1. T

    Formula Help

    I have the follow formula in cell D26...
  2. H

    Excel Template how to

    I got a bit bored at work today and decided to took at the standard templates in excel to see if i could pick up any new tips and tricks. I downloaded this one created by Mircosoft but there is something in it that i cannot work how they have done it...
  3. A

    Userform Show Modal

    I have two userform (Userform A - ShowModal=True & Userform B - ShowModal=False). When I minimize A, B appears. When I close B, A also closes. I want A to remain showing. How can i make B remain open when I close A. ( apologies)
  4. L

    I want to Print the userform

    I am finding confused for printing the userform. Please help for creating excel VBA code for printing userforms.
  5. Z

    Formula help to return first name space last name from 2 cells

    Hi I am trying to pull from the sheet below into my cell the first and last name from Job Costing. In the sheet below first name is in C2 and last name is in B2. Then eventually I would scroll down. I looked up =Right Len, but confused its saying maybe I need to do =Left len any help thanks...
  6. L

    array operation

    Hi I just watched a video and he said that to do =A1:A6-B1:B6 I need to press CTRL+Shift+Enter I selected cells C1:C6 then typed =A1:A6-B1:B6, in cells C1 and pressed Ctrl+Enter only and I got the right answers. So how come that works without using Array? I am a bit confused here. Thank you...
  7. G

    confused as to what [&]

    1.I am confused as to what [&] means does itdenote what is between the [&] is a string like: & this is a string & ? 2 If I want to put a formula in a certain cell like J2 to be (B2 – NamedCell) would I; DIM ABC as string ABC = NamedCell ; set ABC as a named cell Range(J2).Formula...
  8. CatLadee

    VBA Count Number of Words in a String with 5+ Characters

    Hi friends, I am not sure how to answer this question for a VBA class i'm taking. How would I count only words with 5+ letters? Thank you! CatLadee :confused: msg = "Total words: " & UBound(arrWords) - LBound(arrWords) + 1 & vbNewLine & "Large words:" & ????? MsgBox msg
  9. M

    Auto Hide Columns based on passed Dates!!!

    Good Morning 2 ALL!!! I need help with macro to auto hide all columns w/passed dates! Starting in F5 which has the date 1/1/2018, to the end of W/S columns always in row 5. All dates are progressive to the end of W/S Columns! Is this possible??? Thanks for any help!!! :confused: :confused...
  10. E

    IF OR statement using multiple cells - Confused

    Hello, I'm trying to construct a formula that basically does this. I'll keep it simple. If cell A1 has "x" then G1 = "Blue" but if cell A1 and B1 both have "x" then G1 = "Blue Green" but if cell A1, B1, and C1 have "x" then G1 = "Blue Green Red". How can I do this? It' confused me for the...
  11. L

    Is there any difference between a VBA Program and Macro?

    Hi That question is answered in the article below. The author is saying macro and vba are different. I am very confused now. I thought macros (recording macro) are vba sub routines, am I right? I thought these recorded macros will be saved as vba subs...
  12. M

    rounding in vba

    Hi, I am a little confused by the following rounding tt = Round(1915.5 * 3.27, 2) 1915.5 * 3.27 = 6263.685 so the rounding should round up 5 to 6263.69 but I am getting 6263.68 What is happening? This is excel 2016 Thanks
  13. C

    Confused on Screenshot/MrExcel HTML Maker

    Good day all, It has been YEARS since I used a Forum so you can guess that I have a few questions, but I will keep it to down for now. This is what I am trying to do. I am having a problem with the setup of a spreadsheet I am trying to create and I wanted to provide a sample screenshot (to the...
  14. V

    Using vlookup function in a table

    I have 'inherited' a spreadsheet that has a vlookup in a table that refers to a table in another file. It won't work. Any suggestions?.. I have tried making sure the files are both in the same e-folder on my c drive. I am lost for ideas. I am new to working in tables. would appreciate any...
  15. S

    Pivot table layout as tabular on right click

    Hello, I have excel 2016 pro plus (not 365). I have an option (3rd from top) when I right click on a pivot table which says 'Tabular, no-subtotals layout'. Don't get me wrong, I love it but I am completely lost as to how I got it. I must have changed something at some point but as far as I know...
  16. ADAMC

    Vlookup sum help

    Hi all thanks in advance for any help. What I want to do: Look for a value in A1 of sheet 2 in column A of sheet one and when it finds it sum column O/P/Q of the same row. I thought like this: =vlookup(A2,Sheet1!A:D,1,false,sum(Sheet1!O2:Q2) or this: =VLOOKUP(A2,SUM(Sheet1!O2:Q2),1,FALSE)...
  17. C

    How to parse this URL

    hi Experts.. how can i parse the data from this website into excel? :confused: into 2 columns Symbol and Price really appreciate the help :)
  18. T

    Pointing formula group to new references... I think that's what I want to do...

    Hi all, It's my first time posting here, and I apologise for what will surely be a question full of incorrect vernacular and confusion. I will however be concise. So: I'm building a roster for event staff - it should be simple, but I got carried away. The first sheet (Schedule)is where start...
  19. bencar

    How to Remember SUMIF and SUMIFS Formulas

    Hi guys, I get confused as to the syntax between SUMIF and SUMIFS. Do you know a way you guys can remember each syntax without getting confused one with the other?
  20. A

    Use Like or RE

    I'm wanting to identify a string that starts with one char A to Z, then any number, than a period and space. I *think* LIKE [A-Z][1-9]. *" could be be a starting point but I'm not sure if I'm getting confused with Regular expressions, plus how to handle a number > 9. Thanks for any help

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