1. D

    Spread cost over time using multiple dates

    Hi Guys, I am currently trying to put a sheet together that will automatically spread cost over time using multiple date sets. I have the formula working for one set of dates however some items need to be spread across more than one activity i.e. up to 4 sets of dates and i was wondering if...
  2. Johnny C

    Linked cells ignoring the folder where the files with the same name are stored in different folders

    I have a load of models that are stored in a folder for each day. Last thing at night I create the next day's folder and copy all the files into it from that day. This is because we need to be able to track where and when changes were made. There might be hundreds of changes made in a day, too...
  3. Johnny C

    Excel 365 ProPlus - saved links giving 'old' values?

    I have a model that generates charts for PowerPoint. The values in the table for the chart are linked to another workbook. Each day the models are copied to a new folder with the date in, as we need to keep a close audit trail. So the value in one of the cells could be ='F:\3 Year...
  4. M

    Database totals as I select filter

    Hi all, Got a quick question whether its possible to include totals in my database according to the drop-down I select. I currently have a database that have 4 different variables and another tab that brings me a P&L view using sumifs according to the chosen variables. There's a drop-down...
  5. A

    Formula to convert currency cost into a percentage

    Hello, Which is the correct way/formula to convert the currency cost into a formula. For example: $39.21 shows as 3921% - May I know which formula I should use to get the percentage in a correct way. These are the sub-totals cost I have and I would like to show them in a percentage form...
  6. S

    Formula equivalent of Goal Seek function. How to manipulate margins based on Pricing requirements?

    0 <button class="js-vote-down-btn grid--cell s-btn s-btn__unset c-pointer" title="This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful" aria-pressed="false" aria-label="down vote" data-selected-classes="fc-theme-primary" style="margin: 2px; box-sizing: inherit; font-size...
  7. P

    Delete entire row

    All hi, i am kindly require to provide me a VBA code so that to run through col. "A" and where find the description "NET COST OF SALES/(FOOD)" twice, should delete once entire row but the second one. I present below original data and expected result. Thank you all in advance Original Data...
  8. S

    split costs by overlap range dates

    Hello I have a list of costs to be divided for a list of users. Is it possible to allocate the costs, which the date range concerning, to users on the days of use? NB if in one day more users use the same service / cost, the cost must be divided by the number of users <html><head><title>Excel...
  9. C

    Find month when criteria has been met (sum of project cost)

    All, wondering if someone can help me with a formula. I need a formula that will calculate the month when total project cost has been spent (e.g. 500 in the table below). In the table below, the correct month is 5. <tbody> Month 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Project Cost 100...
  10. D

    Excel formula to add a minimum amount and add an extra hour

    I have a spreadsheet with data entered into cells A5:E11 in a matrix. This is a named range with the name Service_Types. Along the top, starting at B5 I have Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun and Public Holiday. In column A, starting at A6, I have a list of activities. The cells contain hourly cost of certain...
  11. C

    Filter multiple tables on different sheets

    Is there any way to apply a filter to multiple tables on separate sheets? I need to have a pick list of filter values (cost centers generated by a query) that will be used to filter 5tables, each on its own worksheet in the workbook. Users will select a cost center from the pick list (the back...
  12. H

    Cross Tab Query How to Get Distinct Values

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting just as an FYI. I am trying to make a cross tab query that shows Location as the rows and Week Number as the Columns with a value set up in builder. Where I'm running into an issue is that in order to get the accurate value, I need the distinct...
  13. N

    Excel Average If for two different sheets

    Hello, I have a workbook with two sheets, "Items" & "Purchases" I have two userforms also, "frmNewItem" & "frmPurchases" In "frmNewItem" I have several textboxes to add the item details to sheet "Items" (one of these boxes is "OpenCost" that added in column "K") In "frmPurchases" I have...
  14. Leicester City Fox

    Need a formula that only show the set cost figure once for each unique User Id

    Hi There Good Morning Need a formula that only show the set cost figure once for eachunique User Id I am looking for a formula that give me the result in ColumnC, The formula needs to only count the set cost figure that doesn’t change (ColumnB) for the user ID (Column A) just once ...
  15. Leicester City Fox

    If formula puts result in when cell is blank but I want to show Zero instead

    Hi All I have a formula that works in a table : =IF([@[GroupedCommissioned Weekly Cost ]]>750,"more than £750","Less than£750") <tbody> Grouped Commissioned Weekly Cost More Or Less than £750 Less than £750 £91.98 Less than £750...
  16. Leicester City Fox

    I need two Formulas to help me display the cost in Power Bi: one for total cost and one for single cost:

    I need two Formulas to help me display the cost in Power Bi: one for total cost and one for single cost: Formula One Request: I need it to add up thetotal cost of services (column C) per user (column B). Example, User ID A230would be £180 and User id F222 wouldbe £60. Formula Two Request...
  17. N

    Using Index function in userform

    Hello, Please I need your help I'm trying to find a value reference to two columns, I'v tried it in Excel worksheet, it works fine, but I'm not able to use it in VBA Here is the function that I tested in Excel worksheet in range (I2) and works fine =INDEX(E:E,MATCH(1,(A:A=G2)*(B:B=H2),0))...
  18. B

    IF statement for price markup

    Someone please solve this equation. I have a markup equation that I fill down. I'm trying to net no less that 5.00 but I have products with a wide range of total cost. Price = Total cost + Markup percentage. Net = Price - Total cost. That part works great. The following is what i'm trying...
  19. N

    How to find all combinations within a constraint

    I am after some code/advice for Access. I have a list of Order Numbers(Unique) and what cubic metres that each are, I also have a cost benefit per Order. I would like to run some code to be able to find every combination of Orders but within a given constraint of Cubic size (65Cube) to find the...
  20. B

    how to insert calc fields in a pivot table

    I have a pivot table with a ****load of fields. It would help if I could insert calculation fields within the pivot itself rather than doing it externally. With the data below I'd like to create a field which shows the Profit per Order and the Shipping Cost per Order. I went to the Analyze...

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