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    VBA code to locate specific already filtered columns by name and paste into a new workbook

    Hi All, So to give some background, i have a large data set (60k plus rows and 90 plus columns) that i need to filter and create a new workbook using specific columns. The size of the file changes daily, and columns are taken out and added. So i had to keep updating the previous macro i had...
  2. D

    VBA Code but ignore sheet

    Hi all I have the following code which works well in part but Private Sub COPYTEAM() Application.Calculation = xlManual Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim LastRow As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Sheets("Template").Visible = False Sheets("Team").Visible = True Call ClearTeam...
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    Copy and paste data based on text in cell next to it [VBA]

    I have some code that I want to check every cell in in the range “A3:AAA3” for a specific text. If the cell contains that text, I want it to copy the text in the cell on the right, to two rows above (see below for illustration): The copied text will be a date. This is what I have so far...
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    InputBox and Cut and Paste based on value

    Hi, I have a problem: I need to line the same people in column B and currently it looks like this person is always in one cell from A-H but not always in column B as desired. If this person is in for example column H then I have to move him/her to column B and person from column G to column A...
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    Copy Paste Between Workbooks VBA

    Hi Everyone, How do I copy and paste work between workbooks (I have a total of five open workbooks)? My Range will be unlimited such as : Rows.Count).End(xlUp)) I see people do two typically but I don't know how to write when there's more than two. I have one main workbook that I will be using...
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    VBA Copy and Paste Code with filename

    Hey All! I have my trusty old glorified copy and paste code but I am looking to link the line that has my Workbook name to a cell in one of my sheets. Can't seem to figure it out. Sub GrabIndEquity() 'Update Data Workbooks.Open Filename:= _ "T:\FILE1\FILE2\FILE3\FILE4\FILE5\DATABASE...
  7. P

    Copying yellow cells in a range to another column on the same sheet with VBA

    I have a dataset that contains yellow cells (each yellow cell represents the final treatment plant or TP in a flow path) from Range("A2: F841"). Since the yellow cells are spread out randomly among the columns A to F, I would like to use VBA to copy them all as a single range in column J. I am...
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    Using VBA to lookup a value and write back to that row in a different sheet

    Forgive me here guys. I'm completely self taught but have zero knowledge of visual basic and have come up against a problem that I believe can only be solved by visual basic I have a worksheet of customer information called "data" I then have another worksheet called "Agent View" The agent...
  9. S

    Copy Paste Running Data Macro

    Hello, I am building a customer login sheet/tracker. I have a tablet that I will be running the login sheet off of for the customer's to fill in their information and I have put a shape at the bottom that looks like a button. I want to add a macro to where when they click the button, it copies...
  10. K

    copy from main sheet to another sheet

    sheet 01 i want to copy this and paste sheet 02,sheet 03, sheet 04 . and at the sme time paste this heading is sheet wise SHEET 02, SHEET 03,SHEET 04 etc. for this pasting have any code...?
  11. B

    VBA - Appending one list onto another on different sheet

    Hi, I have two lists on two separate sheets and I am trying to append one list (ws6) to the other (ws). It should copy the relevant ranges per row in sheet ws6 and paste them into the relevant columns in sheet ws. Then it should add in two values on two columns to each appended row in sheet...
  12. J

    VBA to transpose and delete data

    Hello folks: I have recently been given a report and data layout is basically unusable. Here is the current output: <tbody> Last Name: Smith First Name: Jonathan Card Number: 1132 Employee Ref: 111222333 Last Name: Brown First Name: John Card Number: 2233 Employee...
  13. K

    Find record, copy info from specific cell on one workbook and paste into a different cell in 2nd workbook

    Hi all I have lurked on here for a while and found it a great help in my travels. I hope you can help me on my first post ! I have two workbooks. "END" which contains a large record per row, I press a button on this and it send a condensed version to a separate workbook "MIDDLE". The user...
  14. P

    Copy and Paste rows but changing one of the values

    Hey there! I'm pretty new to VBA so right now I am very confused. I have a spreadsheet with a lot of information for individuals with a lot of columns but the ones i care about are: Name, Surname, Company, and Property Address. What I have to do is use a macro(button) to move them to another...
  15. E

    Data Sectioning to Report Template

    I have two sheets in my workbook---I'm looking to scan the data in Sheet 1 and place it into specific sections (set end destination in Sheet 2). I'm looking to take all of the rows in Sheet 1 that fall under a certain criteria and paste them into their respective section in sheet 2. "If the...
  16. B

    VBA Copy Paste

    I really need some assistance if someone could help...likely really easy for you guys. I have been searching for examples I could use for 2 days... I am trying to use VBA to copy data from multiple worksheets within a workbook to a worksheet called "Data" within the workbook. - copy multiple...
  17. N

    Copy data from specific named worksheets and combine on a single worksheet

    Hello all. First post/attempts at this VBA. I have had no luck copying and pasting every code I could find... either they copy data from every page, have errors, or require some toolkit. I'm trying to combine all data from two different sheets XPO, and DDD into one sheet CDR. I'm also...
  18. M

    Pull data from multiple workbooks to populate new workbook

    Hi, I want to create a spreadsheet that will pull data from a form that my clients use. There will be many of these forms and each one will have a slightly different file name but be stored in the same folder (C:\Users\MWa\Desktop\VBA Test\filename) I want to copy the exact same cells from...
  19. D

    copy tables, then transpose and paste into other sheet.

    hi everyone, I'm not the best in marcos and I've been searching for a solution to this for a while. So what I'm doing is copying a table in a worksheet into another worksheet and transposing it. Some worksheets that contain the original tables can have a lot of tables which is way a marco...
  20. R

    Number Data Does Not Copy Correctly

    I have my data on Google Sheets, and I need it on MS Excel. Here is what I have tried. Copy and paste (multiple formats like number, plain text, HTML). I also copied and pasted it into an email and onto notepad. I also directly downloaded the file from Google Docs as an XLSX format, and that...

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