1. S

    Time Zones and Dates in Excel

    Hi, I need to convert EST to GMT time including day and date. For example A B C D E Date Day EST EST GMT Day GMT 01/11/2023 Wednesday 21:00 01:00 I would like this to show it would be Thursday. Column A and column C are manual inputs I have formulas in B and D that are working...
  2. H

    A day counter that resets itself

    Hello! There is value in a cell that shows a percentage - Lets say A1 = 5%. I want to enter a formula that starts counting the number of days when cell A1 changes to a value greater than 10%. Let's say on day 8, Cell A1= 9%, the counter should reset back to 0 days. Thanks and I really...
  3. V

    Day function & Excel calc time

    Hi all, I have small projection worksheet which calculates monthly employee cost based out of his start date / end date combination. This ensures I have right cost projection based on expected start/end date, but as data increases, I see noticeable increase in calculation time, which slows down...
  4. D

    Copy & Pasted - Print then Clear on Weekday

    Hi All Simply I want to copy data entered in workbook 1 to workbook 2, after it has printed sheet 1 of workbook 2 on Mondays clear the cells of information. I am stuck mostly with clearing on Mondays. partial help would be as welcomed as a complete solution. In more depth: Workbook "Master...
  5. R

    Changing time to 7.5hour days

    Hello, I’m wondering if there is a way to change times, such as 158.30, to show the amount of days it adds up to if the days are 7.5 hours long? Thank you
  6. B

    Power Query - Combine, transform and track data

    Hello All, As a reasonably seasoned excel user, im embarking on learning power query to try to achieve something which could quite well be impossible :) So hoping I can get some clarification from the real experts! Situation: I have a CSV file provided to me every day detailing a list of...
  7. S

    Calculate no of days to go back to reach a specific day name

    I know this should be easy, but I keep tying myself in knots over this one. I have a date selected by the User. I'm trying to find a simple way of working out how many days before that date is a specific "day name". For example if I take the date as 23/12/2019, I want to find out how many days...
  8. Johnny C

    Linked cells ignoring the folder where the files with the same name are stored in different folders

    I have a load of models that are stored in a folder for each day. Last thing at night I create the next day's folder and copy all the files into it from that day. This is because we need to be able to track where and when changes were made. There might be hundreds of changes made in a day, too...
  9. Johnny C

    Excel 365 ProPlus - saved links giving 'old' values?

    I have a model that generates charts for PowerPoint. The values in the table for the chart are linked to another workbook. Each day the models are copied to a new folder with the date in, as we need to keep a close audit trail. So the value in one of the cells could be ='F:\3 Year...
  10. A

    Select and Print Only Cells with Values

    Hi, newbie to VBA here. I have been researching and trying many ways to select and print a range, and I cannot find a way to print cells with values only. In my case, I create a list of entries through the day. I am creating a button so I can print all of these entries at the end of the day...
  11. D

    needing formula to calculate fulfillment needed per day

    I'm a photographer needing help with determining how many images to edit per day in order to meet a deadline. The columns are as follows: D) Status - The status column indicates where the client currently sits in the workflow, such as "Scheduled", "Edit", "Reveal", etc. F) Due Date - The Due...
  12. S

    Calendar day coloring

    Good Morning, I had a few ideas but most of them involved recreating the calendar and I haven't done that yet...anyway A user came to me asking about formatting a sheet he's got. The workbook is a simple "Planner" for work tours: He inputs a day, then inputs the number of days he's going to...
  13. T

    Grab rows if meets criteria, and put them in body of Outlook appointment.

    I have the vba worked out to create the appointment with no issues. Sub Makeapt() Dim warning warning = MsgBox("You are about to create Outlook appointments for " & ActiveCell.Value & " " & Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 10) & ". Is that right?", vbOKCancel) If warning = vbCancel Then Exit Sub Set...
  14. K

    Pop up message box

    Hello all, I have a workbook that uses multiple command buttons to get to the user forms and writes data to multiple sheets. I was wondering if there is a way to get a message box to pop up when I click on my midnight command button and "01" is displayed in cell "C4" on the main page where the...
  15. S

    Pick a row randomly for each user

    Hi All, I am having a set of data containing several rows and columns. This data contains "User Name" in one of the columns; however another column contains the Date on which he accessed a document. One more column has this document ID. Now, I need to randomly pick the entire row for each of...
  16. G

    Creating a Time Card with O/T

    New to spreadsheets. I have created a bi weekly time card based only on hours worked (no clock in clock out fields). I have 3 columns for hours (the actual time worked per day, O/T per day and Reg Hours per day with the O/T subtracted. What I can't figure out how to do is create a code so if...
  17. D

    find the first business day of november of LAST year

    the title says it all
  18. S

    SUMIFS - Multiple columns at the same time?

    Afternoon all, Looking for some help/advice please... I hope this makes sense. I have a holiday file which is set out in a similar manner as below and tracks the full year. The actual file has around 400 employees in it but for the sake of this I've just classes a few as different job types...
  19. N

    Formula to identify text in one cell and group in in a new tab?

    BLUF - I looked through the threads best I could and did not see this answer, so I am very sorry if this scenario has already been answered. What I have is a workbook with 6 tabs (one "data" tab and 5 other tabs representing the days of the week). The data tab contains a list of 22 students...
  20. S

    Autoexecute when Access is open or closed

    I have been looking for my original post or the post that I think I thought was mine but was someone else's. Anyway, we have an access tool that someone else built. Each day I press a "Run All" button and 20 mins later I finishes and I continue. We are trying to have this run automatically a...

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