1. M

    Excel crashing - multiple interacting macros

    Hi, Please excuse the messy code - I'm entirely self taught and I keep tinkering with the code over time. I have this .xls workbook where I keep separate worksheets for individual share/options trades (file size is 7MB with lots of formulas). I trade overnight, so I have about 4 "sections" of...
  2. L

    VBA crashes randomly in middle of procedure for only one user

    I created a procedure that splits a file into a bunch of smaller workbooks and then emails them using outlook. I rolled this out to approximately 20 users. It works fine on everyone's PC except one person. On her machine the macro seems to run fine and then excel crashes without warning like it...
  3. B

    Unusual VBA Not Responding Issue

    Hi, I have a VBA program that has multiple modules and basically it starts a userform on workbook_open event. Then it goes to a log on screen in the userform. Once a userlogs in the code checks credentials against database to make sure its legit then it goes through a subroutine which basically...
  4. S

    Crashed/Recovered excel ... enable macros greys out everything!

    Desperate: My excel crashed. I rebooted, and downloaded a backup copy of it. Now when i open it, it says: "SECURITY WARNING some active content has been disabled. Click for more details." I instead Enable Content, and when it does so, most features are grayed out, including saving it and even...
  5. G

    Crash When Use SetWindowLongPtrA

    When Hook The Window Class #32770 Through Form , It Does Work Fine But When SubClass This Window Inside CBTProc , System Crash And Hang Up , What s Wrong ? Because Of Not Define Handle Window MayBe Happens Crashing ? In Access Application When Open Form And Hook Window Class #32770 , Again...
  6. D

    Searching in Excel crashing/Flickers

    Hello, this has been an on-going issue but now it's getting out of hand. My excel crashes, I can't close it from the taskbar nor can I CTRL, ALT & DEL, so have to power down. Usually I've got 6-7 spreadsheets open working on a 3 screen setup. Since last night, I tried a few different ways...
  7. D

    VBModeless UserForm Closing/Crashing Excel

    Hi, I have a Userform which opens as "vbModeless," it contains a series of buttons to open more Userforms that all open as "vbModeless." Very simple, but randomly some of the files will immediately close when selecting one of the buttons contained on the first opened form. If I remove the...
  8. S

    Excel 2016 crashes

    I am using Excel 2016 on my work computer and we have a shared file that my boss and I have created. Yesterday, the macro was working fine and you could open it and make changes to it but since then if you try to open the macro it crashes excel. I can open macros and edit them on all other excel...
  9. M

    Excel crashing during VBA procedures

    I have a module called UpdateCheck with procedures which check another document to see if the version number has changed. If it has, it asks the user if they want to update the document to the new version. This is only to update the modules because the formatting of the worksheets is set in...
  10. pleeseemailme

    Excel 2016 Crashes, corrupts file, fixed with office 2013, need help troubleshooting

    Howdy, I have been running a number of processes at my company for years now (many were made possible from contributions from this community - thank you). I now have a new issue with files crashing Excel when loading into memory. The trouble is, it's not every file and its not every time. I...
  11. A

    VBA Excel crashes on ThisWorkbook.Sheets.Copy

    Hi, I've got a macro that basically does the following: Opens data source files, that remain open (aprox. 8 files) Get a key from a list for filtering out data in the source files Copies result for and pastes in corresponding sheet in macro file Refreshes pivot tables and charts to export...
  12. J

    Excel Crashing IF .xlsm file not saved

    Our office is experiencing an issue where Excel will crash if a user does not save a Macro-enabled workbook that they opened. No error message is given. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot what the issue is? Thank you in advance for any help.
  13. M

    Information: Calculation crash with VBA, reason found

    Hi All, After some hours of investigation, I found a Excel crash issue under this conditions: 1. on VBA you use a calculation only on some rows or columns 2. you have pivot table in same sheet => this makes Excel crash when you save or change sheet. Hope this information will be usefull for you all.
  14. A

    Excel 2016 - Pivot Charts customization causes Excel to crash...

    Every time I need to create a pivot chart and I start customizing the colors on the filters, excel will inevitably crash and restart itself - sometimes offering a repaired version of my excel file. Most times it just reopens wherever i last saved any updates. Why is the chart customization...
  15. N

    PowerQuery / Get & Transform not working

    Hi, have anybody experienced where their Excel version's Get & Transform is unresponsive? I have created a file and done some queries etc just to have it crash and now it does not even recognise that I had a query. Thank you.
  16. N

    Specific sheet crash

    Hi, I have a workbook with 12 worksheets. I can access all of them except for 1. if I click on it excel will automatically crash (can't rightclick, can't evene xecute via VBA) --> always a crash. What i've tried so far: 1) open and repair... not it. 2) neither the sheet nor the workbook...
  17. N

    VBA Refresh data and copy worksheet, paste values only.

    Hi All, I've built a workbook that calculates OTIF for our orders for work. The issue I have is the workbook now contains so much data, excel hangs when refreshing and unless I leave it for 30mins, it crashes. I want to know if it's possible to have a VBA that runs, so it refreshes the data...
  18. D

    screenupdating = false causes to crash?

    i swear ive been having odd excel issues.. when i USE screenupdating = prevented the macros from crashing, but when I used crashes at the end of the macro odd, i thought not showing screenupdating would NOT cause it crash
  19. E

    Data entry form crash (Excel 2016 Windows 10)

    Hi all, New forum member, I found that this forum is excellent for questions and troubleshooting. I'm working on a previous edited workbook for my job. Using Excel 2016, I had recently converted the designated worksheet into a table. It was previously not in table format. The sheet has...
  20. mhenk

    64b Excel 2016 Files Crash

    I've got a weird problem. I have an XLSM file (with some VBA) that works fine 95% of the time. The other 5%, it crashes on opening, and then will continue to crash on opening - until I open and save the file with a different version of Excel (2016-32bit). Anyone ever resolve this issue? Even...

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