1. T

    Open .csv files and show Spanish characters UTF-8 using VBA

    Hello, I have a .csv file with data that contains spanish characters (á, é, ñ...). If opened in Notepad++ I can see the characters correctly, but when I open it in Excel I get the typical strange characters (Fern~ºndez, instead of Fernández). I need to open several of this files using VBA and...
  2. C

    Convert a folder of CSV files to TXT and stored them in a different folder

    Hi everyone, I would like to get some help with a VBA program that converts CSV to TXT files. Description: A bunch of CSV files is located in a folder and by pressing a button all those files are converted into TXT files and stored in a different folder that is initially empty. But the thing...
  3. I

    Split a .csv with multiple tables into multiple queries

    Hello, I am working with a .csv file produced by a proprietary application that includes 4 different tables all jammed together into a single file. Here is a link to a dummy version of that .csv to highlight how the tables are arranged. The key point is that each table has a different number of...
  4. J

    VBA script adding "" to CSV file

    Hello, I've created (pieced it together from solutions found on this forum) a looped VBA code that currently makes a copy of all the non excluded sheets in the workbook, exports each sheet as a separate workbook, and saves them as a CSV file using the sheet name as the file name. However, the...
  5. J

    Power Query - csv OR table in xlsm

    General Question. What is the better option to be using as a data source, a csv file OR a table in an xlsm file? Is there any refresh speed difference by using one over the other? Thank you in advance!
  6. J

    VBA - Exporting 2 different sheets to 2 different locations

    My VBA knowledge, at this time, is basically plagiarism or crying for help. I have a single workbook that I am needing to export 2 of its sheets to 2 different locations. At least that is the hope, rather than having to do the movement manually as I am trying to save every second I can in my...
  7. A

    Splitting multiple cells with comma separated values into rows

    Hi All I'm trying to do the following with no luck Current: Headers: Name | Programs Enrolled In | Date Enrolled in Program Row 1: Name A | Program A, Program B, Program C | 1/25/2021, 5/25/2020, 6/14/2019 Row 2: Name B | Program A, Program E...
  8. S

    Greek letters appearing as questions marks

    Hi, I downloaded a csv from a database online and the Greek characters are appearing as question mark. Please the attachment to understand my concern. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks
  9. A

    Macro to Copy a Specific Column Values From Different csv Files into a Single Worksheet

    Good day experts, I need to fetch values from an identified column (DistanceToNext), across numerous csv files into a single worksheet. These csv files are indexed with numbers. The first csv file indexed 001 is to be pasted in first column of the single worksheet. The second csv indexed 002 to...
  10. M

    Macro that previously worked now fails on latest version of Excel 365 for Mac

    I've used a macro for several years on an earlier version of Excel for Mac. The Excel version was 2011, and the Macro looks like this: Sub MOTM() Dim ws As Worksheet, newWb As Workbook Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each ws In Sheets(Array("6weekform", "MOTM")) ws.Copy Set newWb...
  11. T

    Excel VBA - Delete any and all .csv files in the same folder

    Hi, I would like to delete any and all .csv files in the same folder. However, the code isn't working as there is a run-time error 53: "File not found" at the "Kill ThisFile" line. Sub Delete_CSV_Files() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim MyFolderPath...
  12. P

    VBA / Macro of .csv file, big data, delete commas problem :(

    Good day guys! I writing you because of my problem. I don't know how to write the macro witch will help me. Please help me with my problem. So situation is that I have several hundreds of data documents in .csv files with all text and numbers are inserted in A column and for outside of excel...
  13. D

    VBA code to copy sheet and save it as csv loses precision, even in integers!

    I am trying to save each sheet of an xlsm file into its own CSV. In order not to mess up the current workbook, I decided to do this by copying the cells of each sheet to a new workbook then saving that workbook (which has only one sheet) as csv. The relevant subroutine is this: Sub...
  14. E

    Very slow excel file. Is there an alternative method? Converting CSV to 100 PDF files

    I have a CSV file sent to myself weekly which has 100 rows in it. I need to convert each row into a single PDF which is formatted with company logo and looks pretty. So I have set up a template excel file with a sheet called 'rawdata' where I paste the CSV into. (Roughly 50columns, 100 rows)...
  15. C

    Weird Characters in Imported CSV files

    I received a large amount of .CSV files from a client, and these files came from all over the world. Some of them are showing odd characters throughout the file when importing. I asked the origin of the particular files and was told the original languages were English and Spanish. I notice there...
  16. S

    VBA copy cells from csv file to next empty row on another workbook, no duplicates

    Hi all, I'm brand new to writing VBA code so need all the help I can get. I have got 'N' number of files located within a folder (for sake of argument use C:\Users\wthomas\Desktop\Data), with the files I need all following the same naming convention "MAL1234567 Data.csv". This folder will...
  17. S

    JSON to CSV - Repeat all row items

    Hello, I have a JSON file that I converted to CSV using an online converter. When I open the CSV file, I have all the data but some rows have blank cells that I want filled. (See image below) Notice how rows 2 through 8, and row 14 are single row items. However, rows 9 through 10 and the...
  18. D

    Parsing a word document into a csv or other machine readable format

    Hi all, I have a non-delimited text file of health data called "2013_data.txt". This text file doesn't have any structure to it and the only way to structure it into columns and rows is to use the specified fixed length positions for each variable as indicated by the data dictionary...
  19. A

    Making a text file with identical name & Path

    Hello all! I have some VBA that is creating a pipe delimited text file, but I am struggling to get the name correct. I have managed to save it in the same location, but attempting to name it the same as the excel file has failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sub PipeDelimited()...
  20. I

    CSV exports and Windows Regional Settings

    hi all, I was complaining today to someone about his file formatting to realize that CSV file formatting depends on your regional settings in windows. I had this issue with exports having space instead of 1000 separator. Plot twist! I compared my regional settings on both work and home PC and...
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