copy columns

  1. J

    Copy Rows to a certain Column

    Hello, I am trying to tell VBA to copy all the rows that contain the name 'Chris' to a sheet called 'Chris' and then Rob, Andrew etc. But I want it to just copy from Column A to K. At the moment it's working but with the entire row. Is there a way to change this to just go up to column K...
  2. Maraua

    Copying non-adjacent columns to other sheet

    Hi, I have the following code that copies filtered data from one sheet to another. I use the copied data to populate a listbox on a userform: With ws .AutoFilterMode = False Set rng = ws.Range("B8:R8" & .Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).row) rng.Copy...
  3. L

    Copy Column Range in Workbook to Data Worksheet in differnt file

    Good morning all, I have around 30 worksheets (all in the same workbook but not all the sheets in the said workbook) that I need to copy 1 column range (C11:C90) in each of these tabs into a new file (ProdData.xlsm) Sheet "Qtr" at "C11" and then the next subsequent column ("D11, E11" etc.) I...
  4. K

    Need help with formula and populating data into columns in separate sheet

    I'm not even sure where to begin with this but here is what I was asked to do: <tbody> "When a date is entered in column F(Contract Award/NTP Date) and the "Execution/Monitoring in Construction" is selected from the drop down list in column D(Project Lifecycle Phase), the Column...
  5. B

    Copy cells and put them into columns

    in sheet1, I have a column A, where it contains several groups of data (in number format), and each group start with a cell that has this Group's name (text), I wanna to be able to copy groups (including group name and data) based on desirable group names. Each group has different number of...
  6. A

    Copy column based on title in VBA

    Hi. I need to copy values in a column. Which column varies, but the title of the column (in row 1) is always the same. I had: Dim Constant Constant = Range("C:C") The problem is that the values I want may or may not be in column C. The column I want to copy has the text "Resource" in row...
  7. R

    Copy data from a workbook and paste values into another workbook

    Hi I need to copy and paste the values of certain columns from one workbook to different columns in another workbook. See my code below.. I know this code is not efficient, I am new to VBA and would appreciate any help to make my macro more efficient.. I could start copying from row 2 instead...
  8. R

    Copy all data in Column K to Column J, BUT only if adjacent value in Column A = "Bananas"

    Totally stuck with a macro which I thought would be easy at first.. but have tried lots of different ways code and Googling to find similar solved problem but not getting very far.. so any help appreciated,,, All I am trying do is just copy all the data in one column (Col K) to another column...
  9. A

    MS Excel macro to copy only specific columns

    Hello everyone. :) I need your help in building a macro that would allows me to copy specific colums from one workbook to another workbook. The first worksheet consists of Column A until Column DJ. A lots, rite. :stickouttounge: Of all of these columns, I just want to copy Column C, D, &...
  10. S

    Copy data under specific columns in sheet1 n paste to sheet2 under the same headers

    I'm pretty new to VBA and I'm trying to automate a few things and the task at hand is like this: Two sheets in my workbook 'marketing.xlsm' -Sheet1 and Sheet2. Sheet1 is the source sheet containing between 5 and 15 columns at different instances (import different CSV files weekly) but they will...
  11. A

    Copying data to specific column - XL2010

    Hello all, I am working on a project where I am bringing data in from different sources, manipulating them into one sheet. One problem that I am encoutering, that I cannot seem to wrap my head around, is selecting a group of cells and pasting them to a specific field in another sheet. The...
  12. T

    Macro to copy range of cells to the next free column in another worksheet

    I have the following macro which is taking data from one range of cells & copying it to the next free column in another worksheet (starting from row 14). Sub CopyColumnBandPasteToFirstFreeColumnSheet2() Dim PasteToCol As Long PasteToCol = Sheet5.Cells(14...
  13. A

    Copy Multiple columns based on search criteria to another worksheet

    Hi Everyone I'm new here, and excited to join the community thanks! I need some help on a VBscript / Macro I was trying to make. Rep Name is Column J Row 5. I need to find multiple columns based by the header which is row 5, if column range (j5:az5) is “Video – Actual” then copy column to sheet...
  14. N

    How to copy a column from one sheet to another

    HI, I have to copy one column from 3 different sheets to one sheet. Details are: Copy from: DATA(Column B), SCREEN(Column B), SUMMARY(Column C) sheets Copy to: LABELS(Column B) I dont know how many cells will be there in those 3 sheets. Plz reply.
  15. R

    Copying several columns

    Hello. I download several spreadsheets monthly that have a large number of columns (A to EZ). In every excel spreadsheet I need to copy only 18 different columns of data from the sheet which are the same columns each month, and put them into a new spreadsheet. It is very time consuming to...
  16. R

    Easy way to copy multiple columns

    Hello. I have been googling for a long time to find a simple answer to what I believe to be a simple luck, so thought would try here. Every month I have to download about 30 spreadsheets with several columns of info. I only need a few of the columns, so I need to copy 18 of them...

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