copy & paste vba

  1. L

    Copy Subtotals from Source Workbook to Current Workbook

    Hello helpful peeps! Here is what I have: Workbook1 = Consolidation Sheet1 = Annuity Sheet2 = Annuity Adj (will be hidden) Workbook2 = Variable Name Sheet1 = Remit (Variable rows) Sheet2 = Adjust (Variable rows) I have current code that sets up the Annuity and Annuity Adj worksheets in the...
  2. J

    Copy specific row and paste in next open row

    Hi All I have found a lot of VBA code but none seems to do the job. I have a Excel spreadsheet where the template is locked (Sheet protected) but I do need the users ta add additional lines if required (copy Row A3 (hidden) and paste it on the next available unused row - by clicking the command...
  3. V

    Macro needed to export (Copy/Paste) data into new excel files

    Hi everyone, I have an excel file with 8 worksheets. I would like to be able to select any cells on any of these worksheets and export (paste as values) only that data into a new excel file on my desktop. I would like to be able to repeat this procedure as many times as I want, and the files...
  4. tinasomot

    Getdata procedure returns extra data specially when copying empty cells

    Code Example: Sub getLookup() GetData "\\myserver\SourceFile.xls", _ "2015", "A3:AW4", Worksheets("Lookup").Cells(3, 1), True end Sub I use the getdata several times to copy a range of data from a closed workbook to my current workbook and it seems to work fine for me in Excel 2010 except...
  5. J

    Assigning weights to certain types of records from a list of weights without just copying and pasting

    Hello all, I have about 29,000 records with all sorts of demographic data for individuals. These records each belong to one of 13 states or counties, 5 ethnic categories and 3 age categories. I want to assign a specific weight to each record in a category. I have my list of 13x5x3 = 195...
  6. 9tanstaafl9

    How do you copy data from another open workbook using VBA?

    Hello all! I want to copy data from an unknown tab on an unknown workbook into my workbook that will contain the macro that makes this happen. Is there a way to ask the user to click somewhere on the appropriate tab on the appropriate workbook and then capture that address to use elsewhere...
  7. M

    Copy specific cells from row dependant on cell entry

    Hi there, I've got a bit of headache with my current spreadsheet. I have built a sheet using VBA where the final outcome is a table. This can go from row 1 to anywhere, (normally no more than 60). What I would like to do now is be able to enter 1,2,3,4 etc into column A and initiate a macro to...
  8. F

    VBA Copy last filled row from B to AV

    Hello, I´m looking for a way to copy the last filled row in an excel sheet using VBA. The problem is: I only want to copy from B to AV. So it have to find the last filled row, skip the first cell (filled with "Overall:") and copy the rest. Does anyone of you know a way to do that? PS...
  9. J

    VBA: How to search for column in one file and copy values to matching column in other file

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to write a macro that copies values from one workbook (which I select when running the macro) to my main workbook (Sheet "Data"). This file has several columns but I only need the values in the column with the header "Name" and "Volume". The data in these two columns...
  10. E

    Trying to create a noter tool

    I have seen something like what I am about to describe but I am unsure on how to make it for my team to use. What I want to accomplish is a way for agents to notate our calls by clicking different buttons that will put text data into a text box that the user can then copy and paste elsewhere. An...
  11. K

    Copy-Paste Range (Macro Vba)

    Hi all! How do I copy-paste range A1:L16, every time, until row 500? Can you help me build a simple VBA/Macro? Thanks.
  12. F

    Copy columns

    hi, while I`m running below code I`m getting error like: run-time error 1004 select method of Range class failed Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim wsC As Worksheet Dim wbC As Workbook Set wbC = ActiveWorkbook Set wsC = wbC.Worksheets("ABC")...
  13. B

    Macro - Copy/Paste Problem

    I'm using the below code to copy data between worksheets. All works well apart from the bold and italicised section which copies the formula across and not the calculated value. Any help will be great appreciated. Sub CopyData() Sheets("CustList").Select ' Find the last row of data...
  14. O

    VBA Copy/Paste Loop or Filter Copy/Paste? Wherever “A:A” value equals Cell “XX” value

    I am very new to VBA, been teaching myself and maybe asking something quite basic. I apologise if this is the case, but I haven't come across anything yet that I can tweek to my needs. Here's what I'm looking to do (I'm using specific cell references): For every instance where a cell in...
  15. R

    Macro to copy cells in sh 2 triggered by an entry in one of them and pasted in sh1 into a row with same log no.

    Hello: can someone help me with VBA Code to do the following: On Sheet 2, after an entry is made in Cell P an event is triggered that will copy cells P and Q (in the same row) only if Cell C in that row = "Task Summary" (note on sheet 2 there is a log no. in cell A) then on Sheet 1 this info...
  16. P

    Copy if VBA

    Hi! I am currently working on a quite big VBA aplication. One of the elements, however, made me crazy and I can't write a proper code. Here is the problem: I need to copy cells from 5 columns on the right when cells from first 5 columns are the same. I know the problem might be easy but I...
  17. E

    Copy Specific Sheet from another worbook to active workbook

    hi, i'm starting at VBA and what i want to do is to load the files into a listbox (excel files, already done) and then when an specific workbook is selected i want to grab/copy a sheet called "Yield" from the selected sheet and paste it into my workbook. (MainMenu_c) So i have the following...
  18. J

    VBA copy and paste down a column with offset

    i have a formula that copies a range down a column as many times as i need, however i need to insert a gap or offset between each paste . this does it but it removes my header row and i cant figure out how to get it to do the offset and paste without removing the header each time... help please...
  19. L

    VBA: find data in row, cut, and paste to a specific row above (same column)

    Hi all, Pulling the hair I have left out. I have several rows of data, making up a working day in 5 min increments. I want to copy and paste the data from the lower rows into the 1st row, to finish with 1 line of data for the day. If there is an over lap, the data from the lines below should...
  20. T

    error '1004' at run-time but works while stepping through with debugger?

    I am teaching myself VB using ms Excel 2010. I am trying to search through 7000+ rows of data for certain keywords, and then pasting these rows to another sheet. I have the code to where it works when I step through line by line with F8, but when I actually run the code I get "Run-time error...

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