1. M

    Getting Power Query data to an Excel worksheet

    I'm having a bit of an issue with an Excel power query and VBA. In VBA: I create a new sheet in my workbook and name it. I get my data from a CSV file with the information I need into a power query in my workbook. I can see the query in the workbook and view the data, everything is there. It...
  2. S

    Combined CSV files

    This might be very easy for one of you but I can't anymore, I am not that expert in Visual Basic. I'm trying to make a new file that asks with a button for two files. Both have vehicle information, one in column A and the other one has same information in column B (as the images show). The...
  3. S

    Create Excel Packing Slips using CSV Data

    Hi All, I apologize if this has been asked previously but I can't seem to find the answer, but I may not be searching for the correct thing. I have to create packing slips for orders being sent out. Currently, I am manually entering information (copy and pasting) into an Excel file that has...
  4. M

    VBA to Clean Up CSV with Large Blank Spaces and Extra Text Rows

    I have several CSV files that are exported from an air quality monitor. I am trying to extract only the useful values, which to me is any row with either column C, D, or E containing a non-zero number. All of the other rows can be deleted. Additionally, there are new header rows inserted...
  5. M

    SaveAs CSV on Mac

    I am trying to save a new opened workbook as a csv on a Mac but keep running into error 1004: application or object defined error here is the code: Dim directory As String directory = "/Users/johnsmith/Desktop" Dim mystring, clientname mystring = Range("B2").Text clientname = Mid(mystring...
  6. M

    VBA Macro to Extract Outlook Attachment Excel Data and Paste into Specific Excel Worksheet Range

    **Please move if this is in the wrong thread group** I believe I have finally spliced a VBA code together in order to do what I'm trying to accomplish however I can't seem to get the specifics correct. Scenario - I receive 3 emails every night at 8pm that contain 1 excel/csv attachment each. I...
  7. Q

    Loading Mulitple CSV filenames

    Hello there, Although this is predominatley a Power Query Question, the criteria are obtained from an Excel Sheet and the output placed on 1 Excel sheet. I have some PQ code (Windows Excel 2016) that will load a single pre-specified CVS file into Excel as follows: Excel Sheet1: Excel Name...
  8. M

    csv files - data shifting over to the right?

    Hi all, Whenever I open a csv I get this warning message: Furthermore, my data shift's over to the right, there is an example below but the issue can be random - it may add lots of different empty rows and shift a few rows over to the right, or sometimes the data overlays the rows on top of...
  9. M

    Edit CSV file adding double quote via macro

    Hello, i have created an excel file where there is a button and when the user presses it, it prompts a window for the user to select a CSV file to be edited. After the file is selected i make some changes and save it to a new csv file that works fine, but i struggle to add double quotes (") to...
  10. M

    How to SUM / merge similar rows in Excel using VBA and save as each sheet to CSV ?

    I'm trying to build a simplemacro in VBA for Excel that would SUM [merge] all the rows that have the same name (value in the first columns) and save as each sheet to CSV file. So for example : sheet1 Apple 20 Banana 50 Banana 10 Apple 80 Sheet2 Orange 10 Melon 15 Orange 25...
  11. D

    Convert each row to List

    How do I convert each row into a list without adding a new column? What I have so far: = Table.TransformColumns(TESTT, each Splitter.SplitTextByDelimiter(",", QuoteStyle.Csv)([TESTT])) It gives error: Expression.Error: We cannot convert a value of type Function to type List. Details...
  12. X

    VBA Macro to create Tab Delimited CSV file

    So I have a VBA Macro that formats a sheets that contain Column A, B and C. Is it possible to create a macro that adds a TAB separating the Columns so when I save it as a CSV, I get a Tab Delimited CSV file instead of a comma?
  13. D

    CSV to XLSX conversion

    Hi everyone. I am trying to come up with solution to convert .csv file to .xlsx. Although there are many topics regarding that, I am unable to find anything suitable for me and I am not that experienced in VBA to write the script myself, yet ;( I would like to create an ActiveX Control button...
  14. C

    Process to Match IDs to Multiple Cells Based off of Another Cell?

    Hey all, I'm not entirely sure if this is a VBA question or a macro or formula I can use. But here's what I'm trying to do. I have two files, we'll call them File 1 and File 2. In File One, there are 3 Columns: ID, Name, Title IDs ID and Name have one entry in their respective cells...
  15. Jyggalag

    Make a small percentage increase seem big in a chart - IDEAS?

    Hi all, I currently have this graph: I don't really care about the light and dark orange columns, but I need them to stay nonetheless. However, the grey chart rises from a value of about 9300 to 10500 doing this period, which is not that noticeable in this chart to be honest. I would like...
  16. G

    Saving a specific worksheet in csv by using Dialog box Save As, so that the user can choose the path

    Hi, Actually I'm using this code, to save a specific worksheet in CSV, on a predefined folder path, with this code the user can add the name for the file and it will be saved on the predefined path : here is on the desktop Public Sub Save_CSV() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  17. O

    Help with INDIRECT Formula referencing a CSV file...

    Hi Excel Guru Wizards' brains' trust. Can you spare a moment to help me with a formula. or suggestion an alt soln. Please. Ok so here is the background. In a folder, a new CSV file with the date gets added each day at the start of the day. e.g. The folder has heaps of csv files...
  18. L

    See if cell value exists in a column of comma seperated values

    I have 2 sheets in my workbook. I am trying to determine if the serial number value from any given row in sheet 1 exits in a column of comma separated values in row Sheet2. I have no control over how the data is exported from either system. I've tried to find and I dont get any data. I've...
  19. G

    Copy all the data from one specific sheet, paste and save that on a new workbook which as to be save in csv on a specific folder path - VBA

    Hello, I'm new to vba, i saw a post when i was researching to: how to copy all the details from one sheet, copy this and save it in csv format on a specific folder. Then luckily I saw the code @Georgiboy posted and tested it: Sub Print_Test() Dim FSO As Object Dim TextFile As Object Dim rCell...
  20. T

    Open .csv files and show Spanish characters UTF-8 using VBA

    Hello, I have a .csv file with data that contains spanish characters (á, é, ñ...). If opened in Notepad++ I can see the characters correctly, but when I open it in Excel I get the typical strange characters (Fern~ºndez, instead of Fernández). I need to open several of this files using VBA and...

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