Linked cells ignoring the folder where the files with the same name are stored in different folders

Johnny C

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Nov 7, 2006
I have a load of models that are stored in a folder for each day. Last thing at night I create the next day's folder and copy all the files into it from that day. This is because we need to be able to track where and when changes were made. There might be hundreds of changes made in a day, too many to document manually.

There is an issue, if someone opens the file with the chart that has a ce;ll with a value
='F:\3 Year Planning\15-11-2019\[Strategic cost forecast Assumptions.xlsb]Constants'!O22
But so see what the value was a month ago they open
'F:\3 Year Planning\15-10-2019\[Strategic cost forecast Assumptions.xlsb

The formula ignores the fact that the folder was different and the formula becomes
='[Strategic cost forecast Assumptions.xlsb]Constants'!O22
and updates the new file with old data?

We want to avoid building the date into the filename.

Can I stop it thinking that because the filename is the same it's a different file to the original link?

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