find the way to obtain the minimum value from a range, with some conditions. So I have column A with some list of products, and each one have a list of countries (column B). Column A therefor has many duplicates, and Column B should be unique values, per each Col A...
  9. D

    Join multiple rows values in same cell, based on 2 conditions.

    Hi, I am trying to find the way to obtain a list of values in same cell, based on 2 conditions. I seem to be struggling with the right way based on below formula: =TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,UNIQUE(FILTER(ColumnB,(ColumnA=A2)*(ColumnC="Yes"),""))) for some reason i obtain only 1 result instead of...
  10. F

    Unique List with condition cell contains “1”

    make the unique list of table column b values, where table column A contains “1”
  11. B

    Condition to check if there are checkboxes

    Hello, Excel Wizards, I have an excel file where I have some VBA code to create a checkbox in column B, everytime I add a row to a table. But this code is not finished and I've been trying to improve it, but my knowledge in VBA is really limited. So, my code is creating the checkboxes in...
  12. D

    Textjoin with conditions - cell contains specific text

    I am trying to create a report we will run daily for a different individual each time (B10). We'll export a report that has about 7000 lines, a sample of which is shown in E2:G12 below. I got farther than I thought (I can exclude the person the report is run for, B10) but now I am unable to...
  13. S

    Color partial text in cell when text is a result of formula (VBA)

    Hi to all Is it possible to color a partial text in cell when text is a result of formula (not text written directly in cell)? I know it not possible by Conditional formatting, but maybe by VBA code... 1. I want to colorize name and symbol "!" that comes after name (when symbol appear) to Red...
  14. V

    VBA Sheet color change condition

    Hello everybody, I would like to change the colors of certain sheets, which meet this condition => If Left(cell, 1) = " " Or Right(cell, 1) = " " Then cell.Interior.Color = 65535 Sub Select_All_Cells_with_Data() Dim sht Set Rng = ActiveSheet.UsedRange Rng.Cells(1, 1).Select For i = 1 To...
  15. D

    How to return a list of distinct items using Sort & Unique based on 2 conditions

    Hi all you wonderful people, I am trying to return a list of distinct items using the sort formula below. =SORT(UNIQUE(FILTER(sheet2!$P$2:$P$300,sheet2!$N$2:$N$300="Test1"))) This works perfectly, except I only want to return items where sheet 2 column N = “Test1” or “test2”. I am guessing...
  16. F

    Macro copy and paste based on condition

    I need a macro that does the following. - if there is a value in A3:E3, it copies and pastes to the corresponding cell in table 1 based on the date in A2:E2 and the corresponding date in E9:E11 in this example, copy and paste from C3 to D11=4,000,000 (August) and E3 to D13=4,000,000 (October)...
  17. D

    Condition a cell result based on rows value

    Hi all, I'm struggling to make a condition to a value to show a result based on the value of rows below in the same column. The idea is to give either R, A or G result, based on what is below. So if i have X amount of rows below, and each one has different values in combinations of R, A...
  18. P

    Code to move data from one sheet to another using criteria

    Hello, I have a workbook that has the first tab "Raw Data" with data to column AL and can go to row 100000. The second tab "Start Here" has a table with 56 different conditions (seen below). The remaining tabs are "Condition 1", "Condition 2", … , "Condition 56". I want to copy the data from...
  19. D

    TextJoin with 2 criteria

    Hi, I am struggling to make Textjoin work with an additional criteria. =TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,UNIQUE(FILTER(RawData[ID],RawData[Issue Status]="",""))) I am using the above code, which works, but then i want to use the same one, but adding an additional condition, which should be the below...
  20. M

    Formula to concatenate with multiple if conditions

    Hi can anyone help please, I am trying to create a formula that looks down a list of data and concatenates the names of two if conditions are met? So in the example of shop is A and region is North then concatenate names save and Mike. Thanks!

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