copy worksheet

  1. A

    Macro only works on initial worksheet

    I'm working on a template that allows me to repeatedly copy the initial worksheet (e.g. sheet 1) and have multiple worksheets in a single file. I do repetitive data entry/manipulation and a system like this is key. I have a variety of macros I use for this workbook, some assigned to buttons and...
  2. D

    How to copy worksheet to new workbook with data only

    I'm working with Excel Office 365. (windows 10) I've been asked to streamline a scheduling process using Excel. Once the schedule is complete that "sheet" will need to be sent to employees and client. Here's what I would like to do... 1. Create a workbook with 3 "sheets": Requirements...
  3. R

    copy summary sheet from 100 reports - paste each sheet as a new sheet in a master workbook

    I am completely new to VBA. I know only enough to copy paste and make simple edits to existing code. I have some code that I have used in the past on less complicated reports. When I try to use it now, I see that it is cycling through/opening the files in the folder, and it creates the new...
  4. L

    Copy Template worksheet From List - adding new Names to List keeping previous sheets intact

    Hi, I'm new to this site and VBA. I came across solution that works fine for me up to the point where I add new items to the list and then Macro tries to overwrite sheets that are already there returning error about the name being taken... what I have now: I have workbook with sheets "List"...
  5. A

    Copy Worksheets

    Seems this should be easy, but I need some help. Two VBA statements. First sends execution to a function in the module, though it should only clear a range. IF I comment that out, second statement sends execution to a different function in the module. What can I be doing wrong? Sub...
  6. K

    Convert existing worksheet to VBA code in order recreate the the identical worksheet

    I have a workbook with worksheets that include hundreds of rows and dozens of columns, fully formatted with borders, colors, formulas etc. The sheet contains both static areas and areas where users input information. What I want to know is there a way to take a sheet and copy (for lack of a...
  7. D

    Copying worksheets from one workbook to another

    I have a bit of code that I have used Sub Copy_sh() Dim SDrv As String Dim DDrv As String Dim Sfname As String Dim Dfname As String Dim wkbSrc As Workbook Dim wkbDst As Workbook Dim strFName As String strFName = Sheet1.Range("A1").Value Workbooks.Open...
  8. Gingertrees

    Copy sheet to workbook throwing runtime error 13 "Type Mismatch"

    No idea what changed, but now this gets stuck at the Copy after line. Throws Runtime Error 13: Type Mismatch. Could someone let me know WHY and help me fix it??? Thanks in advance. : Sub OpenCopyOrange() '////Sub 1//////'////Sub 1//////'////Sub 1////// Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  9. Gingertrees

    Copy worksheet to end... copying to middle or second place instead???

    New riddle with my copy-worksheet routine: I'm copying in a daily report from a separate workbook into my processing workbook. My brain thinks that this should put it at the end, after all the other sheets. However, this isn't happening. Why? Sub OpenCopyApple () Dim tempfiletocopy As Variant...
  10. Gingertrees

    Renaming a sheet copied from another workbook, errors ensue...

    Gaaah! Working on a macro to copy in a sheet from a daily report, into my "processing" workbook. The daily report worksheet to-be-copied will always be called "orange", so I figured when I copy it, I'll rename it "orange" + the number of sheets in the workbook (orange5 when sheets.count=5...
  11. M

    Can't copy a worksheet from one workbook to another

    I have a large workbook with numerous worksheets. It contains many macros. I needed to update a particular worksheet (no macros in that one) but, because I didn't want to risk upsetting the existing workbook, I copied the worksheet to a new workbook. Having updated the worksheet, and developed...
  12. D

    Copy worksheet, buttons and all and rename

    Hello All, I have searched without success to find code I could adapt to what I want to do. I want to copy my existing worksheet (named "2014") including the command buttons and the code that goes with them, to a new worksheet (named "2015") and so on every year. And I would like this to happen...
  13. A

    VBA code to copy data to new workbook

    Hi All, I've not had much experience with VBA code, other than recording macros and editing them a little. What i would like to do is code a macro to copy the data (text only) of a whole worksheet into a blank worksheet in a different workbook, effectively allowing the user to "upload" the data...
  14. R

    Copy worksheet into new workbook and save using .xlsm format

    Hello there, I was fortunate enough to find this code written by Joe4 which I customized just sligtly. But I am unable to save using .xlsm format. Any ideas? Saving .xlsx works fine. Thanks Sub Copy2_NewWB() Dim mySourceWB As Workbook Dim mySourceSheet As Worksheet Dim...
  15. L

    VBA Macro Copying Worksheet To Other Workbook

    Hi all, I have a macro that is no longer working. I had been using this for weeks, no problems at all. All of a sudden, the macro is not working, bringing up a "Code execution has been interrupted" error. I have the option to "continue" on that warning, and if I do the warning pops up 2 more...
  16. R

    Help with Renamaing a Worksheet

    Hi, The following code copies an existing worksheet: QNSheet = "QN " & Application.UserName With Sheets("Quick Notes") .Copy After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count) End With What I need to do is rename the copied worksheet to the value in QNSheet. I tried using a variation of...
  17. R

    Open Most Recent File Loop

    I have a master workbook that needs to reach out to the most recent workbook in multiple different sub directories, as listed out in column C on Sheet 8 in the master, and copy the "Comprehensive" worksheet onto a new worksheet within the master work book. So far I have gotten the below code to...
  18. J

    Copying Worksheets Formatting

    Hi All, this one is really doing my nut in. I have a brief piece of code to loop though a folder of workbooks and copy each sheet into a new workbook, consolidating them. I apply no formatting or anything, just like a straight right click > move/Copy. But when I copy with worksheet, certain...
  19. R

    return ws name formula not working after moving ws to new wb

    I am using the following formula to display the first 7 characters of a worksheet name in a cell. =LEFT(MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",A1))+1,256),7) It works perfectly. However, when I copy the worksheet, move it it a new workbook and save the workbook with a name that is...
  20. D

    I Can No Longer Copy Worksheets Between Open Workbooks

    I am using Excel 2003 with Win XP Pro. Many times I have copied worksheets from one workbook to another by right-clicking on the tab etc. However, all of a sudden, it's no longer possible. When I try to copy a worksheet from one workbook to another open workbook, the drop down destination list...

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