1. L

    creating countdown timer in excel no vba

    Hi I am trying to do similar countdown timer (please see the link below) but my problem, when I subtract the target hours from the start hours, the result is negative. The author did not say anything about that. How can I fix that. I also appreciate if you have better idea of doing that. Thank...
  2. W

    VBA countdown timer

    Hello, I want to make a countdown timer with counting to a date in the future in format "dd hh:mm:ss" or similar. F.e. how many days, hours, minutes and seconds left till "21/10/2019 15:00:00". I have newly found the timer function, but can not make it count backwards. All help and ideas...
  3. countryfan_nt

    Loop running on same sheet twice & skipping desired sheet.

    Hello friends, hope all is well! The below codes are working, but not as desired. What is needed: a. Code moves from one sheet to the other. b. Every time a new sheet is selected a countdown loop (5-0) in cell H2 takes place. Once countdown...
  4. Z

    Countdown cells until an event in adjacent column

    How do I countdown the number of cells until an event in an adjacent column? I only want to look 7 days ahead. <tbody> DATE IRRIGATE (GALLONS) DAYS UNTIL IRRIGATE 1/1/2010 -- 4 1/2/2010 -- 3 1/3/2010 -- 2 1/4/2010 -- 1 1/5/2010 500 0 1/6/2010 -- 3 1/7/2010 -- 2 1/8/2010 -- 1...
  5. D

    Multifunction Button

    Hi, My Excel Spreadsheet has: a Shape which is intended to act as a button Column D is hidden Cell F5 is formatted as Time and is currently set to 00:05:00 (i.e. 5 minutes) Cell Range E12:E21 where the user is going to enter values (e.g. answers to questions) I would like the user to be able...
  6. D

    Formatting - Auto populate

    Hi I have a formatting question, in Sheet1; column H (Due Date) and column I (Countdown to due date), I want date performed + 7 = Due Date and countdown = Today()-Due Date. I no I can use formulas but, is there a way to auto populate without dragging the cells down? Thank you.
  7. F

    VBA Countdown Production Timer

    Greetings all, I am very new to VBA and dont really understand how to use it. I am trying to create a running spreadsheet that has two sheets. Sheet one has columns: Job #| Part #| Part Name | Date/Time Entered | Date/Time Due | Date/ Time Completed | HIT/ LATE Sheet one is a running log...
  8. charlesstricklin

    PowerPoint: Is it possible to have a 5 minute presentation where slides count down the time left, but displays the same text field on all 300+ slides?

    I am a school teacher, and each class I open up with a focus question displayed on the SmartBoard where students are supposed to answer the question in their notebook. They have 5 minutes after the Tardy Bell to complete their answers. I'd like to create a presentation that counts down in text...
  9. J

    Countdown to an event2

    Hi experts I need some help please. I’m using Logits timer countdown : In module : Option Explicit Public bTimerOn As Boolean Sub ToggleTimer() ' This Sub will switch the automatic timer on if it was off before, and vice-versa bTimerOn = Not bTimerOn Refresh ' It calls the Refresh Sub End Sub...
  10. J

    Countdown to an event?

    Hi experts I need some help please. I’m trying to make a countdown timer to the launch of a project. I want it to countdown DD:HH:MM:SS. I would like to put the event date in vba so that all you see when you open the workbook is a small ‘clock’ in the top corner of the screen. I’ve got a ‘no...
  11. S

    Countdown days, hours, minutes to 0

    I have a start date and a duration. The duration is in the format of d:hh:mm. I am trying to countdown the d:hh:mm to 0. Not having much luck without using an end date. If anyone has suggestions please let me know. The other option would be to calculate the end date based on current date...
  12. F

    Countdown timer wile working on sheet

    I am trying to create a countdown timer (in vba) that continues to run while I am working within the spreadsheet and have other Macros running. I want to be able to enter a time between 1 and 10 minutes and watch the time tick down by the second. I have been trying for two days and can't do...
  13. D

    VBA Timer with rolling list

    What I was asked to do is to create a countdown timer that starts with the first value in a predetermined list of roundtrip times, and when it reaches zero, it has to move on to the next value and so on, till the list has been completed and then stop. This list with time values will eventually...
  14. D

    VBA Timer with rolling list

    What I was asked to do is to create a countdown timer that starts with the first value in a predetermined list of roundtrip times, and when it reaches zero, it has to move on to the next value and so on, till the list has been completed and then stop. This list with time values will eventually...
  15. D

    Rolling countdown according to table

    Hi all, First off; I'm new here, so apologies beforehand if I'm not adhering to every convention on this forum... OK. my challenge is the following: I was asked to create a schedule screen for the cart supplying our production lpines form the warehouse. They have a paper schedule on a...
  16. M

    Countdown Formula?

    I would like to create a countdown formula that would calculate how many days until someone's start date. I know I can do A2-TODAY(), but that will result into a negative number if the date has passed, or if a person just doesn't have a date period. If there is no date, the result would be...
  17. V

    countdown timer that continues counting past zero

    Hi all. looking for help with countdown timer codes that continue counting pass zero. found these codes Sub starttimer()Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:01"), "nexttick" End Sub Sub nexttick() If Sheet1.Range("B1") = 0 Then Exit Sub Sheet1.Range("B1").Value = Sheet1.Range("B1").Value -...
  18. N

    Using a countdown timer in a cell to run a macro

    Hi there At various times during the day I need to take a snapshot of data totals in a spreadsheet. I have a macro set to simply pick up the values in the range I need (H9:I60) and copy them as values into AA9:AA60 I also have a countdown timer running in cell F9 to the next delivery point...
  19. F

    Special VBA countdown timer

    I am creating a board game and I'm incorporating Excel into it. What I'm looking for is a countdown timer that allows me to slowdown the timer. exp: Instead of it counting down 1 second at a time it will count down 1 second every 1.5 seconds.
  20. N

    Calculating countdown days left excluding weekends

    I have a date a file was received in one column then in another I have a if statement that says if its complete countdown 30 days from the time the file was received but minus weekends. Your help appreciated , thank you!

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