1. D

    COUNTIFS up to a certain number of occurences

    I am using a COUNTIFS forumla to count the number of times a row matches two criterea. This is to act as a kind of dynamic counter for a scholarship ranking sheet to show how many scholarship are allocated to students in each department as we move the ranking around. However I only have 7 of a...
  2. R

    CountsIFs Between Range of Values, SUM Adjacent Column

    I need a formula to lookup / COUNTIF the values in Column A, based on a condition of being between a range greater than 0 and less than 50. Then SUM the values in the adjacent Column (Column B), for only the rows in Column A that match the criteria. I tried doing like the formula below, but i...
  3. M

    Count Zero's Across Rows if column A Matches

    I could really use some assistance in trying to figure out how to count the number of times the value 0 shows across many, many columns, if the value in column A matches between the two sheets. Once I solve this, I hope to reuse the formula further and query how many times it is greater than...
  4. M

    function too short message.

    =COUNTIFS(C:C,"Project Director/Manager-Civil",D:D,"temp",(or(E:E=may-20,E:E=mar-20,E:E=jan-20,"ans"))) i am trying to count the number of "Project Director/Manager-Civil" in column C which has text "Temp" in D and finally on E it could be any from "Jan-20 to dec-20", this would work if i...
  5. S

    count ifs formula

    i did this formula but i dont know why its not working its suppose to count the rows where the status is if done and the date should be from the last 7 days including today can anyone help me =countifs(table1[status],”done”,table1[date],”<=“&today()-7) for some reason it counts all the dates
  6. M

    Finding Duplicates across Multiple Tabs

    I'm trying to label rows as "Duplicate" in Column Q if i have a duplicate phone number in Column G across multiple tabs. I'm struggling with the formula. So far, I have: =IF(COUNTIFS($G$8:$G$2020, G8, 'FW 4'!$G$8:$G$2020, G8),>1,"Duplicated","") But it's not recognizing the second Criteria...
  7. F

    COUNTIFS Date Cell Reference +-Days

    Trying to figure out a Countifs formula to provide Something that is greater than 30 days but less than 90. Using a cell reference for the date. Example: A1 = 1/6/2020, trying to figure out if its greater than 30 days I've tried but can't figure it out...
  8. S

    Using a Named Range List as a criteria in COUNTIFS

    I'm looking for some assistance using COUNTIFS with a named range (list) as a criteria. It seems to me like it should work like this, but it doesn't. After some research I found a place that said this would work if the named range was a single cell, but I need it to reference a list, as I need...
  9. T

    Combining countifs

    Hi, Help needed please. I need to combine two Countifs statements with an ‘or’ but don’t know how to do it. I’m not an excel expert as you’ll soon see. I want to be able to look for B1’s and if either the value in Entry1 or Entry2 is greater than zero, count them. However, if they’re both...
  10. J

    >= error

    Hello. =COUNTIFS($AR$13:$AR$1000,"W",$AP$13:$AP$1000,">=2") gives me correct result. if i want the 2 value to be represented in a cell so i can change it I get incorrect results. here is what im typing. =COUNTIFS($AR$13:$AR$1000,"W",$AP$13:$AP$1000,">=$A$1") where A1= 2 my value should be...
  11. I

    Formula for COUNTIFS Exact Match in Range of Multiple Columns

    Hello. I'm trying to find appropriate formula to count exact text in multiple columns where the criteria is the date range (between 2 dates). I have tried with =COUNTIFS(A2:A25,A32,C1:X25,">="&B30,C1:X25,"<="&B31) and the result is #VALUE! . It is counting fine if the criteria range is in one...
  12. M

    Countifs in DAX

    Hi Guys, I have some problems with counting ID's that meet 2 conditions but on a different row. Can someone help me out with a formula? See the table below for example. Thanks a lot! ID ID Condition 1 Condition 2 If ID meets condition 1 and 2 then return ID, else return blank 1001...
  13. R


    Hi, below is a partial formula. How can I count the number of AND criteria's that are met? (AND(CFW$16=2,CFW48=1),AND(CUI$16=2,CUI48=1),AND(DIU$16=2,DIU48=1)) I just need a 1 for one AND criteria, 2 for two AND criteria's, and 3 for three AND criteria's. Thank you, David
  14. S

    Countifs, Sumproduct...?

    Hi, Sorry if there is another thread about this, but I can't find any, or I don't know the right search criteria :-) Please see below table. Do you know a formula to calculate how many times two specific companies, has been working on the same project? In below example the results should be...
  15. J


    I am attempting to complete SUMIFS and COUNTIFS and am not getting any results. A sample formula I am using is: =COUNTIFS('Tracking Sheet'!$H:$H,"2016",'Tracking Sheet'!$D:$D,"Repaid",'Tracking Sheet'!$D:$D,"Closed") If I break the formula apart and only have two arguments, I get a result. I...
  16. A

    #VALUE error for COUNTIFS formula

    I am getting #VALUE error the below COUNTIFS formula, tried various possible changes based on research, but nothing works =COUNTIFS($G$2:$G$2184,02.11.2019,$I$1:$I$2184,Resolved) Both conditions work when used independently
  17. S

    Countifs where date is less than

    Hi I'm struggling with getting a formula that will do the above to work. i was actually trying to obtain a count where a date is older than 8 years ago but could not get that to work. So I then tried entering that formula (=DATE(YEAR(TODAY())-8,MONTH(TODAY()),DAY(TODAY()))) in to it's own...
  18. K

    Exact matches when using COUNTIFS

    Hi there, I am trying to use the COUNTIFS funtion to highlight duplicate rows. Here is an example of my data: _____A _________B _____C_______D 1 UserID _____Name __Licence__Duplicate? 2 ABC1 ..............Joe ........1CL** ......=COUNTIFS(A:A,$A2,C:C,$C2)...
  19. T

    Greater than / less than when in a table.

    So, I'm pretty much a noob at Excel and this will probably be one of those kinds of questions, but here goes. I have a table with the first two columns being 1 hour increment markers (staggered +1hr), labeled T1 and T2. the next column will be a set of COUNTIFS functions asking if a set of...
  20. N

    Countif Month for Attendance Sheet

    I am making an attendance sheet to count the number of times a person is present in a certain month. (url to photo of sheet attached) Column A is Dates, and Columns C-D lists "yes" if present on that date and "no" if not present on that date. Column G lists months (Feb, Mar, April..), and in...

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