1. K

    Randomization Based Off a Set of Rules

    Hi everyone, I have a rather tricky problem to solve. For each row in my table (for each person) - refer to screenshot named "My Table", I would like excel to randomly generate a 9 digit number (in Column N) but based on a certain set of rules. Here is how I currently generate them 1 by 1...
  2. J

    ListBox adding data on top of previous registers.

    Greetings colleagues ... I`m a beginner in VBA. Can you help me? THE PROBLEM: My ListBox, when add more registers, it adds on top of the registers that were already added, instead of inserting in the lines below. HOW IT WORKS ON USERFORM: TextBox1 to insert a number; TextBox2 to enter a...
  3. R


    Hi, below is a partial formula. How can I count the number of AND criteria's that are met? (AND(CFW$16=2,CFW48=1),AND(CUI$16=2,CUI48=1),AND(DIU$16=2,DIU48=1)) I just need a 1 for one AND criteria, 2 for two AND criteria's, and 3 for three AND criteria's. Thank you, David
  4. K

    Create a filtered data set in one cell then get max value based from multiple criterias

    I have a data set, say 3 columns with an infinite number of rows. For the first column I'll put in names, second would be left handed or right handed, then third would be age. Now I'd use 2 cells, first which will contain a value of a name as first criteria, and the other will contain a value...
  5. G

    Value error in IF formula?

    I require some help with the highlighted part of the formula as shown in the link below. I need it to return the value in J2 if the two criterias given matches. if not, contunie with the rest of the fomula. I keep getting a #value error. The criteria 1 is for the date in B2 to exist in the...
  6. L

    Copy values from table to table based on looked up condition with VBA?

    Hi all, Here is my post on excelforum: I have explained it in much detail there, and there is an example workbook uploaded there as well...
  7. T

    Bring me info from a row that meets certain criteria's?????

    Hi All In my head I thought this would be pretty straight forward, but it quickly became apparent that it's not! What i have is a very big accident log, each row represents a accident entry and has a vast amount of information where i would like to extract certain information into a separate...
  8. I

    SUMIF or SUMIFS with mmultiple criteria

    Hello, To make a long story short I've upload a excel sheet as example of my requesting. I'm looking for a way to get the sum of expenses based on multiple criterias. ** the original file has a large amount of rows and with more arguments, so the attached...
  9. gheyman


    In a SumIfs formula (Ifs not If) how many criteria's can you have? =SUMIFS(K$8:K25,$P$8:$P25,$Q25,$Q$8:$Q25,$R25,$R$8:$R25,$S25,$S$8:$S25,$T25) Example this one has 4
  10. O

    IF formula based on 4 criterias

    Hello, I have an Excel document where cell F35 sums up the total from cells F25:F34. Based on the result, I'm trying to, in cell F36, have a different value based on the following criterias: If the value of F35 is 0, I wish to have 0 in cell F36 If the value of F35 is 1, I wish to have 45 in...
  11. B

    Lookup with Index & Match multiple criterias

    Hello I am trying to create some lookups with multiple criterias see the links for screenshots of what I am trying to do.
  12. K

    Multiple criterias filter using Command Button

    Hello everyone! I want to create a very user-friendly interface on excel, which allows the user to filter a table as an automatic filter or slicer would do. In order to do it, I tried to use VBA and some macros. I am stuck for few days now, and begin to get desperate :(... That is why I am...
  13. O

    Break up Countifs, and reffer to each part in formula

    Merry Christmas, everybody. I have a sheet with about 50 countifs. Theese countifs contain 7-8 criterias. 6-7 of theese criterias are identical. Now I want to add another criteria. The way I do it today, it means alot of copy-paste. So, is it possible to write each of the criterias in a cell...
  14. U

    Filter Pivot based on data in range

    Hy, I have 5 pivot table on a sheet (PIVOT). I need to filter the data based a list of criterias on another sheet (WORK2) The list contains the criterias i need to unselect in all the pivot tables (.PivotItems.Visible = False) Can You help me in this case? Thank You Guys! :)
  15. N

    pulling data from one sheet to another with multiple criterias

    hi there, i feel like this is simple but having trouble figuring it out. i basically want to pull data from one sheet to another where the data has to meet multiple criterias. the criterias are week#, year, and business unit if all of those criterias match on both sheets i want a return of...
  16. R

    Dynamic based on criterias, Delete Excel Table with Selection.ListObject.ListRows(x).Delete

    Hi All, I need some help, I can manage to delete rows dynamically.. but idk on how to delete table dynamically based on criterias with Selection.ListObject.ListRows(x).Delete command example below, how to delete "Bread" - type only using VBA? thanks for the help guys! much appreciate
  17. H

    Sumproduct separators

    Hi all, Just a quick Excel question on sumproduct functions. Are there certain cases where you use "," verses "*" between criterias? Does it matter?
  18. D

    Index / match - 2 match criteria

    Hi, I have the following formula which is returning a #REF! error; =INDEX('Paddock-Plan-Crops'!$V$17:$V$67,MATCH(S$7,'Paddock-Plan-Crops'!$G$17:$G$67,0),MATCH(S$4,'Paddock-Plan-Crops'!$Y$17:$Y$67,0)) Basically I need the formula to return the value from column V only when both of the Match...
  19. P

    Only return value and multiply if criterias are true

    Running Windows 10 Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 Excel In the "adjusted stone + setting" column, I have the following formula in that column.
  20. N

    Multiple criterias in SUMIF

    Hi Guys, I cant seem to get this formula the way I need it. =SUMIF(O:O;"<>INTERN";J:J) So what I want to do is to add more criterias in addition to "<>INTERN"... probably real easy, but onfortunately Im not that Excel savvy. Can anyone help? -Nic

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