1. M

    lookup with Condition of Allowable=Incurred values return a zero for particular Item ref Code.

    Hi, I required a help in formula where as a item code AI2 (Cell no 4 & 5)does not have any allowable rate , but in that item code has incurred value for Operatives and Equipment (Highlighted Cells). In this case i required a formula for AI2 should return as a Allowable value = Incurred value...
  2. F

    Check Multiple Columns For Condition And Duplicate Rows

    Hi All, I am very new to Power BI and need help in following... I am running a query based on answer in this thread to copy rows based on a condition... let CN = [#"Column4"] in if Text.Length(CN)=11 and Value.Is(Text.Start(CN,4),type text) and...
  3. K

    # Condition is - How to highlight Cell Value via other cell "TRUE" OR "FALSE" value (if "K1" = FALSE after change cell color to Red) (No VBA)

    @ How to change "H2" cell color change After "FALSE" ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (No VBA only for condition formatting)
  4. R

    Command button to send/display email to corresponding email address if condition is met

    Hello VBA experts, I have a spreadsheet that I would like to add a command button to that would populate an email to the corresponding email address, but only if a condition is met (an upcoming due date). I have tried several versions of code, but none have worked so far and I'm also a beginner...
  5. I

    Looping vba code until all relevant data ends?

    Hello. I have this VBA code that identifies route codes in one sheet in a workbook (pickorder). Then in another workbook (CX) it identifies those same route codes and gets the value (times) in 1 row below and pastes it into column A in the first workbook (pickorder). The code works really well...
  6. V

    Unique ID between two date ranges

    Hello, Would like assistance to run a query in Access for the table below, where the ID is a text format. Date ID Value 4/15/2020 ABA 2.00 4/15/2020 NHB 1.00 4/19/2020 BBB 0.222 4/20/2020 RRRf 1.55 5/1/2020 NNN 9.55 5/2/2020 JUY 2.22 5/2/2020 YYY 2.22...
  7. M

    Vlook up between two workbook and display message

    Workbook A,sheet 1 Supplier Amount Owner status Date AVT 500 John 4/22/2020 ABC 1000 Peter 4/21/2020 NAC 600 John 4/22/2020 BAT 10001 Andrea 4/23/2020 Workbook B, sheet 1 Condition should match Supplier, Amount, Date, If all matches in sheet 1 of workbook B with Workbook A...
  8. Z

    Macro to adjust line break in a text box

    Hi, I have below macro, what it does: It count the characters of concerned text and then add a line break whenever the text exceeds the text box size, then add this sentence "[more detail available in System]" in the last line of the text box. What I'm facing right now is: the text in text box...
  9. M

    Concaténer des cellules avec une condition

    Good morning all, I wanted to concatenate colors (in range B) with respect to each value which is in row A. (see image) . The result is in Range C. I used concatenation with condition like this: = IF (A2 <> 0; CONCATENATE (B2; ","; B3; ","; B4; ","; B5; ","; B6); "" ) because sometimes there...
  10. S

    Referencing a big number of ToggleButtons

    I have a table which has a ToggleButton next to each line. I would like to write a script that does something for each line of the table, but only if the ToggleButton on that line is pressed. Is there a way to define the if condition in an elegant way? I would imagine something like: For i =...
  11. S

    Sum only up to a certain point, then reset

    I have a list of staff with the hours they have worked on a weekly basis. I want to be able to put in a week's column when a payment has been made (this can be done sporadically and so isn't every week). When I put this in a column I then need a row below to reset for the following week to only...
  12. C

    IF statement issues

    I need to adjust the below to say if what is in orange is >=12 then return a value of "monthly"...right now it works how it is and brings back a value of 12, instead of 12 i'd like it to say monthly. I have tried adding another if statement but i keep getting 0 or errors. It's probably something...
  13. S

    Text Limt in a cell

    Hey, I have a query regarding the text limit on a cell. I have a cell that contains more than 100 characters. I have given the reference of that cell to other sheets now what I want is that on the sheet the cell will only have 100 characters the rest will move to the next cell. Exp. A cell has...
  14. G

    VBA - Delete all rows except rows which contain certain text

    Hi All, I have a excel workbook with 2 worksheets. Worksheet A has a very badly formatted data dump from our timesheet tool. Worksheet B has a list of project names. I am looking for a vba code which when run will delete all rows in Worksheet A expect for rows which have dates in them and rows...
  15. G

    VBA Copy data to another work book based on CONDITIONS

    Hi Team, I would like to copy data from one work book to another. The data has to be copied from BookA to BookB. However, the issue is that I am not allowed to edit the vba in BookB. Book A has a list of names and their forecasts. Book B also has a list of names and forecast but it also has a...
  16. T

    Random numbers between two values with condition

    Hi all I'm stuck with a mental block here: I want to generate 20 individual random numbers between two values (-3.28 and 14.50) but with a condition that the average of the 20 numbers should equal a set value, in this case 5.61 Can someone help please?
  17. S

    Conditional hiding of many text boxes

    Hi all, I have very little coding expertise and have searched the web and the forum, but couldn't quite find the solution. I am trying to show/hide hundreds of text boxes based on their values. Use case: I have an image of a map (jpg), which includes 222 locations. Each of these locations has...
  18. S

    SUMIF with condition

    <tbody> ID Amount Mac 10,000 Mac1 20,000 Mac2 30,000 Macy 5,000 Macy1 3,000 Macy2 2,000 Mike 15,500 Mike1 20,000 Mike2 10,000 </tbody> Hi, I would like to use formula to sum-up total for Mac, Macy and Mike. The formula I'm using is SUMIF(Column 1,"Mac"&"*",Column 2), but this...
  19. L

    Indicate First Duplicate Value in a Column when a condition exists in another column

    I need to indicate in the rows of column C where the the first duplicate value of Column A is when Column B is not blank. Any ideas? See below example <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Column A Column B Column C 12345 abc X 12345...
  20. M

    vba If condition help..

    Hi Team, Is there a way to shorten this code used in if condition. If Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = "Green" Or Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = "Red" Or Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = "Blue" Then like If Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = Array("Green", "Red", "Blue") Then Thanks in advance Regards, mg

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