1. E

    COUNTIF and SUMIF formula with multiple criteria

    Hello, Would really appreciate some help on this, i've been struggling with it all day. I've mostly tried variations of index/match, countifs, sumifs, but it i'm having trouble factoring in the different criteria, so i'm basically lost. I'm basically looking to create two formulae. one that...
  2. charlesstricklin

    Am I using COUNTIF correctly?

    I'm a little puzzled, I'm sure because it's that I'm not understanding something correctly. Say that I've made a pivot table from the following data: Month Company January Company A January Company B February Company A February Company B February Company A February Company B...
  3. O

    Link COUNTIFS formula from old workbook to new

    Morning all. Relative Excel novice, so I just don't know where to start with figuring this out. I have an Excel file that's getting too large and need to make a new one for the year it seems. But I have a COUNTIFS formula in column Q that counts the number a times a street address and city...
  4. omsumo


    Dears, I have a sheet containing a mini table in different groups, and the formula COUNTIFS gives me a #Value!
  5. D

    countifs with conditional on specific text

    Hello i am trying to find a way to take the below countifs statement and update it to where through the range D23 to D8622 it counts the number of "X"s where the cells in the range B23 to B8622 equal "Section Mark X" there are multiple cells down the B range where the cells have Section Mark X...
  6. M

    Count non-formula cells in range???

    Good evening fellow excelers, Is there a way to write an XL formula that will count non-formulas in a range? I know this is gotta be simple to do, but I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around how to do it after about half an hour to an hour of trying. Thanks for any consideration to this...
  7. M

    Dynamic Update to Range in RANK Based on Date

    I am building an NBA stats workbook where I have separate sheets for each stat (points, rebounds, etc.). I am tracking this data in one sheet and I have the date of the game for that player in column A. One of the stats that I am tracking is the difference between the player's average for that...
  8. M

    Alternative to COUNTIFS for a constantly growing database

    I have been working on a statistics model for NBA players, where I track how well they do each day based on a specific number (do they score more or less than X points, rebounds, assists, etc.). I am trying to build a single spreadsheet that can reference each day that a player played and count...
  9. JEH105

    Help with counting values off column from non-table cell range

    Hello! Using the sample table below, which formula can I use to pull the count of "Available" cells in this text range (not a table), but only for the specific column which matches today's date? I've tried a few variations of COUNTIF with HLOOKUP, but it's not working for me. 11/6/2023...
  10. N

    Countifs and ABS

    Hi all, I want to count the cells in column 'F' where the value is >='I2' AND the Absolute value of 'E:E' > 'I7', but some of the cells in 'E:E' contain text. Excel doesn't like this: =COUNTIFS(F:F,">="&I2,ABS(E:E),">="&I7). Any help is deeply appreciated. Thanks much in advance.
  11. D

    Count ifs formula

    hi - First post in a very long time - I'm wondering if someone could help please? I am trying to work out how we can establish our stock levels Each row would identify either a customer order - using columns for customer name and product code or an item in stock using the term "stock" and...
  12. M

    Unique or Sumproduct or something else?

    So I have a lot of data and someone has changed how it is imported! I needed to find how many different orders were taken by a salesperson in the month so ran this COUNTIFS(Dels!$O:$O,"BOB",Dels!$C:$C,">=01/08/2023",Dels!$C:$C,"<=31/08/2023",Dels!$H:$H,">0.00") which ran perfectly as all...
  13. M


    Hi I hope someone is going to have a simple answer for a countifs query i have need resolving. I have a long spreadsheet (1400 lines) which someone has 'been using' badly, and i need to count if certain words are used in a column. i need to count light fittings unfortunately the person who...
  14. S

    IF + COUNTIFS formula

    I have a column that totals the amounts of 31 other columns based on value in those cells. It works great, but there are so many rows of data that looking at a bunch of 0s for all the cells that have no data to return is eye boggling. I'd like to edit the formula to include the "IF" function to...
  15. G

    Golf Tournament Score Card Ranking

    Needing assistance with calculating the ranking for golf scores bases on total score, and then each hole based on the hole handicap. Here's the current data I'm working with (ignore the highlighted cells): In column W, the lowest score will be ranked 1, so with row 6 being 59, it get's 1...
  16. E

    COUNTIFS with cell reference

    Hello everyone, I have a spreadsheet with employee data that contains a formula that identifies instances of consecutive weeks worked. There is an IF statement with a true value of "Yes" when consecutive weeks are identified. As each row identifies a work week, most employees have multiple rows...
  17. L

    Countifs formula produces zero value with multiple criteria

    Just like it says on the tin! I am trying to produce a table (below) that shows the number of employees in each department depending their start date and leaving date (leaving date is blank if they are still an employee) This is my formula...
  18. R

    COUNTIFS and Dates

    Here is the problem: I have a required complete date of 5/31/2023 (LINE 15) but I was not able to complete that until 6/6/2023 I would like a count of how many projects missed the deadline. ABCD1SubmitComplete ByAct. Complete DateDAYS...
  19. D

    Using COUNTIFS alongside HLOOKUP

    Hi all, I am hoping one of you great people can help with a simple problem (I think) that I can’t get my head around. I am trying to use a COUNTIFS statement alongside a HLOOKUP. In Sheet 1 in columns C to F, I want to count the ‘Modules’ (Test1 to Test8) in Sheet 2 that = 1. The First...
  20. Chris_010101

    Complicated SUMIFS/COUNTIFS Formulas Required

    Hello, I have two sheets, named: 1. Master Data - This sheet will be updated daily by pasting a system report over the existing data 2. 2022 - I want to calculate some stats from the master data sheet on this sheet The gist of this is, I need to report on people who leave between 0 and 5...

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