1. C

    trying to combine automated date and automated user

    hello i am trying to get my excel sheet so that each row will show what date that row was edited last and by which user. i can get the two parts to work separately but I cannot get them to work together as it causes the workbook to crash. my code so far is this: Private Sub...
  2. M

    excel crashes upon refresh of an exteranl data source

    Hello, I have been using 5 workbooks for about 3 years they al pull data from a master file. Now when I t to refresh connections it immediately crashes. The message says "Microsoft excel has stopped working" Any help would be appreciated.
  3. R

    Two severe and company-breaking Excel crashes (VBE7.dll and Cannot Find Project or Library)

    Hi, I have two bugs that are crippling the workflow of the company. We rely on probably 40-50 different workbooks that are very macro heavy and do a lot of talking to each other, like one is a database of adverts and the other reads it, displays adverts to select and then applies new lines to...
  4. C

    Excel Crashes inserting Templates

    Excel 365 kept crashing on inserting a template. I think i have tracked it down that you can no longer have more than 2-3 folders in templates. Soon as you have more it crashes Anyone know of fix or workaround
  5. R

    VBE7.dll crash when macro opens another workbook

    Getting a really frustrating crash, which is happening -every- time a macro opens another workbook. The workbook hasn't changed in name, type or anything since yesterday when it was working. It was working yesterday, Tuesday, Monday, all last week and every day before that. Today, it crashes...
  6. D

    macro crashes

    it's a simple macro that simply opens a workbook then copy and pastes to the spreadsheet if i just run it, it often crashes...but if I run it step by step till the end, it's fine. it's driving me insane.
  7. K

    how can I get this code to work on excel where its on a 64bit machine?

    When it crashes the error is highlighted on this line: Me.Caption = VBA.UCase$(Format$(VBA.Date, "yyyy - mmmm ")) & VBA.Day(VBA.Date) _ & " (" & VBA.Date & ")" I changed the declaration from this: Private Declare Function GetKeyState Lib "user32" (ByVal...
  8. B

    Thisworkbook Object in VBE crashes Excel

    I have a new Lenovo i7 with 32 bit Office 2016. When I select Thisworkbook object in the VBE, Excel crashes. Searches have not found a solution and extracting to bas or cls files fail to import to clean wkb on selecting the object. Any solutions? Brendan
  9. H

    Macros will not open

    I hope someone can help when i open excel, two boxes appear with the message "module not found" then when i attempt to open the macros box, excel crashes. i can open the Visual Basic box, but i cannot open the Macros box. Any hints on what i can do to solve this? Thanks
  10. rjplante

    Do loop to add new item

    I have a large list of companies (1800+ rows) that I would like to search to see if the company added is in my list. If not, I want to add it. My code is listed below, but it takes quite a while to get through and then crashes on the Activecell.offset line in the do loop. What can I do to make...
  11. T

    Array with a single value only

    The code below works if there is data in A1 and a neighbouring cell. Dim MyArray() As Variant MyArray() = Cells(1, 1).CurrentRegion.Value However, if there is only a value in A1, it crashes. How can I make it work when there is only one value? Thanks
  12. M

    Excel crashes on save or copy

    I have a 6 MB xlsm workbook with Power Query (17 queries) and no VBA. Everything used to work propertly for years. I made some changes to the queries and worksheets yesterday and since then, when I try to save the workbook or press CTRL+C, the workbook crashes. No error message, no warning...
  13. B

    RDBMerge Add-in Automation Error

    Hi All I frequently use the RDBMerge add-in, from Ron de Bruin. I've been using it for years with no problems. However since changing to Windows 10 I've been getting frequent Automation Errors & it just crashes mid-merge. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix? Many thanks Bill
  14. H

    Strange Debugging

    Hello! I've had this issue crop up a few times now in the same project, and I can't make heads or tails of it. The most recent time: I have 5 comboBox shapes on a worksheet, and when 1 of the comboBoxes changes it resets the other 4. Code looks something like this...
  15. I

    stable vba workbook suddenly unstable even older backups are crashing

    I build a complex workbook in 2014 that has a fair amount of vba code, user forms etc in it. I make regular backups. About two weeks ago it became unstable in that it will:- freeze require task manager to end task Error or warning windows pop up but a totally blank The workbook will crash...
  16. M

    VBA Find Function Error

    Hi All, I have a userform that has a label that, when clicked, will take the user to the respective sheet and select the cell of what they have entered into a text field. Essentially just a automatic Ctrl+F button. The code I am using works fine when the value exists but crashes when an...
  17. H

    Excel crashing when doing anything with macros

    Hi, A coworker created a large macro that was working perfectly for a few days. She closed Excel, reopened it, and it's no longer working. It crashes her Excel now when she does anything remotely related to macros. It was a recorded macro so it wasn't like she was messing with it too much...
  18. B

    Combo box searchable drop down list crashes excel when i click on it

    I am new to using combo boxes. I followed an online tutorial to create a searchable drop down list using a combo box and minimal VBA code. I am using the document for financial statements with expense codes in the drop down menu for each transaction. I created the combo box then copied and...
  19. Y

    How to avoid Excel to shut down if a dll crashes?

    I have developed a dll in Fortran, and calls it from Excel. Normally this works very good. If the dll crashes during execution (for example due to division by zero or some other problem) also Excel crashes down, without saving. I have tried to add On Error Goto... before the call to the dll...
  20. C

    Macro Stopped Working - Update to office 2016

    I have a Macro which was working fine for months and about a week ago I got a message to say there were updates which needed to be applied to office home and business 2016. Following the updates the macro crashes I recorded the actions again from scratch and saved to a new macro. This also...

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