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    VBA – Copy rows to a new workbook based on a cell value

    Hi I'm new to VBA, still learning the ropes. Please can I get some assistance and would appreciate help with the below code. The macro runs but copies the same row of data to row 3 in the destination workbook (TEST1), instead of copying it to the next row based on the last row that contains...
  2. G

    Copy all rows when criteria in Row is met

    I have a chart In Column AZ there are a range of texts ("Sort 1", "Sort 2", "Sort 3") These range can go up to about Sort 40. There can be as little as 1 row in each Sort and as much as 60 rows. I wish to copy all rows in a the range (BA:BD) into another worksheet ie worksheet ("Sort 1") Range...
  3. D

    Copy multiple rows based on data to another workbook.

    Hello everyone, I’ve workbook with data (range A to M) sorted in chronological descending order, around 100k rows. The aim is to create code that copies all rows with the same date (dates in column B) to workbook Results.xlsm, adds sheet with name equal to that date and then does the same thing...
  4. J

    Copy Row(s) based on cell data from one sheet to another, shifting cells down.

    Hello and thank you in advance for the help,+ I will try and explain this the best i can without confusing anyone to include myself. I have a workbook of sheet1:sheet5. Sheet1:sheet4 has data that i would like to consolidate on sheet5 based on cell values in columnA from the other for sheets...
  5. N

    Dynamic Row copy (Create 1-4 copies of row based on count of items in a table)

    Hello all, Looking to make a dynamic tool which can take a static list and copy it 1-4 times (also inserting data from a small table) I have a list of 30 student names in column A. In columns C:E I have a small table with the following data: C: Class name D: Instructor E: Credits <tbody>...
  6. S

    Using Checkboxes to Copy Rows From One Sheet to Another in the Same Order That They Appear

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to VBA so this doesn't seem obvious to me at the moment. I've managed to use Checkboxes to copy the rows that have a check mark from sheet1 to sheet2. The problem is that if I insert a new row in sheet1 somewhere in the middle of the worksheet and I insert a...
  7. J

    Make this Macro Work with more rows?

    I have created a macro that works, but it only works with my specific example data. If there are more or less rows, or different data in the cells, it will not work because it is not written dynamically. I lack the skillset to make it dynamic also :) Link Example data containing Macro...
  8. J

    Copy varying number of rows from one sheet to another depending on cell reference

    Hi - I am attempting to come up with a code to copy a varying number of rows from a "Template" worksheet to multiple sheets in my workbook depending on a cell reference on each sheet. So, for each sheet in the workbook that begins with "Labor BOE", look at the number in cell "L2", copy that...
  9. S

    vba to Copy row!

    Hello Can anyone figure out why the following code to copy row("10:10") showing an error?!! Sheets("TST").Rows(10).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, 23).Copy _ Destination: MM.Range("A1").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:=True, Transpose:=True :eeek:
  10. L

    Not sure why my simple copy rows is running so slowly

    Hello, Maybe someone here will be kind enough to help me. I have a simple subroutine but it runs incredibly slowly. I have one sheet CodeName "SellHack". For now there are about 700 Rows. About half of the records have "verified" listed on Column "O". I'm trying to copy all of the rows...
  11. F

    Copying formulas that only grab particular ranges

    I found some previously solved posts that are similar to what I need, but I am having trouble making their solutions work for myself. I would really appreciate anyone's help! Here's the scenario: I have created a report that holds the grades of certain calls that have a corresponding reference...
  12. D

    Update different sheets . VBA

    I'm new to all VBA concepts so I really need help. I have a file with 3 sheets. The first one contains clients from the UK and FR (this being column 3) , the second one clients only from the UK and the third one clients only from FR. I want a code that will update the second and third sheet once...
  13. A

    Copy rows from workbook A to another workbook B based on the column value in workbook A

    Hi, Could someone help me in achieving this. I require this to accomplish my project task. I am still a beginner in writing VBA and did lot of research over the internet and still empty handed. :( I have the below data in workbook A in worksheet Sheet1. <tbody>...
  14. A

    Select a specific value from text box and search in a column of excel

    Dear All, I have a worksheet "database" which is database of patient information in each row, in column H I have the "pateint IP number" I have a userform for search and copy. The textbox in the userform is "search_tb1", where I would input the required IP number and search in column H for a...
  15. T

    Need Help ASAP! Find Multiple Values in One Column, Then Copy Each Entire Row Containing the Values to New Sheet

    I keep coming across the need for this macro in my work projects, so I would be very appreciate to anyone who can help. I have a sheet containing multiple columns, multiple rows. Column A contains a research participants Subject ID#, and the rest of the rows contain data (gender, visit date...
  16. F

    Subtotals - Show other data in subtotal line

    I often have spreadsheet with many columns on which sub-totals are calculated in 1 or 2 columns. Excel posts xxxTotal in the columns on which the sub-total is based. If you collapse the table to only show the subtotals, the rest of the fields are hidden. I would like to see all the data of the...
  17. N

    Copy data from one sheet to another using a specific criterion

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to copy over information from a master list of data by specifcying a specific criteria. For example: In the info below... there's a number of Index types. I would like the code to look at the range that is all of Column C (cell by cell) and look for "AS51", if its there...
  18. N

    VBA: Filter and Copy Data into Next Available Row

    Hi all, I have a macro which I am working on that imports a large text file into Excel. This text file then needs to be separated into two sheets "Tyres" and "Mechanical". I have got so far as to import the file, then show which rows need to be transferred to which sheets, but am stuck on how I...
  19. N

    VBA: Copy Row from One Workbook to Another

    I have a code which I use to import a large text file into as many worksheets as necessary. Text to Column is then run on these sheets and a formula added into Column I which returns TRUE or FALSE. What I need my to do next is select any rows where the value in Cell I is TRUE and paste this...
  20. J

    Copy subtotal rows to new sheet. Stumped

    I have been looking long and hard for a vba code to copy the subtotal rows in my worksheet to a new sheet and I am stumped. My worksheet ("Analysis1") has 15 columns and rows which keep accumulating as data is enterd. I have autofiltered the sheet already to consider the rows I need only. I...

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