1. H

    data validation non contiguous cells

    Hello I have non contiguous range ($U$2:$AS$1000 and $AW$2:$BF$1000) I need a data validation to alert users when the same date is entered in both range combine more than 12 time. Thanks
  2. 9

    multiple charts - same worksheet - non contiguous cells - VBA code

    hi problem - I have found some code on the net that basically does what I want. I run the code and it loops through my data on sheet1 and outputs charts on sheet2. however the code gets the source data only from each row and does not allow for non contiguous data. my X axis data is always row...
  3. ajjava

    VBA to dynamically select the next range of used cells?

    I have a worksheet that contains several ranges of contiguous, non-blank cells (they look like tables but are not technically defined as such). I need some code that will select the range of contiguous cells, copy it, then paste as a picture. Then it needs to proceed to the next range...
  4. S

    select contiguous values in col A

    Hey guys, I have a worksheet with a series of contiguous values (some are numbers and some are text) in column A with related data in columns B:E. I need to split this data into separate files with the name of the Col A contiguous value in the file name. I have been looking at various countif...
  5. G

    SUMIFS With Multiple Non Contiguous Columns

    This test formula works correctly USING ONLY 1 COLUMN: AC9:AC208 =SUMIFS(Z9:Z208,AC9:AC208,DV15) However, I have 2 sets of columns non contiguous: AC9:AW208 and CD9:CX208 This is an idea of what I'm trying to achieve: =SUMIFS(Z9:Z208,AC9:AW208,DV15) + SUMIFS(Z9:Z208,CD9:CX208,DV15) Much...
  6. M

    Copy selected items to a contiguous list ion another worksheet

    I am attenmpting to copy selected items in one worksheet to another, but require the copied list to be contiguous, no spaces. I have searched other posts and attempted various formulae, but without success. Does anyopne out there have a solution for me? Thank you all in advance for any...
  7. R

    TRUE/FALSE Values Based on Contiguous Cells (Interval)

    Hi I need help with a conditional logic test that spans a range of predefined contiguous cells. I have a column of random numbers in A1:A10. In B1:B10, in each row, I do a True/False Test to see if a number is Less Then or Equal to its equivalent (i.e. B1 = IF(3 is <=A1, TRUE, FALSE). So I...
  8. S

    Need to find rows with 2 or more contiguous cells with zeros, but also with data on each side.

    I've found a lot of help from the site previously but this is the first time I've actually asked a question. So thanks for the past help and hopefully thanks in advance for answering this question. I have several thousand rows of data (24 columns wide) and I need to flag the rows that have two...
  9. H

    Two Variables' For Next Loop to Color 4 Contiguous Cells

    Hello, Hope you are well. I am trying to colour four contiguous cells to a certain colour using two variables in a for Next Loop using the Offset statement. The flaw in my code is it only colours three contiguously, but not the fourth. My code: <code> For x = 0 To 1 For y = 0 To 1...
  10. M

    Non-contiguous visible cells only selection to Array

    I need the user to select anything he want from filtered data or even non contiguous selection then put his selection into a 2-D array VARIABLE ROWS and Columns depends on user selection ... because Array1=Application.selection.value ...has 2 limitations : 1) the selection has to be...
  11. U

    Group, Count and Sum contiguous groups of cells in one column

    Hello. I have a column of numerical data (Column C) which holds various groups of contiguous numbers separated by (truly) blank cells. The size of each group of contiguous numbers varies from only one, up to 200 or more. I would like to group Column C from low-to-high group size, along with the...
  12. T

    Vba that deals with noncontiguous range

    Hi, I have the simple bit of code below, that add or removes a percentage of cells value. I need to apply this to quite a large number of cells that wont be a contiguous range, is there an easy way of doing this with writing the same line many times? Sub SalesSeasons()...
  13. E

    Count instances of positive or negative numbers in a row

    Hello this is my first post here. Hopefully I can be clear with my query so you all you excel genii might help. Here is a sequence of numbers in a column 100 20 -78 5 -99 -54 -34 6 0 34 55 89 32 -3 -78 Now I need to COUNT the number of instances of the following data set. The answer is in...
  14. S

    User Defined "Union" function to ignore "Nothing" entries

    Hello, I have a user defined function as seen below that allows me to combine two non-adjacent columns into a contiguous array. Function MakeContig(ParamArray av() As Variant) As Variant Dim avOut() As Variant Dim i As Long Dim j As Long ReDim avOut(1 To...
  15. S

    Count blank cells in a range and contiguous blank cells also as single cells! Tricky One!

    I have a tricky need in Excel, which I haven't been able to solve. I think it's quite complicated and I don't have enough knowledge about VBA codes. . I would really appreciate if you could help me with this.!!!!!! Basically what I'd like to do is to create a function. The input would be a...
  16. J

    How to sum groups of contiguous values automatically?

    Note: The number of values in the group can be anything between 1 and 1000. The list of values is preceded by the keyword "start" Is there a formula to calculate the total? Example of data: <tbody> start 1 2 1 1 2 3 1 2 Total=? </tbody>
  17. M

    Inputbox and Union

    Hello, How do I set a range such that when the user sees the input box he can select no contiguous cells. How can these cells be united into a simple range. I tried this but no luck : Set rng = Application.Union(Application.InputBox("Please select paramters:", Type:=8)) Your help is...
  18. D

    Non-Contiguous Date Ranges

    What is the temporary workaround to use time intelligence functions for non-contiguous date ranges? For example, I'm having the same error that this user is having. For example, my new measure created is: =calculate(sum(TE_INTL[Entry Approved Amount]),dateadd(Calendar[Date],-1,month))...
  19. T

    VBA to Sum Contiguous Cells

    I'm trying to sum the contents of contiguous cells that have values resulting from a formula. Before Macro Cell: Value M2: 4 M3: 6 M4:"" M5:"" M6: 8 M7: 9 M8: "" M9:"" Cells M4, M5, M8 and M9 are not empty. These cells have formulas that return "". All cells in this column have the same...
  20. L

    Rows to repeat at top: that are NOT contiguous and complete

    Hi, I'm trying to select rows 1 through 5 & row 15 to repeat at the top, but when I try to select those rows in page setup it says, "Print titles must be contiguous and complete rows or columns." Is there any way around this? Thanks, Laurinda :)

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