cross referencing

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    Cross referencing data from 2 different sets of data

    Hi, Please see image.I am using the formula below to find matches for column A in Column B and returning column C in column D. For row 35 I expecting no matches but for some strange reason the formula is bringing France as a match...
  2. H

    Vlookup cross reference two parameters

    I have a scenario where I am looking up supplier prices in one spreadsheet and putting them into another in order to produce a client quotation. In one tab I have information on our suppliers and their discount structure and on the other I have their prices. Some of our suppliers offer us...
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    taking a so-called 'simple'multi-apartment spreadsheet and with macro/VBA have it cross reference

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> i created an excel workbook of 12 sheets for the calendar year with a row list of 60 apartment units of a 5 floor building withthe 1st digit the floor # (1-5), and the next 2 the...
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    cross referencing training modules based on labs, employees, and students

    hello... i am getting beaten up on this one. we have various labs. these labs are associated with various training modules related to safety - each lab has their own requirements and are listed as 'Xs'. so far so good. on another sheet i have a list of students and employees. and again a...
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    vlookup with Wildcard(s) in data table Excel 2010

    Hi All, First time, long time here and looking for a little specialized help. I am looking to do a cross system data validation template and each have unique and very different account codes that I need to cross reference. The biggest issue I am running into is that there is at least one...
  6. G

    Excel auto worksheet title function

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to automate the process of repeating an excel worksheet (which is set up with various tables and formulas) for various countries. I have a referenced list of countries set up in worksheet 1. So for example: in worksheet 2 I have a sheet set up for Albania - and I want to...
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    Complex Cross Referencing

    Ok, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this work. Essentially, I would like to write something that would take a complex cell value (a text string in this case), compare that value to another table that has "simplified" listings, and return the "simplified listing" based on a...
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    Cross-referencing cells

    Ok... I am now using =vlookup to reference a particular code to a product description, and my particular cost. I now need to formulate the cost to the customer, though the different products will be sold to different customers at different prices... Example: If cell 'A1' = Tesco's, the cost...

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