corrupted file

  1. A

    VBA saveas causing corruption

    Hello all, I have a code opening a workbook then creating a copy under a new file name, but whenI go to open the new file, it says it is corrupted. No idea why. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sub VEDC() Dim wrkMyWorkBook As Workbook If...
  2. Adrianna ly

    Excel workbook repair -> Removed feature: General Information from /xl/worksheets/sheet19.xml part

    Hi, Could you please advise what can be damaging my excel workbook based on the decription above? Not sure what is "general information" reffering to. The workbook is pretty complex with hidden sheets, data ranges, data validation and different formulas. One thing to note is that I created it...
  3. L

    Asus computer corrupts xlsm file?

    Hi all, I have a 1 year old Asus laptop (gamer, so pretty high specs) a 3 year old MSI PC (also gamer, practically a mini nuclear power plant) and a 6 year old Lenovo (which barely lives and even 6 years ago was very poor specs.. I used it to take it to school to make notes, and thats about...
  4. V

    Corrupt file after adding conditional formatting via VBA with non-english version

    I have a complex Excel workbook (43 mb) and set the Conditional formatting on one of the sheets using VBA and this works ok. I am using an 32-bit English version of Excel. Save, close re-open no problems. Another user has a 64-bit Dutch version of Excel and after he opens the same workbook...
  5. T

    Consistent file corruption with ODBC link. Mac Excel 2011

    I have a file that links from Excel Mac 2011 to a local filemaker 12 source via ODBC. The link produces a table in excel of some 7000 rows, 50 columns. This data is then summarized via a pivot tables in the same workbook. The excel file is consistently becoming corrupted. It will work...
  6. J

    The file is corrupted

    Hi. I could not find answer. I download an xlsx file, but cannot open it. It’s written file is corrupted. I tried by Open and repair, Extract Data, Adding trusted location, Unblock the file, Putting calculating option manual, Opening with other programs. Nothing Helped me. It always reopens...
  7. M

    data corruption in recovered files

    Hello all, I have a Macbook Pro that is 3 years old. A few months ago, the computer basically died (it stopped booting up because the startup disk was presumably corrupted). In the process of recovering the files from the damaged hard drive, my work's IT department recovered several Excel...
  8. S

    Deleting worksheet seems to corrupt file on save.

    I have a vba macro established that processes evaluation data stored across multiple worksheets (one per evaluation) in an external workbook. The macro reads information from the evaluation sheet, makes a copy of the appropriate template worksheet in the active/internal workbook, renames the...
  9. A

    Excel Data Suddenly Lost!

    I made some changes to an excel file (added a new sheet, changed the order and numbers on first sheet) and when I opened the workbook today all the changes are lost! There is no reason for this happening - my data was successfully saved previously. Is there any way to restore the lost data...
  10. V

    Excel Files Corrupt

    Hi and Hello everyone :cool:, Yesterday, i deleted some of the .xlsx file from my desktop mistakenly. After this, I installed undelete software and bring them back successfully. Since then, whenever i try to open any Excel document .xlsx which were deleted by me mistakenly, it gives me the...
  11. C

    RE: Can an Exel Guru answer this question?

    RE: Can an Exel Guru answer this question? I have a serious dilemma. I have a client who asked if I can offer a solution to this problem. This client works with excel with others on a server level with the others being at a different location. The situation is this: She (client 1) created a...
  12. C

    Corrupted File - Have attended seminar (Dallas)

    Have a file on my hard drive I can't open. Have tried to recover/repair/extract...all failed. Tried re-booting...nope. tried it again in safe dice. move to a new location on the luck. also tried "unlockiing" the file with something called "unlocker"... didn't work either...

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