copying data

  1. bobby786

    Sync Data Between Sheets

    I want the Columns from different sheet in the attached worksheet to be synced reciprocally. E.g. Sheet1 (CENTRAL) cell C8 is "producer", there is a similar cell in Sheet4(QC) C8 "producer", I want them all to be updated as soon as i enter data in Sheet1(CENTRAL). So that when I enter...
  2. K

    select file, have a preview screen of data within selected file, choose data to be copied

    Hi everyone, I am very new to VBA and did not know how to really word the title. I am currently working on a project at work which involves copying certain data from a selected file to the current workbook. Step 1: I want to create a userform where the user can click a button and a dialog box...
  3. L

    New to Excel; Need help moving data from one sheet to another

    I have searched for information specific to my needs; however, I haven't found anything that does exactly what I am looking to do. I have a workbook with 2 active sheets. The front sheet is CURRENT Patient Tracking. The next sheet is Patient Tracking RECORDS. I want data that is entered into...
  4. K

    Excel Macro for copying data from multiple files in folder to one sheet

    Hi, I am looking for macro which can help me in copying data of row number 2 to 180 from all 240 excel files(in a folder named 'Data') with the sheet named 'Information' in each file to a single excel Sheet in a separate Master excel file. The data shall be copied to a single sheet in master...
  5. P

    How to Skip cells while copying data

    Hi all, I am trying whole day how to copy cells, please help, here is what I try to do. I have data A B C and want to copy to another worksheet in this format A A A B B B C C C so when copying it puts "A" three times and moves to next cell.
  6. J

    Inserting a row after a specific date

    Hello MrExcel, I am looking for help creating a Macros in Excel. Every year I have to update rates for the next year. I have about 1200+ rows of data and about 100 items. Each item has "Effective Dates" in column B starting from 1/1/2002, then 1/1/2003 all the way up to 1/1/2014 so every 12...
  7. A

    Is there an easy way of getting data from one style of formatted Excel sheet into another?

    I need the data in a file a customer has exported from another system transferred into a standard import template we use. Both are Excel files. The reason for this is that we need to use our Import template (the import file), but a customer has sent us data in a completely different format, with...
  8. E

    Question regarding copying data from a selected WB to another.

    Hello everyone, I am quite new to excel and have tried making a simple macro that just copies all of the available data from a workbook and pastes it in another. I have looked at information available on the internet and combining data from multiple sources I have reached the following code that...
  9. G

    Saving textbox data from a userform to Sheet2 cells...

    :confused::confused::confused: **Note: I do not have the ability to upload attachments under my profile for some reason or I would. Is there a way to be able to attach documents?? Hello! I have a macro that formats "Sheet2" from data in Sheet1 and then launches a user form (UserForm1). From...
  10. G

    Unsure of which formula to use and then probably how to use it

    Forgive me as my question may be quite basic but I am trying to automatically create a new list off a master list in excel... I have a master list of prospects names and addresses from may towns and cities in a single sheet in excel and I am wanting to copy these to a new spreadsheet within...
  11. S

    Help with macro for copying values that change weekly and paste them in another sheet (for keeping a record of every week)

    Hello, I am having some trouble coming up with a code that does the following: There is one sheet in wich people type some numbers every day, once the week is over, they delete the numbers from the previous week, change the dates and start recording the numbers for the next week. What I need to...
  12. W

    Copying Data to Workbook containing Macro Code

    I wish to copy selected data to the workbook that contains the original Coding. So, for example, Workbook 1 contains a macro that manipulates the data in Workbook2, then I want to copy the data back to WorkBook1. Here is my failed attempt. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  13. P

    Copying cells from one spreadsheet into another

    Hello: I want to copy the contents of cells from one Workbook into another workbook. For example. I have cells in Workbook A that I want to copy into Workbook B. The cells in Workbook A are in different locations than they will be in Workbook B. I am currently copying and pasting the contents...
  14. A

    HELP!! Regarding copying data from one sheet to another using certain conditions

    Hi all, I need help on how to go about copying data from one sheet to another based on a certain condition, specifically industry or sector. This is to keep track of daily trades, etc that are changed daily. I have one sheet labeled Today's Events and then a few sheets divided by sectors such...
  15. Y

    Copy conditional

    Hey anyone can solve this please. Here is the link.
  16. E

    Conditional row copying

    I have to solve a problem, and my knowledge on writing VBA macros is really limited. I have on big worksheet containing a resume table. Column A contains the document type. The documents types can repeat. So what I want to do, is: Copy all the rows having the same document type and put them in a...
  17. M

    If equations with Vlookups

    Hi all I have three worksheets…one called communications, one called entertainment, and the final one data. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> In the data tab I will have a column that is tagged either communications or entertainment for each...
  18. L

    xlUp automatic offset problem

    Totally Stumped I have a contact list I made for my organization with sort and search functions and some other features. To make it so that users of the file don't mess up the formulas I have most of the operations hidden. To make it so I don't have to have more rows populated with formulas...
  19. M

    copying data from a .csv to a .xls

    Morning all - silly question really - just getting back into excel with a couple of years off! What's the best way of copying data from Column A, Sheet 1, Book 1 (.csv) to Column A, Sheet 1 Book 2 (.xls)? What's the best and recommended way of doing so?

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