copy and paste

  1. J

    Copy and Paste dynamic range

    I've got a workbook with 48 used columns. Of those 48 used columns I need to select and copy a range covering the contiguous first 29 columns. I need to be able to select which row to start the range on by using an inputbox and a find/match loop until the given string is found and a cell address...
  2. U

    Finding last row of column not recognizing all rows in column

    Hello, I've created a workbook with 4 worksheets that have been copied from other workbooks. In this workbook I'm trying to copy and paste all data from a column in sheet1 to sheet2. I'm using the following vba code: Dim lastRow As Long lastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row...
  3. Jyggalag

    Edit email macro to ignore certain emails

    Hi all! I have the following email macro: Now, what I am wondering, is whether it might be possible to ignore certain emails from being targeted on the list that I have designed in my "for i = 2 to 10" code? A nice solution personally for me would be if I could simply just highlight the cell...
  4. C

    Copy And past Range in to email as text

    Hi all, please help I have the below code that creates a an email with subject and email address, I do not need/want a signature so its all good, but i cant get it to Copy and paste a set range from the Active Sheet in Excel. it has to be as text, not a picture as it needs to be read in by...
  5. I

    How to edit this copy and paste VBA code to include column offset value?

    Hi. I have this code that copied and pastes data from two different workbooks based on matching data. However, I also need to include the value in the fourth column over. So for example the last line should be something like. But I am getting an error on this line. Sht.Cells(f.Row...
  6. J

    I Feel Stupid Asking this question. (Copy an entire page of a sheet onto the SAME sheet, without having to manually update forumlas)

    Hi Folks! I am grateful for the help I have received in my vlookup issue, but am now left with a new problem.... I have created the following sheet: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAABACADAEAFAGAHAI12Oil Burner Repairs - Domestic (Beckett, Carlin, Wayne)345Ask About Our Service Partner Savings...
  7. E

    Copy formula and paste into next cell down - updates references of formula

    Hello, Please could someone help. I have no idea how to edit it to get it to do what I want. If I fill down the formulas, the offset won't work because there is already numbers in the V column Here is my(someone wrote this for me originally) code: Sub RectangleRoundedCorners2_Click() Dim...
  8. I

    VBA - copy and paste data based on columns headers

    Hello. I have this code already that I found on this site and edited it a little bit to my fit my needs. I have two different workbooks. They each have most of the same headers but the order of them can be changed at random times unfortunately. So I need to copy and paste all the data from my...
  9. V

    VBA Macro to paste values from a list in multiple separate worksheets

    I have the an "Input" spreadsheet with a list of unique values. Then I have a series of worksheets that are identical templates. I want to past each unique value from the list on the "Input" sheet into the same cell within each of he separate worksheet templates. Ideally the macro / code...
  10. I

    Copy and paste VBA code including duplicate values

    Hi. So I have two workbooks here. I have attached screenshots of both. One is Pickorder. Column A lists the dispatch times. Column B has route codes. Column D has the dispatch areas. Column E has the dsp taking the route. For example, CX19 dispatches at 6:15:00, at STG.A01 for HIQL. I then have...
  11. I

    How to edit this copy and paste VBA code to not use a criteria if not found?

    Hello. I have this copy and paste code that copies cell values from one workbook to another. Copy from pickorder. Paste into wave planner. To match it up it gets the staging location in column D example, "STG.DD35" and the dsp in column E "M5DV." However sometimes this first sheet, referenced as...
  12. L

    VBA: Set active workbook when macro is run as 'thisworkbook'

    Hi There I have a workbook which is a newly opened excel workbook which is unsaved A user will paste data into this blank workbook and run a macro called 'termination' (which is residing in their personal.xlsb project) One of the actions of this macro is to open another workbook called...
  13. J

    VBA Copy and Paste Data from one workbook to another - specific columns

    Hi, I have a statement converted from pdf to excel. Unfortunately, the column headers above the data that I really need may lie on different rows, for e.g. row 17 or row 18. I have 3 columns I want to copy from the statement: Date (column B), Description (column C) and Amount (column D); then...
  14. M

    Record Macro to Copy & Paste as Values - paste into cells that might move up/down as rows above are added/deleted

    Hello! Can you help? This should be simple, right? I have two cells (eg. AC58 & AC59) with a % number in each. I need to copy & paste these numbers into the cells next to them (AD58 & AD59) - this is so I can re-use these numbers without creating a circular reference. When I do a simple...
  15. J

    VBA code to locate specific already filtered columns by name and paste into a new workbook

    Hi All, So to give some background, i have a large data set (60k plus rows and 90 plus columns) that i need to filter and create a new workbook using specific columns. The size of the file changes daily, and columns are taken out and added. So i had to keep updating the previous macro i had...
  16. D

    VBA Code but ignore sheet

    Hi all I have the following code which works well in part but Private Sub COPYTEAM() Application.Calculation = xlManual Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim LastRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Sheets("Template").Visible = False Sheets("Team").Visible = True Call ClearTeam...
  17. A

    Copy and paste data based on text in cell next to it [VBA]

    I have some code that I want to check every cell in in the range “A3:AAA3” for a specific text. If the cell contains that text, I want it to copy the text in the cell on the right, to two rows above (see below for illustration): The copied text will be a date. This is what I have so far...
  18. B

    InputBox and Cut and Paste based on value

    Hi, I have a problem: I need to line the same people in column B and currently it looks like this person is always in one cell from A-H but not always in column B as desired. If this person is in for example column H then I have to move him/her to column B and person from column G to column A...
  19. B

    Copy Paste Between Workbooks VBA

    Hi Everyone, How do I copy and paste work between workbooks (I have a total of five open workbooks)? My Range will be unlimited such as : Rows.Count).End(xlUp)) I see people do two typically but I don't know how to write when there's more than two. I have one main workbook that I will be using...
  20. J

    VBA Copy and Paste Code with filename

    Hey All! I have my trusty old glorified copy and paste code but I am looking to link the line that has my Workbook name to a cell in one of my sheets. Can't seem to figure it out. Sub GrabIndEquity() 'Update Data Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "T:\FILE1\FILE2\FILE3\FILE4\FILE5\DATABASE...
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