1. C

    How to display all array values when copying formulas down rows/columns

    As the title state, I need to figure out how to obtain each value in the array as I copy the formula down the column, or figure out how to make part of a formula not be affected by CSE. Example: <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> O O O S...
  2. VBE313

    How can I calculate this Faster?

    =IFERROR(IF(P4=1,SUM(O5:INDEX($P5:$P$2100,MATCH(TRUE,($P5:$P$2100=1),0)),-1),"")/R2,IF(P4=1,SUM(O5:INDEX($P5:$P$2100,MATCH(TRUE,($P5:$P$2100=1),0)),-1),"")/R2) Would a UDF calculate this faster?
  3. S

    How to fix excel VBA to extract google cse JSON API results.

    Hi Friends, I have constructed list of Google CSE JSON API urls with keywords to extract Linkedin profiles data into excel. I have VBA script which can extract Google CSE ATOM results. But, unfortunately Google has change ATOM results to JSON API results. So, the script is not useful anymore...
  4. cnestg8r

    Replicate named array

    Cells A2:A4 are 10, 20, 30 I can name them List and use the in an array formula. If in B2 I enter ={10:220:30} with CSE, I can't use B2 in the same array formula. What is wrong?
  5. jim may

    CSE Formula Required

    I have below range of Text Values - I wish to have a formula in Cell B85 as follows emtered with CSE to produce({}): to get result of: 190.51 <tbody> ={SUM(LEFT(B72:B84,FIND(" ",B72:B84,1)-1)+0)} But I'm Getting #VALUE ! How do I need to Adjust above existing Formula? </tbody> Excel 2010...
  6. M

    Ctrl-Shift-Enter no longer working with Find & Select, Go To Special, Blanks

    For months I've been filling alternating blank rows by: 1. Selecting the area to be filled 2. Clicking on Find & Select - Go to Special - Blanks 3. From the automatically selected first blank area, typing =, then up arrow, and pressing Ctrl, Shift, Enter In the past, that combination has...
  7. Sean15

    Want to return unique value for each duplicate

    Excel 2010CDE3John Paul12.504John Paul10.505John Paul11.506John Paul9.507John Paul8.758John Paul4.509Mike15.7510John C Paul7.5011121314John Paul12.5015John Paul10.5016John C Paul9.5017John Paul8.7518John Paul4.5019John Paul#NUM!20Mike15.75single lookup valueCell...
  8. F

    Sum Up Cells That Contain The Letter "D" - Not SUMIF

    Hello All, I have a simple data set with two columns shown below. The first column contains an amount. The second column has a corresponding value that can either be "D", "R", "S", or any combination of the three letters. I am looking for a formula that can sum up the values where the second...
  9. T

    Sum row by row using CSE

    Hi everyone! In a bit of a pickle :S Let's say I have 10 rows of numerical data across 10 columns, and I'd like to sum the numbers across each row. In the end I would have 10 sums (one for each row) that I could then Average. Simple enough if you're dealing with a static worksheet, but in my...
  10. S

    How to get RSS feed of google cse API in excel 2013 with VBA

    Hi Friends, Trying to get RSS feed of Google CSE API example https://www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1?alt=atom&cx=[id]&key=[API key]&q= [keywords] into excel 2013 with VBA code. I am trying to extract only first item of results (first item = title, url, description, date) please help me...
  11. L

    Find max value in nth column and return adjacent cell.

    Hey, I need to find the max number between B2:B100 but only looking at B2, B5, B8 etc and then return the header in A2:A100. I can find the max between nth using =MAX(IF(MOD(COLUMN(B2:M2)-4,3),,B2:M2)) CSE but can't seem to work an index into that. Thanks,
  12. B

    formulas are not automatically updating

    I am using office 365 and excel 2016. I've created some CSE formulas that are working exactly as I intend them to and giving me the correct values. My issue is that not all the formulas are updating automatically. So I enter in data in one worksheet and the CSE formulas all populate in that...
  13. N

    VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, and CSE Formulas combined

    Hello All, I've been digging through the threads and cannot quite seem to find exactly what I am looking for. I have a 5 tab inventory system. Each tab contains vendors, items, on hand counts, and order qty (although, these pieces of information are not necessarily in the same columns in each...
  14. W

    Using an array formula in a macro, not working

    Hi I am trying to use an array formula where I need to use cse to make the formula work, This works when entered manually into a cell however I am trying to use in a macro and keep getting errors. The formula is...
  15. S

    CSE Array Not Calculating

    After updating the range in the formula below, I am no longer getting a calculation even after using Ctrl+Shift Enter. Working: =SUMIF('ALL CODE DATA'!D$2:D$847,F2,'ALL CODE DATA'!P$2:P$847)/COUNTIFS('ALL CODE DATA'!D$2:D$847,F2,'ALL CODE DATA'!P$2:P$847,">0") Not Working: =SUMIF('ALL CODE...
  16. andrewb90

    Using an Array?

    Hello all, I have this formula that I am starting to use however, I think an array formula maybe easier to do, unfortunately I am not making it work so I am hoping for some assistance. Here is my current formula so far: =(((MOD(F89-E89,1)*24)*T89)+((MOD(F90-E90,1)*24)*T90))/$E$85 The MOD...
  17. X

    Conditional CSE Index Match ?

    I have been using the following function (w/ CSE) to successfully pull unique instances from a long list: {=INDEX($G$40:$G$4556, MATCH(0, COUNTIF($A$17:A17,$G$40:$G$4556),))} Output of which: Column A17 w Summary of Unique Entries in Column G Account 1 (appears multiple times in Column G)...
  18. A

    Need an INDEX function to create a horizontal array fron a two dimensional pivot table for merging data into forms

    Hi - i am using a 6k record flat file with submissions records that I have turned into a pivot table for a two dimensional array, but need to get the associated content for each submission using index and match from the submission ID - in some cases there are 1000 associated records per...
  19. P

    SUM all rows IF a cell is part of a named range?

    Hi all, I've been playing around with CSE formulae. I can work out the weighted average for all entries in a large table (Company, Vol Sales, Val Sales) where the company for an entry is X: In the below...
  20. F

    CSE Forumla to calculate no of months for which stock will suffice

    Hi, I am new to his forum and to CSE functions... I have in row 20 the no of units in stock at the end of each month. In another row, I have the demand for units every month. Is it possible for excel to automatically calculate the no of months for which the stock in hand will suffice? Many...

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