1. M

    Estimating staff costs based on start and end dates, by month

    Hello all, I am trying to create a staffing budget that will pro-rate their gross salary into each pay period, taking into account any contract changes i.e. a member of staff may reduce hours in year, and I would like to create a template that would allow for the new contract to be entered, and...
  2. M

    Fcstt v Previous Fcst

    Hello! I am hoping some brilliant minds can help me out here. I am working on a Excel forecast model that will be constantly updated as we forecast and re-forecast expected company revenue. I can easily do versus static target and versus static LY. However, what I also really want is to somehow...
  3. E

    Workload Forecasting Excel Workbook Corrupting

    Hello, I have multiple questions about a tool we have been using for several years. It is an excel workbook to track and forecast man hours for an engineering/design company. We do multiple small jobs and are tracking around 50 at one time. Each job has it's own workbook with weeks along the...
  4. Johnny C

    Linked cells ignoring the folder where the files with the same name are stored in different folders

    I have a load of models that are stored in a folder for each day. Last thing at night I create the next day's folder and copy all the files into it from that day. This is because we need to be able to track where and when changes were made. There might be hundreds of changes made in a day, too...
  5. Johnny C

    Excel 365 ProPlus - saved links giving 'old' values?

    I have a model that generates charts for PowerPoint. The values in the table for the chart are linked to another workbook. Each day the models are copied to a new folder with the date in, as we need to keep a close audit trail. So the value in one of the cells could be ='F:\3 Year...
  6. C

    Macro to built final file from 3 different files

    Hello Excel masters :smile: I need your help in order to develop a final file (CustomerForecast) from 3 different files with some restrictions. The final file should have the below format. The columns "FactType" and "Unit" should have always the same values. <tbody> Depot/StoreFormat...
  7. C

    Macro that takes data from 3 files and create a final file with restrictions

    Hello Excel masters :) I need your help in order to develop a final file (CustomerForecast) from 3 different files with some restrictions. The final file should have the below format. The columns "FactType" and "Unit" should have always the same values. <tbody> Depot/StoreFormat Product...
  8. C


    Hi I'm trying to forecast my unit sales for the following year. I have last years data but I'm at a loss as to where i begin. My data is below along with what i expect the market changes to be. <colgroup><col><col span="12"></colgroup><tbody> Monthly Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun...
  9. B

    Sumproduct Array

    Hey Guys, I have a set of data with data and projects, in the format below: [Row 4, starting column F] Jan Feb Mar etc. [Column B, starting row 6] Project A, Project B I'm trying to sum all the forecast for for a project, based on the previous month's forecast - so i can compare with what's...
  10. U

    Help with Pulling in List to copy Dates

    I have a set number of dates that I need to forecast. Some of the months I have dont always have a Forecast but I want to be able to at least post a 0 still in that date. What I need is to be able to use a list of parts IE 301080.01 301081.01 301082.01 301083.01 Etc ( this parts will be...
  11. B

    Formula to VBV - weeks of cover

    HI All, Thank you for your help in advance.Im really struggle to translate one formula to the code. Below formula is calculating weeks of stock cover based on deliveries and demand. Unforgettably it have plenty of "if" slowing down the report. Im looking to translate this to VBA code. Is anyone...
  12. C

    Forecast Match and Index in VBA

    I'm trying to simplify some really long formulas in my model by creating some custom functions. I've cleaned up a lot but there's this forecast with offset and match that's throwing me off. here's the formula =FORECAST(AE1264,OFFSET('Data Table Dynamic'!$AC$4,MATCH(AE1264,'Data Table...
  13. A

    Forecasting Quantity in Sales

    I have a product for which units sold in May is 12420, Jun is 1200, and Jul is 12400. How can i forecast that how many units will be sold for the next 12 months?.
  14. R

    Need Help on creating a forecast for completion date

    Hi Everyone! I was looking for some help on creating a completion date forecast. Here are some details of my inquiry Total Callable Records: 60,000 Total Agents: 34 WorkHours/day: 8 hrs (weekends are not included) Start Date: 8/5/2019 I want to determine the date of completion with an...
  15. C

    Sales Pacing Forecasting - Weekly report changing figures

    Good Morning, I have a report that comes out of our system weekly. It shows all past business actual revenues e.g anything before today and all future(today to the end of time!) forecasted revenues. We are trying to look at or pull the data so that it does the below. *** Put a date in a cell...
  16. M

    Bill Of Material Forecast Based on Timing of Material Change

    Hi All, I am looking for help regarding forecasting future material requirement from finished goods forecast. I have this set up currently in excel with a few index and sumproduct formulas. However the material code within the finished goods can change depending on promotion etc, at various...
  17. W

    Overwrite data

    Hi there I am trying to create a macro/code that will overwrite data each day when a new file arrives I have a spreadsheet that has a daily forecast for the next month where each day has 48 half hours/rows and 28 columns (including the column for the date/period i.e. dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm). This...
  18. M

    Forecasting and what if parameters in Power Bi Desktop

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to do some predictive forecasting with parameters but I'm coming across an issue when using parameters into the future. What i'm trying to do is forecast the amount of people on a waiting list in the future but this can be altered by using parameters which will remove...
  19. gheyman

    Forecasting Linear?

    If I have two Quantities and two Unit Prices, is the a formula that will forecast another qty? Qty 100 = $25.00 Qty 500 = 10.50 Is there a formula that would forecast Qty 300 or any other quantity I enter that is between 100 and 500 (Using a straight line)? Thanks
  20. S

    Forecast analysis - How to add percentage increase to the chart and/or pivot table?

    I've managed to successfully create a Forecast line chart. It has produced a table including forecast values, which is great. However, I'd really like to know what % increase it's working on? How would I go about adding this column to the Forecast table?

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