custom format

  1. S

    Carriage Return in Custom Date won't reduce column width.

    Hi Everyone - I'm trying to minimize my columns for printing (using "Fit All Columns on One Page"). One of my columns is a date that I have formatted as DDD, MM/DD - for example Mon, 7/10. I've added CTRL+J after "DDD," hoping to wrap the text and reduce the column width, but it won't go any...
  2. T

    Permanent format on all sheets

    Hello all, Is it possible to permanently apply conditional formatting/custom format on all spreadsheets including the new I open. If the cell value is TRUE, highlight in Green If the cell value is FALSE, highlight in Red Thanks
  3. Y

    Custom Formatting

    Hello All, I have a custom format for the number as below 100 - 0.1K 1000 - 1.0K 10000 - 10.0K 200000 - 200.0K 4000000 - 4Mil Here is what I entered to the custom format: [>=1000000]#,##0,,"Mil";[<1000000]#,##0.0,"K";General Now, for the 100, I don't want it to read "0.1K", how should I fix...
  4. Eric W

    Suppressing zeros

    A frequent question on the forums is "how do I not display a zero?" There are several methods to do so, each with their own pluses and minuses. I will explain the various methods here as a guide, and the interested user can choose the one most suited to their situation. Consider this...
  5. K

    Custom number format

    i am importing numbers in a classification hierarchy in the form of 00:00.00. Excel won't accept this format without converting it to some type of time. For instance if my number is 84:24.04, it will convert it to 24:24.04. That is after I change the standard custom of mm:ss.0 to mm:ss.00...
  6. M

    Custom format - show only the 6 first characters

    Hello, Small problem. I have wide table for punching data. For many columns there is the same two word as headers. (the dates might change so can't use formula in the tableheaders). Creating the table will then leave me with: Budget | Actual | Budget1 | Actual1 | Budget2 | and so on. So I...
  7. R

    Adding unknown text to custom number format

    Hopefully this should be an easy question for someone although I've been struggling with it on and off for months! We have various cells in our worksheet that will always have the following format (example) - WC-18-001A, WC-18-001B, etc. I would like for the user to just be able to put in the...
  8. A

    Custom formatting 19-21 character long string with leading 0s

    Hi, Our accounts numbers look like this: 0034-43070-3000-260-561-99 I am creating an excel file where the user, ideally, would want to type in the above account number without hyphens into a cell and then the formatting should automatically insert the hyphens. Problem(s) I ran into are that...
  9. S

    Merge Custom Format $14.9M to Word?

    I have a column of dollar amounts in the millions. Using Custom Format $14,920,569 now appears as $14.9M. However, when I merge to a Word doc the formatting disappears and just the eight numbers appear. How can I make this work? Custom Format [>=1000000] $#,##0.0,,"M";[<1000000]...
  10. J

    How do I multiply two cells with different cell formats?

    I am trying to do this equation in excel but am not getting the right answer 80:00:00 x $13.66 The 80:00:00=hours worked (calculated from a large formula), the format is [h]:mm:ss $13.66 is the pay (entered straight into the cell it resides in), the format is currency The answer is get is...
  11. T

    Custom Formatting for percent

    We always show negative %'s with () instead of the - sign. However, when it's a rounded 0, but still negative, instead of (0%), we want to show 0%. We have various work arounds but none are great. I would like to use a custom number format over conditional formatting. I've gotten this far...
  12. A

    custom number format

    is it possible to use a custom number format in a pie chart to show the number required as a value, and also as a % of the Total. So, say you have 4 distinct elements to the pie chart. Values might be Element 1, 300, element 2, 100, element 3, 200, and element 4, 500. Grand total is 1100...
  13. G

    Formula fails when Excel openned in diff locale settings (decimal point v comma)

    Hi, thanks for reading! Using Excel 2007 and cant share file right now but it's easy to explain: Basically, I have a formula calculating the difference between 2 cells which are custom formatted to display seconds in this way: hh:mm:ss.000 and calculations are done with these numbers which...
  14. K

    Pulling in a custom format using a fixed or text formula?

    I am attempting to automate some reports that I do in excel by creating a format I can simply copy into word. In the word doc since the numbers are high numbers I translate to a more simplistic form, for example ($14,175,380 would translate into $14.2M). I am using a custom format IN EXCEL...
  15. M

    Custom Serial Number Format Based Upon Julian Date.

    Hello: I need to create a serial number that auto increments based upon the following format: Last two digits of the year + Julian day of the year + two digit unique incremented number. 1610604 would be 2016 on the 106th day and the 4th unit and the next number would be 1610605. I do not...
  16. C

    Custom Format With Space

    User enters text into a cell such as: T2K5G1. I want the custom format to convert that to: T2K 5G1. So it's the same thing with just a space in between. I tried 000 000 in the custom format but that didn't work. Suggestions?
  17. S

    Formula in Custom Number Format

    Hi. I know, I am asking too much here. But I have seen much weird (!) things happened with excel so I dared. Ok. My question is, Is it possible to use formula in Custom Number Format? e.g. I have 2 values: Sales of the month, Closing stock of the month on the basis of these 2, I calculate...
  18. S

    Custom Format with leading zeros?

    I have a column of prices which need to be displayed in a four digit format without symbols. It also needs to keep the 4 digit format when used in a concatenate formula. $3.99, $5.00, $.47 should display as 0399, 0500, and 0047 and in the center of the formula as 1501x0399x1523. I either lose...
  19. Prevost

    Custom Date format increments by 1 hour and 59 minutes

    Hi There, I have a custom date format cell in the form of DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm . When I fill the series, it increments the hour value by one each time, which is what I want to happen. However, after a bunch of cells, instead of incrementing by 1 hour, it increments by 59 minutes. So it goes 01:00...
  20. R

    Explain the options for the FormatConditions and StopIfTrue in Custom Formatting for a selected range

    Explain any options for the statement: FormatConditions(1).StopIfTrue = False The code works as intended. I just don't understand the values. Just wish to understand why it is always a (1) and = False in the examples. Also, want to know if there are any additional opportunities to have other...

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