1. O

    VBA To identify the non-match between a pivot table and a column of data

    Hi all! I am trying to write VBA code to execute the following (visual screenshot attached) If the value in column C of the pivot worksheet isn't found within column G (specific to the material in column B), I need to update the qty in the Overview tab for the missing size to 0. For example...
  2. N

    If formula in or paring another formula

    I have the current formula of =(G40+D41)*inputs!$B$11 and it works perfectly but I want to add this functionality to it. If G40>1000000 then G40+D41-1000000 if not (G40+D41)*inputs!$B$11 I can’t seem to make it work any assistance would be amazing
  3. Z

    SUMPRODUCT condition of an array

    Dear Excel-Pro Community, I need Your help. I am looking for a solution, where I can do the following: I have a table, where I want to build a SUMPRODUCT formula, with multiple conditions. I am already OK with the conditions, but in the table I do have a column (Named: Weighting), where I have...
  4. K

    Count and separate text from a cell with conditions

    Hi to all and thanks in advance for your help. I have a cell with text, which I want to separate. If you pay close attention, the text is essentially two numbers stuck together. The total number of characters in the cell is either 8 or 9 or 10. This is the basic assumption. Cannot contain...
  5. A

    Trouble getting conditional formatting to work

    Hey again guys, I've got some really good help in another thread but there are unfortunately a few more questions I have regarding excel. I'm getting a little stressed because I've only 2 weeks to finish a school project and in times like this I just wish I picked up Excel and learned it...
  6. T

    collect ranges into list under conditions

    Hi, I'm brand new to VBA but I have some C# experience; I have done quite a bit of research but I'm curious how I might accomplish the following: I have a large excel file with the names of counties in column A and I want to create a list of ranges so that I can sort the data in related columns...
  7. E

    Excel Macro to pop-up message based on if and multiplication

    Hello Everyone! I ran into an issue with macros and I could use some guidance! I attach a sample excel file for ease of reference. I need to write a VBA code which needs to: 1) Check if a condition is met ("Other" or "Building") -> Column D If "Other", then multiply OMV (Column C) x 0.30% If...
  8. B

    VBA - Layout and sorting with conditions

    Hi Team, I'm facing the current scenario, I will start by placing the sheet that i'm working in and then bring up what has to be done: ABCDEFGHIJKL12UUIDWhatsover1Whatsover2Whatsover3Whatsover4Whatsover5Whatsover6Whatsover7Whatsover8Whatsover9Adjust and...
  9. A

    VBA Cut and Paste to another Worksheet with condition

    Hi Everyone, I need help with my current situation. I'm stuck on what I needed to do. So basically what I need is to cut/copy and paste a row of data from one sheet to another with a condition. In Sheet "AR Format" if Column A have "x" value on that cell it should select the range (A2:L5) then...
  10. A

    VbA - copying different colum ranges depending on which condition is met & pasting into different sheet

    Ok, so I would really appreciate help as this has been driving me mad for over a week. Basically I have a raw data table where a customer can choose up to 3 different courses, data is in 3 columns. But I need to be able to have a complete table where if a customer selects 3 courses, her details...
  11. R

    Formula to score based on conditions

    Hello everyone ! I've been trying to solve this dilemma for a long time, but haven't been able to for weeks now after so many attempts. I would like the formula to make a scoring, based precisely on the criteria you see, and which are> or <50, and Growing or slowing, and based on how the last...
  12. L

    Formatting a cell based on multiple parameters

    Hello, I am looking to have a cell essentially put a in checkmark and green fill if a few conditions are met. It's a bit complicated so I will explain as best I can; The cell I want the formula in is U:9 The same sheet has 'important cells' B:9, I:9 and T:9 I have a list on a separate sheet...
  13. N

    Countifs - Multiple Conditions (HR Dashboard)

    Dear Team, I am currently working on an HR Dashboard and I want to be able to use a formula to do 2 things: A. report the overall current number of employees who are still onboard. This will mean as long as I keep updating the datasheet this number should automatically be updating...
  14. L

    VBA if else statement 3 conditions

    Good afternoon. I want to determine an amount of pay in local currency according to 3 conditions [frequency of pay]: (daily pay, monthly pay, one-off pay) If pay is in daily mode, amount of pay is : daily pay = daily pay * 5 * 24 If pay is in montly mode, amount of pay is: montly pay * 6 If pay...
  15. E

    Nested IF...THEN formula with multiple conditions: Rule of thumb on sequence logic?

    When creating nested IF...THEN formulas, is there a rule of thumb you use to design the logic sequence of conditions? I'm trying to address five conditions using a nested IF...THEN formula and could use some guidance. Alternatively, if you have suggestions on addressing five conditions using a...
  16. H

    largest, smallest, 2nd largest & 2nd smallest

    Posted on but could not got complete answer I need 4 formulae for: largest, smallest, 2nd largest (smaller than largest & non duplicate of largest) & 2nd smallest (larger than...
  17. D

    Nested if 3 conditions

    Hello, can you please help point me in the right direction on this formula. Basically it has 3 conditions depending on day count. If <60 it should return “80%” If >60 but under 180 it should return 75% And if over 180 it should return 65% I am trying this but it wont work...
  18. S


    I've discovered this thread from a little time, so if it's possible i post another doubt. I have this formula (really is longer but if a part is correct i suppose that all can be correct as well) =IF(D15<>0,5 +IF(E15<>0,5 +IF(F15>0,5))) I wanna have a total that give me a value if any,one,or...
  19. willow1985

    Help with if formula with multiple conditions

    i am hoping someone can help me with an IF formula that has multiple conditions. I have tried a few different ways but still I cannot get it to work. What I require is if A2="0" then return a blank if L2 ="0" then return a blank If A2>L2 return "Late" If A2 is <=L2 then return "on time"...
  20. R

    Event codes with two conditions

    Hi, Can you please help me get an event code with two conditions to generate a message for two scenarios as follows? 1) I am trying to translate this formula into VBA: IF(AND($A1="Home",$B1="School"),"Invalid Combination","") I want the event code to check these conditions for rows 1 to 20. I...
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