copy data to new sheet

  1. S

    Extract row based on cell text with header

    Hi All, I have a sheet with header A1:T1. I would like to extract all the rows with a header with cell text in column B in new sheets. I have to extract 4-5 different names IN DIFFERENT SHEETS. Thank you..!!
  2. V

    Copy date + save file as copy in folder (autocreate) year + week

    Dear Experts, I need help with creating a macro('s) which will perform a couple of tasks at once. 1. Copy multiple ranges of data for main sheet (Sheetname "Dagstaat") towards multiple othersheets - Range A7 until E17 + A20 until E43 towards sheetname "Archief Kleur" copy towards new row...
  3. J

    Macro breaks Excel filter when searching products

    Hi There! Im Juan from Argentina. I've been working around with a datasheet thats used to make an internal order within a small company. I've used a macro (not written by me) to have a "search" dialog box. You can searh all the items you need and place de units you need in column D but the...
  4. M

    Can't copy data from a cell that contains data validation drop down

    Hi all. Picture this if you can, in sheet 1, cell A5 to C6 has a data validation drop down list containing MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY. First of all I want copy whichever day I select in to a set cell on sheet 2, for some reason when I click = cell A5 i get the #VALUE ! error...
  5. N

    VBA - Copy data from more than one worksheet to another based on column headers

    I'd like to copy rows of data from two worksheets ('8105', '9038') to match the column headings in the destination worksheet ('8105 + 9038'). I'm using code because the columns are not in the same order across all three worksheets, and there are many cells. At the moment, the code I have works...
  6. M

    excel vba copy rows and columns based on criteria

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me with this, have search the forums but cant adapt any of the code successfully I have an excel sheet with a few thousand lines of data on it for invoice remittances. In column A is a unique company name with blank cells below it until it reaches the next company...
  7. A

    Copy from one shee to another, based on Criteria

    I have been researching this for awhile now, and can't figure out how to do it. Basically I have one sheet that has 23 columns - one of those columns being "Responsible Party". I want to ONLY copy the rows of data if the responsible Party has the name "Joe Smith" (for example). I do NOT want...
  8. S

    Create sheets and copy data based on value of a column

    I've got weekly reports that are lists of sales made by various reps. Each row lists a separate sale and it's associated data including the rep who made the sale. I need a script that creates a separate sheet for each rep listed and copies all the sales made by that rep onto the appropriate...
  9. S

    Copying non-blank cells from one worksheet to another

    Here is a sample of the data I am using. Excel 2010ABCD1Myfolder58002Bin18003de400004en500005Random150436Random25044Sheet1 I am importing it from a text file that is pipe delimited. The data represents a folder structure. Items in the same column are on the same level, those that are 1+...
  10. J

    Help with extracting certain data to another sheet.

    Hi, I need some help with a spreadsheet I am currently working on. Basically, I am creating this for M.I purposes. I have got 1 sheet with raw data and used the Sumproduct formula to extract the amounts into a table in another sheet. The table has the current status' down the side, the age...
  11. jmh2008

    Two worksheets, One common key - Combine?

    Two spreadsheets in a workbook (master and updates). One column in common "Last Name". I want to check if the "Last Name" is in "Updates", if so, copy the new columns data from "updates" and append to the end of the columns in Master to the matching "Last Name". So the Master will have all...
  12. M

    Multiple Worksheets

    Hello, I couldn't find this question anywhere else but I certainly apologize if it's redundant. I'll try to be a succinct as possible... I have a tracking document (1) for people and their contact information. Within the same workbook, I have another sheet that tracks their involvement (2)...
  13. S

    Unhide Sheet and copy data from specific cells to now unhidden sheet

    I am looking for help regarding a check box function. I have a macro that fires when a checkbox is clicked on(to "check" it). The macro unhides a hidden sheet within the workbook. I need the checkbox to not only unhide the hidden sheet, but also to copy certain cells within the Main Input...

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