1. S

    Help with automation

    Hello guys, I really need help solving this, it would save me tons of hours. I will explain what I need to do. I have about 400 txt files that look like this: I did some notes with red text: And I have to format this data so that it looks like this: Like I said I have 400 text files which I...
  2. R

    Count file and modfication dates

    i was needing something that would count file's list their names then their path then the modification date- however; the VBA i am looking at does not work it is failing at the first line and saying compile error: user defined type not defined was hoping someone could help or if they have...
  3. E

    Trying to use a MSGBox in my loop

    The code below just loops through files and then sends them. But the MSGBox keeps appearing after I`ve send the Email? And the code will not end? Also it produces a email for each file type all file types if finds needs all be in the same Email. Sub Send_Email(EmailTo As String, EmailCC As...
  4. E

    Trying to open a part drawing

    With VBA i need to open a drawing part from user form. I have all the paths and part numbers correct but can`t seem to hyperlink to the drawing part. It just goes to the message rather than open the drawing. Private Sub Open_Part_Click() Dim SourcePath As String Dim SubPath As String...
  5. C

    Moving PDF files from one folder to another

    Hi Team, following scenario: I have a source folder, containing PDF files. Location would look like: Z:\aaaa\bbb\ccccc\2022\ddddddd\eeeeeee\ffffff\this_is_the_folder_containing_all_the_pdfs\*.pdf The naming convention for the pdf files, is Account number_Invoice number: 123456_654321.pdf A...
  6. Rijnsent

    Excel file damaged -recover contents- reasons?

    Hi all, I have a .xlsm excel template with quite some macros and a toolbar in it. It e.g. executes some macros on opening & closing. It is working fine for about 95% of the users, but 5% of the users do every now and then bump into "problems found with file yourfile.xlsm, would you like to...
  7. A

    Macro to end pop up file opening

    Guys can anyone have macro to end the selected file from pop up. 1.File should not pop up after executing
  8. A

    Merging Data of two file into one

    I want to merge files "Data" which are in "select input folder"button and "select output folder"button into one file Both the files "Data" Should Merge When I click Execute button Is there any macro to dd?please help me out
  9. A

    Run time error 9: subscript out of range when opening a workbook in VBA

    I am trying to open a new workbook in VBA. I have pasted the relevant part of my code below. I'm new to VBA so bare with me :) I have tried various .open formats, but each time I get the same run time error. The file I am trying to open is a Excel 97-2003 file (contains macros). Any help would...
  10. D

    Reading a text file and scan for values

    Good Morning how would I go about reading a text file and scan for values? If found return the header line. the text file has a header on line line (Test1) the second line has all the IP values between each group is a blank line the text file looks like this? (test.txt)...
  11. N

    VBA Macro to delete files with date on name

    Hello, I have a folder (let's say E:\Test ) that contains files created daily that have the name yyyy-mm-dd_test.xlsx I have another excel on a different folder that gathers the info on the files from E:\Test, putting it into tables. The problem is, I need to delete the files in E:\Test that...
  12. K

    List File size

    Create a list of all files in a given folder which are more than 50KB in size - display the list in excel
  13. D

    Macro move file to existing folder by name using filename first left7 digits with a space delimiter

    I'm looking for some help. I started trying to use excel for this project yesterday. I originally scripted a batch file to run this operation. The batch works in a small and limited environment. I tried the batch in a live folder and it was a complete failure with files being multiplied and...
  14. D

    We found a problem with some content in "File name". Excel annoying message

    Hello everybody, Whenever I open my excel sheet I get the following message: "We found a problem with some content in "File name xxx". Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this workbook, click yes" It is super annoying. It started happening after I...
  15. D

    Run-time error "53": File not found

    Hello everybody, I am currently having a problem with one of my files. I have made an order form where people can order goods from. They download my excel sheet and click on a submit macro which sends out the excel sheet in a PDF file through email. This works perfectly fine when I do it...
  16. A

    VBA equivalent without excel

    Hi Guys and Gals I have a problem that is out of my expertise I have some VBA working fine doing what it needs however the end goal is to copy a file form a network drive to a local drive, however, the local machine i need this on does have excel installed to fire the VBA form task scheduler...
  17. M

    Vlookup with workbook in a same folder

    In the below workbook A, with file name starting MarkList_12_4_2020.xlsx and sheet name as file name in stored folder (C:/Desktop/Mark) Name Mark Class Grade John 50 Post Graduate A Peter 50 Preschool A Andera 100 Nursery S In the another Workbook B, is the fixed Existing report...
  18. S

    Application.ScreenUpdating AND Application.EnableEvents in Python ?

    I am processing over Excel files in Python, and opening it as a part of it. I suspect my code doesn't execute fully because it doesn't recognize warning messages In my VBA code I use the following: Application.EnableEvents = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False But I am not sure how I...
  19. M

    Force users to save as .xlsm or pdf only

    Hello everyone, This thread is related and inspired on an old one: Force users to save as .xlsm or xltm only. In any case, I tried to replicate the code for XLSM and PDF format only. No luck. Although the two options are available, the PDF one didn't produce any good file. I would like to...
  20. gmooney

    Excel Custom Lists?

    I just created a custom list in an Excel file that I am using for a Slicer and pivot table filter. I emailed the file to another person and the custom list did not transfer with the file? How can I make sure that the custom list stays in the file?

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