copy and paste new sheet

  1. J

    Increment number to return to 0 or number after the last sheet created

    Good afternoon all! I've been trying to tweak this code, based on other posts i saw around, similar to this situation. I use the macro to copy/paste the template sheet and it names the new sheet according to a code and the number it stores on cell H2 of the template. This number increments but...
  2. L

    Copy from One excel and paste to master excel

    Please provide me a VBA code that will run and do the below task automatically. I would be grateful if you provide me a solution. I am having around 100 to 150 excel files having different file names. I mentioned the exact requirement in Steps: Step:1 Sample 100 files are listed here but this...
  3. D

    Copy a particular text in a cell to other file

    Hi all, I have this working excel file (lets name it abc). I have few more files say minimum 4 workbooks and maximum 275 workbooks (bank statements in excel format) (all stored in a single folder). Now what I want is I need to get an amount which is located in the source workbooks and copy the...
  4. A

    Copy and Paste Tab

    Hi all, I am relatively new to VBA and am trying to learn it's limitations. I have managed to create a user form that creates a new tab with the name entered in the user form text box. On this new tab, is there a way using VBA to have it equal to the values and formatting of an other tab at...
  5. C

    Copy sets of 200 records for each unique item in an autofilter to new worksheets

    Hello all, Just cutting my teeth on VBA and have a question. I have a spreadsheet that I am filtering on a specific column. I have been able to create new worksheets containing the records matching each unique value in the autofilter. What I really want to do is create worksheets with groups...
  6. W

    If cell value = X then copy rows X1, X2, X6 to a separate worksheet

    Hi, First post on this so hope I have included all the right info, I have pretty basic Excel knowledge but what seems to be a complex query so I have attached my workbook and here is my query: I am looking to copy the following data: Rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 15 from one worksheet (Report1) to...
  7. cgeorge4

    MACROProblem-Add Summing Row & Formatting to All New Sheets

    Hello again, I was helped with a macro that splits a 'Master' sheet into other named sheets based on categories in column "A" of the 'Master', and copies the column titles and format to the new sheets and each sheet's related data....That part works perfectly. ISSUE: My problem is that the...
  8. R

    Macro to look up Request Number and copy to new cell

    I am trying to use a macro that will look up "RequestNumber" from Col A, copy all information on that Row (B:F), and paste it into a new sheet. The code used to use this same exact concept with Date (instead of RequestNumber). : Here is what I have so far to use on my book. I am a beginner...
  9. E

    Need macro to create new sheets based on a list, and populate those sheets with existing tables

    I have a working macro that generates a bunch of new worksheets based on a list in a range of cells. What I need to add to this macro (or perhaps create another macro to accomplish) is a way to populate those newly generated sheets with content (i,e., copy and paste a worksheet into the new...
  10. B

    relative worksheet reference using range copy

    Windows 7 Excel 2007 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I am trying to make to relative worksheet reference within a range of cells while doing a copy of a template worksheet. The copy below is working ok when running my “Results worksheet”...
  11. J

    Copy,Paste & rename new worksheet to end of workbook

    Hello, I have just written my first macro and I was wondering if i could get a little help. It's pretty messy and for sure not as efficient as possible but for the most part it does the trick. I recorded most of it and then modified it using helpful threads I found on this website. However, i...

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